Tuesday, December 1, 2009

family update time :) 12/1/09

Well since the month of November ended and December is here already.. Its time to update on us all... kinda crazy to think 2010 is just 30 days away.. any ways.. update time on us all

Alyssa... she is doing good.. her terrible 2s have been a killer.. (she is 17 1/2mths) she loves to pick on Ayme and Chelle since they cry/scream and react to her doing things.. so she thinks it funny.. so we have been working on that.. she likes to look at us like what?!? when ever we tell her no.. so she is sure being a tester to see what all she can and cant do.. but thats just the fun part of this stage.. just like.. the whole.. color on everything... if only she would just stick to the paper.. but in time.. it will get better

Ayme... she is doing good... she has her good days and her trouble days of not wanting to listen.. but she is doing good.. she is very hyper.. and always running/jumping around i wish i could take some of her hyperness.. but she is trying to learn her colors and numbers and abc's its been cute to watch.. I just hope the potty training will kick in soon.. her diapers are getting to be alot since she is almost 3yrs old now.. so we shall see

Michelle... she is doing good.. she has been loving to do crafts and all the hands on work for learning things... her speech has been slowly getting better.. she still has her troubles.. but we are working on it... but she has been a very good girl.. and she is excited for X-Mas since she wants barbies.. since loves to play with them

Samantha... she is doing good.. she has been doing an awesome job with her school and she is loving to read.. and she loves math so much.. I have a feelings he will be starting up her 1st grade math book soon.. since she only has about 25days left to her K-math book.. she is just loving school.. specially since we do it at night after her sisters go to bed.. and its just us and quiet in the house.. but she is doing good...

Matthew... he has been busy with work.. and getting things in order so I can start going to the OB doctors.. but he is doing ok.. he has found someone to replace him for going over to Iraq.. but we still have no idea if it will be allowed... since if it wont work out... he would be leaving in May for 6mths and would miss the baby's birth.. so we hope and pray for the best

Me. well i'm doing ok.. i'm 10wks pregnant now.. but look about 20wks... I been getting some pains off an on.. so I try to stay off my feet as much as possible.. Lord willing.. i'll be seeing a doctor soon to make sure all is going ok... this time around has been 100% different then any of the others.. so it has been a tricky.. but I will be keeping you all posted on me and how things are going.... alot of people keep telling me.. not to be surpised if i'm pregnant with twins.. which only time will tell....

any ways.. thats about it right now.. love and miss you all

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Novemeber 17th update

Hello Family and Friends.. those who read this... its yet time for a whole Family update and what all is going on here over in Germany... things can get pretty crazy here.. hopefully I can start posting in more.. but we shall see.. any ways... update below on everyone

Alyssa... she is doing good.. her terrible 2s have kicked in full blown now.. but she is only 17mths.. she is now sleeping in her own toddler bed.. and loving it.. she doesnt fall out of it at all.. and she loves her bed...

Ayme... she is doing good... she is such a tom boy.. all she ask for is cars and trucks... its kinda cute..since I was like that... but she has been doing pretty good.. she is a smart little girl.. and hopefully she will be potty trained soon.. she will be 3yrs old on Dec 29th.. time has flown on by so fast..

Michelle... she is doing good.. she is doing alot better with her hands on work.. she is slow at understanding.. but if you repeat it all enough she gets it.. but she is doing very well.. and has gotten so tall.. I see her passing Samantha in Height later on down the road

Samantha... she is doing good.. She is now doing her school work at night when her sisters go to bed and are sleeping.. she does so much better like that.. and also at night.. it is easier for me as well.. but she is doing an awesome job in her school work.. she is just to smart... but at least she is enjoying her school work...

