Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Family Update :)

Hello Everyone who likes to read up and keep in touch with us all here in Germany... As most of you all Know.. we have found out we are moving now in August 2012 instead of December 2012 so we have just 12wks til we hope to be flying out.. please continue to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers since we have lots of stuff to get done b4 this BIG move since this is our last move with Matt getting out of the Military..It has been a long 10 yrs of Military life and it is just Gods Timing to tell us to change our path and start all new.. So Back to PA we will be Moving and just slowly we will be putting together our new home and got lots of work to get done but with friends and Family I know we can do it all okay... any ways.. all in all keep on praying that things just go smoothly for us these next 2mths and I'll keep on updating you all when I can about whats going on here.. thank you for reading.. and enjoy reading up on each of us... :)

Tristan...  He is doing awesome.. he is now 24lbs and 34inches tall.. he will be 2yrs old soon and just learning and talking up a storm now.. he is a good kid and listens pretty well.. but he is doing just great cant wait for family and friends to FINALLY meet him.. it will be fun

Alyssa... She is doing good.. she looks to have some allergies.. Just like her little bother.. I'll be trying out some meds with her and Tristan and see how that works for them.. but she is doing good she will be 4yrs old soon she wants a barbie/animal party.. But this year.. I dont see to do a party.. with the move coming up and all I just dont feel up to doing it.. poor girl.. but it is okay.. we will still make a cake and be a family and maybe even take her out some wheres special for the day.. but all in all she is doing good

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is so excited about school this August... she is a smart kid but likes to play it dumb at times.. she is just like me in a lot of ways... so she can be trouble at times... she is such a tomboy it is cute.. if she had her way she would be outside all the time and climbing trees but all in all she is just doing great

Michelle... She is doing good.. she has been doing great in school the teachers are all so proud of her and how far she has come with her speech.. she has some issues still but she is 10x better then how she was b4 the tonsils came out.. but she is excited about the move soon she cant wait to see all our family again

Samantha... she is doing good... she has been doing very well in school she is excited about the move but then not since she finally has so many friends.. But I told her.. with this Move though.. she will get to see all our family AND she will have friends there that wont be moving every 6mths to a year.. no more of us moving every so many years as well.. she likes that idea But yes.. she is very sad to be leaving all her friends... it is cute... but all in all she is doing very well...

Matthew... He is doing good.. his back has been doing so much better now.. just once in a blue moon he wakes up with pains.. But we really need a new bed.. ours is super old and just needs to be dumped but he is so excited about  moving back home and finally seeing all his family and to be DONE with the military with all these changes that have done over the last 10yrs  but any ways.. he is doing well...

Me... I'm doing good.. Always busy but thats nothing new.. between working out.. cleaning house.. tending to kids and just dealing with EVERYTHING else in life.. I'm always on the go... This past Week Matt was off from work and he ended up getting pretty sick.. so I ended up doing a ton of running around (really on foot not driving) base to get stuff done that needed to be done.. and then try my best to tend to all the kids.. plus walk the girls to and from school and went to the gym Every day.. it had been a busy/fun week.. My poor hubby owes me big time.. I need a nice day away to relax.. BUT that would be after I go to the gym that morning hehe.. the gym is like my best friend.. all this past week I have gone every morning but Matt goes back to work on Monday so I'll be going every evening...  I will Keep on going to the gym.. I know I can do it and I know I enjoy it it is basically My mommy time every day is that hour at the gym... I have dropped 48lbs since I had Tristan 2yrs ago and I'm still working on some more.. I'm happy with doing what I'm doing so that is all that matters... Any ways... yep I'm doing good :)

Okay that is about it I think.. Thank you all for reading.. and will keep you all posted on life here with us...