Friday, May 20, 2011

May Family update

Hello everyone it is that time again for the Monthly update on our family here.. so sit back grab your coffee/drink.. and get ready to read up on us all still over here in Germany....

Tristan... my little boy is now 11 1/2 mths old.. he isnt walking yet.. but very soon he is trying very hard to get there.. since he wants to keep up with his sisters.. he is a pro at going up the stairs.. and oh so fast.. that it doesnt even take a minute to find him upstairs... playing in his room... he loves his room which is good.. he is back to having his own room again.. so he has been sleeping a lot better.. from 730pm til 830am.. so nice.. to bad my other kids dont sleep like him.. but he is just doing awesome.. he is in the 19lbs now and over 30inches long.. all 12mth clothes.. and now some 18mth shirts.. I cant believe how fast he is growing.. he just got his new car seat a couple weeks ago.. he has only used it 2x so far.. but he loves it and he can use it til he is 65lbs.. but any ways.. he is doing very well..

Alyssa.. My big girl.. is almost 3.. well her birthday is 8 days after Tristans 1st birthday.. but she is getting huge.. on me.. now to really try to get her potty trained.. I am not one for pushing the potty training I normally just do it when they want too.. but she is stubborn and i'm sure if she had her way she would be in diapers for a very long time.. so soon we will be trying the whole potty traing with her in hopes she just clicks to wanting to do it oh what fun that will be... but she is huge compared to the other girls at her age.. she is in size 4 girls clothes.. not 4t size 4 girls... she is super tall but she is doing well.. her terrible 2s are starting to were off some finally haha..

Ayme... she is doing well.. she is all excited about starting school this fall with her sisters.. she is a smart kiddo.. and I want to get her some more school zone books to add to the pre-school books I got her.. but she is doing good.. she has started the not wanting to listen and saying no stage of 4s.. but yea.. she is learning it doesnt fly with Mama.. but all in all she is doing very well and growing big too

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is doing great with her school work.. it has taken a lot of work.. but she is doing so much better.. she loves her math and is in her Kindergaten math book.. but teh rest of her work been pre-school but she is doing a lot better.. and remembering stuff better with the hands on stuff I have started with her over th last few months.. but she is doing well.. she has gotten super tall and skinny.. she is taking after her daddy for sure

Samantha.. she was kicked out of her room with Tristan since her and her sisters have started the lets play til 10/11pm at night (mommy and daddy not happy about but working on it) but she was removed from taht room and put back in the room with the other 2 older girls.. so 3 beds in 1 room. so glad I have a bunk bed though.. any ways.. she is doing well.. she is a smart kid loves her school work.. and just wants to start right into her 2nd grade stuff when done with her 1st grade books.. but yea.. we shall see.. but she is doing good.. she can be a great big helper most the times.. and then the bad days can be annoying.. but she is learning as all kids do while growing up.. but all in all she is doing great.. she is 4'2 1/2 now. I cant believe how fast she is growing on me.. she is almosy 7 1/2 already.. so crazy.. my baby girl is growing up to fast on me.. but she is doing well..

Matthew... he is doing alright.. he has a lot of stress right now with work.. so prayers please out to him.. as he much needs them..

Me.. i'm doing as well as I can be with tending to 5 kids.. keeping a house as spotless as I can.. cooking meals.. helping friends... just being there for Matt when he needs me the most.. the stress comes and goes.. but I just leave it all in Gods hands Since I know he is the one in control of this all.. and he will help us through it all in good time.. just one day at a time.. and all will be ok.. God has a plan for everything and its all done in his timing... but all in all i'm doing well.. just working on trying to loose more weight and getting back into better shape.. can be pretty hard to do.. but i'm slowly getting there Since having Tristan 11 1/2 mths ago.. I have lost a total of 38lbs.. I still have about another 28lbs to go.. but in time i'll get there.. any ways... that is about it

any ways.. thank you all for reading our family update.. I will be updating everyone again in June some time after the 2 birthdays are done with I cant believe I will have a 1 and 3yr old then.. so crazy.. and then after the 16th of june i'll have a 1, 3,4,5,and 7yr old... soooooo crazy hehe.. but I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world.. i'm thankful for them :)