Matthew... he is doing good.. this week he is working 12 hour shifts so that is 7-7.. long days for him.. but the wk should go by quickly.. in some other news for him... he has been told he maybe heading over too Afghanistan from May 2010 til November 2010.. he is going to be trying to get out of it.. since the baby is due the end of June

Me.. i'm doing so so.. still dealing with morning sickness off and on.. and at times.. just way to tired to do things... I am 8wks pregnant today... and Look about 12wks or more... but all in all im doing good... If Matthew has to go over to Afghanistan the girls and I will be moving back to the states to have the baby so i'm not here alone in Germany with the girls.. speically since I had our last baby 3wks early.. so only time will tell.. its all in Gods Hands..

any ways.. thats about it for us all.. also.. I got rid of the dog.. I got him a nice new home that also had 2 female yorkies.. so he is very happy to be there

well take it easy all. love and miss you all

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello Family and Friends

I thought it was about time to give an update on everyone here.. as you all know.. My Mommy was here for 3wks.. which we all had a good time here.. it was sad when she had to go back.. but hopefully we will get back to the states come Feb/Mar any ways.. updates on each person to come along now

Alyssa... she is doing well she is 16mths old now.. walking tons.. talking tons.. loves to be silly.. and she is into walking backwards alot right now.. its cute.. she is all of 19lbs even now.. but she can fit in some 18mth clothes.. so she is growing well.. she still only has 6 teeth.. but i'm sure more will show up soon.. she is a happy little camper.... execpt. we have found out.. she cant eat oranges or apples.. or she gets a rash.. so now its just milk/chocolate milk and water... but she is doing well

Ayme... She is doing good.. She is one tough solid kid.. she is the odd ball out of the 4 girls.. but she is so funny.. she is forsure our little tomboy.. all she wants is cars trucks dino's farm animals and just random boy toys.. she is our lil goof ball... but as cute as ever.. she has her terrible 2 times.. but its not to bad.. she is good though for the most part

Michelle... she is doing good.. she started up doing school with my mom and still is doing well.. she can only handle maybe 3 days a wk of schooling.. but she is getting there... she is very slow on it all.. but she is doing well... she can count to 5 on her own.. and to 10 with a little but of help.. she is liking school now.. so hopefully she will continue to do well..

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is doing an awesome job in school.. she has almost got done her math book.. but finally the book has gotten a little harder for her.. so we are just doing 2 to 4 pages of math a day instead of the 8 we were doing.. she loves math.. and is doing well... samantha is also doing a great job with learning to read.. she has 3 books she can read.. not counting the 4 short stories she can read in the work book.. she loves school.. she just takes for ever with the practic writing for numbers or spelling words.. but she is doing awesome.. today we started by 8am and was done by 1130am but she is doing good

Sparky..(our doggy) he is doing alright.. we have been told.. he is about 5/6 yrs old.. he is going blind.. and he has a broken rib.. which cause him to cry in pain from time to time.. the poor doggy was abused pretty badly.. i'm glad we have taken him in.. but We dont know how long he will really live for.. we need to take him to the Vet to get him fully looked over.. hopefully it doesnt cost us to much.. but i'm glad we have saved him.. he is a happy little camper. and always at my side.. and he listens very well....

Matthew.. he is doing good.. he is sore from PT yesterday.. but he is doing good.. his sinus has been bothering him.. but I think it is due to the change of weather.. since its back in the low 60s here again.. crazy weather.. but oh well.. he hopes to try and get some days off of work again.. just to relax.. and take it easy..

Me.. i'm doing good.. i'm busy as ever.. taking care of the girls the house.. and now the doggy,, but its been fun... I'm always up to dealing with things... any ways.... HUGE INFO for you all... We have found out.. that we are Pregnant.. I am 6wks along.. and Due around June 30th, 2010... We have planed on having another one.. so we are all very excited.. of course.. this is a little surprise since a few months b4 planed.. but its all good.. God is Good and I have no worries about how this all will work out... but any ways.. this one will be 2 yrs younger then Alyssa.. so it shall be fun forsure.... any ways....

Love you all.. and miss you all.. and I'm sure i'll be updating/talking to you all more soon

Thursday, September 24, 2009

update time (long)

Sry all for not been updating on here lately.. it just has been very crazy busy around here.. anyways.. here is updates on everyone...

Alyssa.. she is 15 1/2 mths old now.. and she is growing well.. she is in 12mth clothes and around 19lbs.. she is walking now.. and climbing everything.. even can climb out of her crib if the side is left down... which means.. almost toddler bed time.. crazy how fast the time has gone.. she is talking some now.. and she loves to try and copy what you say.. the other day.. I got her to say Apple.. which was cute hearing her say it.. she is a lil crazy nut.. but so cute and loving....

