Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello all family update time.. yay

Hello all my family and Friends that come here to read.. I hope that your all doing well.. always praying for you all... any who... its time to do a family update. I know its been a very long time since I have done one.. since it has been very busy here.. any who.. enjoy...

Alyssa... well today June 16th.. Alyssa is now 1yrs old.. so crazy to think she is 1.. time has gone by so fast.. she is a good and happy little girl.. she is almost always smiling and laughing and just playing and moving her self around.. Alyssa was born 3wks early.. and was 5.4lbs and 18inches long.. she is now.. 16.4lbs and in size 6month clothes.. so she is stil tiny.. but she is happy healthy and loves to eat... so i'm not worried about her size... but she is doing great.. still not walking.. but its all good..

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is becoming more of a big kid every day.. with helping with dishes.. and helping with house cleaning.. and just trying to help any way she can.. specially if it is to help Alyssa.. which is still her baby.. its soo cute... she has been doing really good.. she is starting to show some signs for potty training.. but i wont push it til she is ready.. she is only 2 1/2 yrs old.. so we shall see how the months go.. but she is doing good..

Michelle... she is doing good.. she from time to time.. has her little tempers and gets into trouble. since we just dont understand what she wants or is trying to say.. with her speech problems.. but her disabilities sometimes kicks in.. but she is doing good.. she will over time get better.. its really more of all in Gods hands then in doctors and other peoples hands.. but she is a good kid.. and a good little helper from time to time

Samantha... she is doing good.. today she made 3 new friends that will all be starting school with her this fall here at the school.. they had a blast today playing and hanging out... Samantha has been doing better since I have been keeping her away from her 2 girl friends.. that are just trouble... so she gets upset.. but I told her.. she can play with them again.. when she stops actting bad like them... she is learning.. it takes time.. but she is doing good...

Matthew... he is doing good.. he finally had a weekend off. this past wknd.. so him and I got a babysitter. so we could go out with just Alyssa to go food shopping and all.. he really enjoyed the time out with only the baby.. since I still think Alyssa is his favorite child lol.. but he is doing well hopefully soon he can take some time off of work.. so we can go and do things all together

Abby aka Me... I'm doing good.. the girls keep me on my toes.. and its always good.. I finally have made some new friends here... so hopefully we all can start meeting up more and more... Right now.. we will be meeting up every Wednesday at 2pm for a playdate/grown up times.. so it will be nice.. I had a nice time today.. and of course.. everyone isnt always the best of people.. but you just got to give and take and put up with some things.. so its all good.. I got 4 kids.. so I know how to handle a women that can be annoying or a little out of hand... but its all good.. at least i'm finally meeting people.. and its just not me and my one friend.. so time will tell on how many more friends I can make.. speically b4 Matt goes away for 3 wks in August to Cali... so we shall see.. any who.. all in all i'm doing alright...

well I think thats about it for us all.. when I get more news on things and stuff going on.. i'll post stuff up.. any who.. God Bless.. love and miss you all