Ayme.. she is 2 1/2.. and talking up a storm.. its very hard to get her to stop talking.. she is such a girl with the none stopping talking.. its insane.. but she is doing great.. her head has healed up nicely from getting a nice hole in it from a edge of a table.. she had 6 stitches.. which I took out myself.. but it looks great.. and she is doing good..

Michelle.. 4yrs... she is doing good.. she has gotten very tall.. she is catching up to Samantha.. so we shall see if how the winter goes.. since Samantha hasnt gotten any taller since last fall.. so we shall see.. alot of people ask if they are twins.. so its been fun.. Michelle has been slowly working on her speech.. but she gives up very easy... and alot of kids have been pushing her away from playing since they dont understand what she is trying to say.. so its sad to watch.. but in time.. I know she will get better at her speech and will be doing better..

Samantha.. 5 1/2yrs.. she is doing awesome.. she just finished day 19 of homeschooling.. and she is reading already.. she is loving schooling. and gets so proud of herself when ever she sees she has learned more after each week... she loves Math.. its all she wants to do... and she loves to read... she is doing well.. her attidude has changed.. since I have had her stop playing with the kids around us.. so she has been doing alot better... her only girl friend she had.. which wasnt to bad.. moved away.. so she is friendless right now.. which is very sad.. but she has her sisters.. and when the right new friend comes along.. she will have that.. but she is doing well..

Matthew... he has been back home a month now.. he is on his 2nd wk off of work.. and he is dreading going back to work come Monday.. since they are short handed all around since 60% of all AMMO shops are TDY to Iraq or other places.. and some PCS to other bases so he is 1 of the higher ranking men in charge of things going on there.. til things get back to normal i 5 1/2 mths.. which hopefully that time goes by fast so things will be back to normal for him...

Me.. I'm doing alright.. i've been staying very busy with the 4 girls... homeschooling.. and the normal house life things .. but i'm doing well.. nothing else really new for me... only.. I still need to go to the doctors about my eye... and eventually I still need to get to the dentist to start all the work I need to get done.. since I have some broken teeth from the old fillings that have fell out.. but all in all.. i'm living and doing welll

I believe that is about it for us all... only other news is.. My mom will be coming on the 5th of October for a few wks.. which the girls dont know about.. it will be a huge surprise when we pick her up at the Air Port.. I'll have to try and remember to bring the camera...

well have a blessed day all.. love and miss you all

Monday, August 31, 2009

Long over due family update sry all

Well Things have been pretty crazy here this whole summer.. it went by really Fast.. with my working by watching those 2 girls 5 days a wk 11 hours a day.. was crazy.. but I miss those 2 girls.. they are back in the states now with there mother.... Matt was away for 3 1/2 wks... so I was being a single mom to our 4 girls.. so they kept me busy.. any who.. I will do my normal updates on each person with details... enjoy

Alyssa: She is 14 1/2 months old.. and now walking.. she looks like she is drunk when she walks.. but its cute. and she is getting better.. she has had her 1st bloody nose.. her 1st big bump on her forhead.. and her 1st almost cutt my thumb off... she likes to stick her fingers in bad places.. she isnt the bright color in the crayon box.. but she is only 14mths.. and finding out the hard way.. but she does know what no means.. and will even tell me no.... she bite me the one day.. so i went and bit her back.. and she told me after i did it "no mama no bad" yes.. she said that.. kinda crazy.. but yea.. she is doing great.. she is finally out grown her 9mth clothes.. but still really light.. I need to go clothes shopping for her soon.. oh yes... Alyssa... is now liking to beat up on all 3 of her older sisters now.. while they are playing or laying around.. chilling.. she quick gets over by them and then grabs there hair.. and then laughs at them when they scream.. its funny.. but that lil girl is sneaky.... she is just like her other sisters though... so hopefully i can knock the hair pulling out quick..... anywho she is doing great

Ayme: She is doing good.. hard to think she will be 3 in December.. which is just around the conor. crazy how fast this year went.... She still isnt potty training.. but I'm not pushing her... normally my girls potty train themselves so most likely it will be around 3- 3 1/2 when she gets there... but she is talking really well.. every m orning when i open up her door.. she says to me "Morning Mommy" clear as day... she is a bright little girl.. I may start doing some Pre-school stuff with her as well.. since her and Michelle seem to be on the same page now for learning.. but Ayme is doing good.. and doesnt get into as much trouble... but she is doing very well

Michelle: She is doing good.. she is getting so tall.. I still cant believe she is 4yrs old now... she is catching up to Samantha in height.. she will take after her daddy forsure.. for the whole tall and skinny.. she is only 30lbs.. and in size 5 girls clothes for height.... but her wasit can still fit 3T/4T clothes.. but she is doing good.. she has gotten better with doing things with her hands.. but now to work on her speech and remembering colors, shapes, numbers, and ABC's... hopefully she will not get overwelmed by the stuff.. I know I have to go slow with her and it will take time.. but she is bright.. and I know she can do it...

Samantha: she is doing good... she isnt happy about our choice to homeschool. but it really is for the best for her... the children around here.. are so out of control.. the schools here dont have enough teachers and helpers.. for the right teaching.. and she is a follower.. so she gets in a lot of trouble after playing with these kids here... its not been fun.. and its hard to make a 5yr old..to understand why we are doing what we are doing.. hopefully she will do ok with me for schooling.. and she will listen and obey me.. but i'm sure at first she will give me some problems.. we start homeschooling today 9/1/09 so we shall see how the day goes.... but besides schooling and getting in trouble after playing with these kids.. she is doing well. and a very bright child... she is only 5yrs old.. and rides a 2 wheel bike.. which she has been riding for the past 3mths now.. kinda crazy.. bu yes.. she is doing well...

Matthew: he just got back from his 3 1/2 wks over in California for schooling.. he had an amazing time there.. made new friends.. saw old friends from the last base.. and from other things he has gone and done while in the Air Force.. he is doing good.. he is very happy to be back home.. and enjoying his family.. he missed us all a lot... he went back to work today the 1st of Sept.. and he hopes to get 2 wks off of work soon.. so we can spend time as a family.. and maybe go some places b4 it gets to cold here... but he is doing well.. and LOVES Germany so much better then the states.. but yes.. he is happy to be home and be a family again..

Me: I'm doing good.. been busy as ever.. but thats nothing new for me.. i'm enjoying my kids.. they may drive me crazy at times.. but hey.. thats what kids are suppose to do to there parents right... but all in all i'm well... i'm glad to have Matthew back home... and maybe things will go back to normal... but nothing really new with me.. in time.. I still have to go to the doctors about my eye.. and see about getting it taken care of.. I now have 2 small masses (growths) in my eye lid so it doesnt look pretty at all.. but I can not stress about it.. and only thing I can do is leave it in Gods Hands.. any who... i'm doing well...

well i think that is about it for the updates... i'll try to post in more often.. but with school starting up.. and taking care of the family and house.. things get busy.. so it may take some time to write in...

well love and miss you all

Sunday, August 9, 2009

updates :)

update on our lovely family here in Germany....

Alyssa.. she is doing good.. she has started to try and walk.. she has gotten up to 2 steps.. and then goes back to crawling since so much faster then trying to balance and walk.. but she is doing good.. still small as ever all of 16.4lbs.. and still in her 9mth clothes.. I got some 12mth clothes for her the other day to try out.. and yep.. she swims in them... but its ok.. she is a happy little girl

Ayme.. She is doing good.. she is finally over the green boogies and not been getting in as much trouble... she has gotten really tall.. she is 2 1/2 yrs old. .and wears 3T stuff.. which i'm sure some 4T stuff could fit.. she is growing up...

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is a good child.. always so quiet.. and then when she gets upset.. you know something is wrong.. since it takes alot to get to be mad and hit or something.. but she is doing well.. she is doing more things. and I plan on starting those school books with her today.. so we shall be seeing how she does with the preschool books

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is a smart kid.. and I should start trying to work more with her with some school stuff.. I do have a K school book for her.. but she is lazy.. but we will be having fun with school with her.. but she has been doing good.. and her hand is doing better.. she should be able to go back and doing the monkey bars maybe next wk

Matt.. he is doing alright.. he is over in California right now for schooling.. he wont be back til August 31st... it took about 22 1/2 hours to get to California from here.. including the drive times from to and from Air ports.. so he is beat.. and his poor ears are killing him.. he does bad with flying.. he wishes he could just take the boat everywheres.. but its ok..

Me.. i'm doing good.. staying busy with my girls. and also with working watching the other 2 girls.. i just have 2 wks left of doing them b4 they head back to the states... but i'm doing well... but it does look like i'll be needing to go in for surgery after Matt gets back.. since I have a growth on the inside of my right eye lid so that needs to be taken care of... I also have found out.. that I can not drive here in Germany til I go back to the states. and get a valid drivers licsence since my state side one just expired... so i'm not allowed to drive.. yay me... but besides those 2 stressful things... life isnt going to badly... the normal stress of life.. but who doesnt have that.. hehe...

well i think thats about it.. take it easy all

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Joys of LIfe

Hello Everyone.. things have been very busy here the past 2 wks now...

1st to start off with.. This past Friday night.. Samantha Fell and Broke her right hand which still is pretty swollen up and bothering her.. so she hasnt been a happy Camper since she isnt able to play at the park.. or do her normal things.. she is now finally able to do some writing and drawing.. but she just wants to play at the park and do the monkey bars.. which she cant do that yet.. hopefully her hand will heal up quick.. but only time will tell for it....

2nd.. I (Abby) have started working.. by watching 2 Girls Ages 4 and 7yrs in age Brooke who is 4yrs old.. she is a pretty good kid.. then her sister Ashley 7yrs.. she can be a hand full but I totally know how to handle her since she is just like Samantha... so they butt heads alot.. but its been good for both of them.. to see that they both cant be the boss over each other.. so I let them duke it out at times haha... but they have done really well here with the girls.... I am watching them Monday through Friday from 630am til when ever there dad gets off of work.. so anywheres from 445pm til 530pm... this coming wk.. they will be at my house from 530am til 630pm.. so it will be a long wk....

my days now starts at 5am and end no later then 11pm.. lately i'm out cold by 9pm.. which of course.. Matt doesnt really like.. since normally he goes to bed b4 me.. so he keeps falling asleep down stairs and wakes up around 4am to crawl into bed b4 my alarm goes off.. yes.. I wake up b4 him now.... so its been interesting.... but yes.. that all has been crazy.. this is end of wk 2 of watching the girls.. and I still have 3 1/2 wks to go...

Matt leaves next Saturday For Cali.. he will be gone from the 8th til the 26th I believe not sure on the day he is coming back.. I just know its for 3wks... I'm not looking foward to him going away and being 9 hours behind me.. but its something I just have to deal with being a Military Spouse... he is heading over there for some kind of Schooling... I told him to enjoy his Vacaction.. that when he gets back.. I'm going to go somewheres with my girl friends and he can watch the girls... but it shall be interesting forsure.. the wks i'm sure will go by pretty fast since i'm working 2 1/2 of those wks..

the other girls are doing alright.. Ayme just got over croup and then a nice cold.. Alyssa.. is trying to walk now.. she has cutt through her top 4 teeth.. so she has 6 teeth now.. she is still so tiny 17.4lbs and in 9mth clothes and she is 13 1/2mths old.. but she is happy and healthy..

Oh Yea! We now have 2 Vans.. We finally Picked up our new Van the 2000 ford windstar.. which they also gave us a free $200. carseat.. so that was nice of them.. so now if we want to go out as a Family we can... the only down part right now is.. I cant not drive here yet.. So i'll be walking to places while Matt is away... but its ok... I can make do.. I always do...

well I think thats it for an update on the joys of life right now... love and miss you alll

Monday, July 20, 2009

Latest on the Beckman Family

Well it has been a while since I have posted in here.. things have been pretty crazy busy around here.. but its all been fun..... any who.. 1st off.. We will be getting our new/used Van in 1 1/2 wks... which I cant wait to be able to finally be able to go out as a family in 1 trip instead of dropping 2 kids off come back for the younger 2 and me.. so yep cant wait.. it is a 2000 ford windstar so it will be ok.. and we are only paying $2500. for it.. so I cant really complain.... any who.. the weather is alot colder then the states.. so it has been an interesting summer forsure.. it has only gotten to 84 only 2 maybe 3 times all summer so far.. most days are in the mid to low 70s.. and at night in the low 50s.. but it is nice... I enjoy the nice spring like days here.. any ways... next i'll do the updates on each family member :) enjoy......

Alyssa: she is doing great.. she is 13mths old now.. and all of 17lbs 4oz and finally in size 9mth clothes... which some are still a little to long on her.. but she is growing... She is now standing all on her own.. no walking yet.. she just uses stuff to walk around.. she now has 3 teeth (2 bottom 1 top) which i'm sure more are coming in.. since she gets in those cranky spurts and she has been sleeping more... but she is doing good and still happy as ever

Ayme... she is doing great... she is my lil trouble maker from time to time.. but what 2 yr old isnt trouble from time to time... she is in the lets draw on everything stage.. so walls in the house got color.. but its ok... we are dealing with it... but she is doing good.. she is a good kid.. she loves playing With Alyssa... which is always cute to watch...

Michelle.. She is doing good.. she has been showing more emotions to us not understanding what she is trying to say to us.. that if we dont get it.. she will go run off and cry... the hard thing with her is.. she doesnt even want to try and have us help her say the words and all.. she will just say "I cant" so it has been a challange with her.. Lord Willing she will open up more so I can help her out to learn and except the help that is given to her.. but besides that.. she is doing good...

Samantha... She is doing good.. she has her 5yr old talk back from time to time and her tempers that can get her little butt in trouble... but she is doing better then before.. she likes to test me from time to time.. which she has learned I dont cave.. and running to Daddy to ask him.. he doesnt cave either... so it has been fun.. she has made alot of new friends so she has friends come over alot to play.. but all in all she is doing good.. and just growing up way to fast on me...

Matthew.... He is doing good.. he is busy as always with work.. helping out his friends fix stuff I.E. Cars, computers, grills, ect.... but he is doing good.. I made him take tonight off to go to the movies with 2 of his buddies from work... they will be going to see transformers 2.. ( I saw it already last wk) but I told him.. he needs to go out too and have some fun... so he will be out tonight.. and then he will be having a computer land party on Saturday and BBQing with the guys.. but he is doing well...

Me... I'm doing great.. i'm busy as ever.. with my 4 girls.. and now i'm watching our friends 2 daughters ages 4 and 7 (girls) from Monday to Friday.. from 630am-330pm.. they are just here for the summer since then they go back to the states to there mom... but they are good kids.. and we have fun playing and all so normally during the day by 130-2pm I will have 7 kids (all girls) here playing at the house... since the 1 girl that comes to play is from across the street I watch her while her mom gets house stuff done while her 4mth old and 2yr old nap.. so I take her 5yr old off her hands from 130-2pm til 5pm so my house has extra kids now from 630am til 5pm Mon-Fri... its been fun.. I tell you what hehe... Most people think i'm crazy to have so many kids here.. but then again they think i'm crazy 4 of them are my own kids hehe.. but its all good... I enjoy my kids and I enjoy my life..... but besides the watching kids.. I have been doing good.. I get to go out kid free at least 1x a wk with my girl friends.. sometimes its a night movie and then a day.. or we just do a Family BBQ with friends over which is always nice... Its nice to finally have real friends here.. I have my 2 girl friends. and we always get together to hang out let the kids play and be able to go out.. and lucky enough.. all our husbands are friends with each other.. so we dont got to worry about them complaining or what not.. but yep.. all in all i'm doing great.. and enjoying life here in Germany

(prayers out to me that I will pass my German drivers test when I get in to take it.. it is pretty tricky the things you need to know to pass the test there signs are alot different then ours and you must know how to read some of the German words to know what the signs mean)

ok I think that is about it.. Love and Miss you all

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Well today we had a BBQ.. and had our friends over with there kids.. we we had 12 people over.. we had an Awesome time.. we all had a blast.. this was like the 1st holiday in a VERY long time.. that I actaully enjoyed and had a good time... the kids loved the fireworks.. which werent until 1030pm and didnt end til after 11pm.. so we had a long busy day of hanging out and having fun.. the kids enjoyed the pool we had set up for them.. they had fun running around in the sun.. I only got some pictures.. i'll have to try and steal some that my friend took of the kids today as well.. but yea.. we had an awesome time.... any who.. hope you all have/had a good 4th of July.. i'm off to bed since its almost 12am here.. take care all

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Long Family Update

Well Its time again to do a family update on us all and all that is going on here.... any who.. I want to start this all off.. with.. We have just bought a Used Van for $2500.00 which we had $3000.00 set aside for something.. it is a green 2000 ford mini van with 90k miles on it.. We wont be getting it til August 1st.. due to them PCSing (moving) and there new SUV will be shipped out at the end of this month.. so Yep on August 1st.. we will have our van.. that we can all fit in.. so it will be nice.. we will be selling the 4 seater Van that we have for $1500.00 so we can buy Matt a smhe timeall Car to use for work that is good on gas and what not.. so in time that will be nice... any who.. onto each person updates

Alyssa: she is 1yrs old now.. and slowly getting big.. she is finally out of her 6mth clothes.. so she is now in 6-9mth clothes... and she is 16lbs 8oz.. but she is still crawling around like crazy.. she loves the stairs.. she can go up them.. but not down yet.... she has been trying to stand on her own.. which is cute to watch.. she also is now walking with holding onto stuff.. so we shall see how long it will take til she gets to walking... but she is doing good.. and she is such a happy little girl

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is 2 1/2 yrs old... she talks up a storm now.. and is our lil joker.. she makes us laugh all the time.. she is doing amazing though.. she is such a good kid..

Michelle... she is doing good.. she will be turning 4 yrs old next month...she has gotten really tall.. and still really skinny.. her speech is fun to try and understand at times.. but she is still doing well.. she is still having troubles with getting her shirts on and off.. but in time she will get it.. she at times has troubles with her pants/shorts from time to time too.. which just goes with her disabilities she has.. but she is doing good.. hopefully soon.. I can find the place to start setting up her speech and OT appts.. so we shall see.. but she is doing good

Samantha.. she is doing good she loves to drive me insane from time to time.. but what kid doesnt like to drive there parents crazy hehe.. any who.. she is doing good.. she is so excited for school.. and she has been making tons of new friends that start school this fall with her.. so in its been fun for her...

Matthew... he is doing good.. he is getting things in order for his 3wk TDY to Cali.. from August 8th til the 24th of August.. which it is for schooling... he is excited about going.. of course.. i'm not.. but its just apart of being military... but he is doing well...

Me... i'm doing ok... I hurt my right foot.. but its healing up... I droped a table on it this past Monday.. so i brusied the top of it pretty nicely.. but its ok.. I can walk again on it... but besides that i'm doing good.. and enjoying my time here in Germany.. I have met and made some new friends so its nice to know some new people.. I hope in more time. i will be able to go out and meet some more... right now i'm studying for my German drivers test.. hopefully I pass it when i take it which i hope to take that within the next 2wks.. so wish me luck.. Lord willing i'll pass when i take it.. its alot to learn.. so time will tell...

any who... thats about it here i believe... when I have more updated stuff I'll update you more on here...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello all family update time.. yay

Hello all my family and Friends that come here to read.. I hope that your all doing well.. always praying for you all... any who... its time to do a family update. I know its been a very long time since I have done one.. since it has been very busy here.. any who.. enjoy...

Alyssa... well today June 16th.. Alyssa is now 1yrs old.. so crazy to think she is 1.. time has gone by so fast.. she is a good and happy little girl.. she is almost always smiling and laughing and just playing and moving her self around.. Alyssa was born 3wks early.. and was 5.4lbs and 18inches long.. she is now.. 16.4lbs and in size 6month clothes.. so she is stil tiny.. but she is happy healthy and loves to eat... so i'm not worried about her size... but she is doing great.. still not walking.. but its all good..

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is becoming more of a big kid every day.. with helping with dishes.. and helping with house cleaning.. and just trying to help any way she can.. specially if it is to help Alyssa.. which is still her baby.. its soo cute... she has been doing really good.. she is starting to show some signs for potty training.. but i wont push it til she is ready.. she is only 2 1/2 yrs old.. so we shall see how the months go.. but she is doing good..

Michelle... she is doing good.. she from time to time.. has her little tempers and gets into trouble. since we just dont understand what she wants or is trying to say.. with her speech problems.. but her disabilities sometimes kicks in.. but she is doing good.. she will over time get better.. its really more of all in Gods hands then in doctors and other peoples hands.. but she is a good kid.. and a good little helper from time to time

Samantha... she is doing good.. today she made 3 new friends that will all be starting school with her this fall here at the school.. they had a blast today playing and hanging out... Samantha has been doing better since I have been keeping her away from her 2 girl friends.. that are just trouble... so she gets upset.. but I told her.. she can play with them again.. when she stops actting bad like them... she is learning.. it takes time.. but she is doing good...

Matthew... he is doing good.. he finally had a weekend off. this past wknd.. so him and I got a babysitter. so we could go out with just Alyssa to go food shopping and all.. he really enjoyed the time out with only the baby.. since I still think Alyssa is his favorite child lol.. but he is doing well hopefully soon he can take some time off of work.. so we can go and do things all together

Abby aka Me... I'm doing good.. the girls keep me on my toes.. and its always good.. I finally have made some new friends here... so hopefully we all can start meeting up more and more... Right now.. we will be meeting up every Wednesday at 2pm for a playdate/grown up times.. so it will be nice.. I had a nice time today.. and of course.. everyone isnt always the best of people.. but you just got to give and take and put up with some things.. so its all good.. I got 4 kids.. so I know how to handle a women that can be annoying or a little out of hand... but its all good.. at least i'm finally meeting people.. and its just not me and my one friend.. so time will tell on how many more friends I can make.. speically b4 Matt goes away for 3 wks in August to Cali... so we shall see.. any who.. all in all i'm doing alright...

well I think thats about it for us all.. when I get more news on things and stuff going on.. i'll post stuff up.. any who.. God Bless.. love and miss you all

Friday, May 29, 2009

God is In Control

It is an Amazing song... and it the Fact is God Is REALLY in control... He is in control of your life... He is there to help and guide us... We must remember to Let God be the Light.. and let God be in control.. A lot of us at times.. just seem to forget.. that there is more to life then just these things here on Earth.. And that we can not just be happy because we got a new car or happy that we have a house that is totally paid off.. We Got to be Happy.. since we know that GOD is the reason for it all.. He is an amazing God he is the light of our paths.. HE is the reason for the Season... God is IT God is good. God is Wise... God is an AWESOME GOD!!! With out God we have NOTHING... God just wants to touch our lives and help us to grow and become more like HIM... He wants us all to be ready for when that Day comes.. and We get to Stand there with HIM... and Say Yes Jesus I am here.. because I let it all go down there on Earth.. I gave it all to you... Every single dime I owned I gave it all to You.. You are my God and I love you.. and I do Lift YOUR name on high.. and I do LOVE to sing your prasies... I LOVE you LORD... Thank you LORD for saving me.. I did not Deserve your love... Thank you Jesus for taking away all my pains... and showing me that There is/was more then what I had there on Earth.. Thank You Jesus...

Its amazing how things in life can go.. you can be happy as can be.. thinking that life is just going great.. I have my Family around me.. I have a roof over my head.. I have a car that can get me to the store or work.. and to think about all the things that you have.. and just to forget.. who gave it all to you... It was just from the paying job you have.. it wasnt just because you got lucky... It was all due to God and what he wants to give out... God has been amzing in my life... From going from a teen with lots of troubles.. to a young adult confussed what what to do next in life.. to finding an Amazing church that just broke though al the depression and worries of life... I knew all about God and how I was supose to be.. But it was basically all head knowledge.. I wasnt living it by Heart.. but once I found this amazing church.. And that was the day.. that it all just clicked... listening to what Pastor Joe was saying.. and it all just clicked... I remeber the church being only maybe 30 people or so... more kids then grown ups.. but the people just shined out Gods love.. they welcomed me and my 2 girls in with open arms... we have group prayers at the end of each sermon.. and I remeber someone praying for me.. and my family.. and I know i tryed my best not to cry.. But i Felt Gods hands touching my heart.. and he just said.. Abby you are finally home.. take My hand and hold on... it will be a rough road ahead.. but just remember.. I AM here for you.. I will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you.. and from that Sunday on.. I tryed my best to make it out to church every Sunday.. i remember.. when i was a kid.. and thought people in my church was crazy with the whole raising there hands during songs or prayers.. and I just didnt understand that all.. BUT then... a couple months into going to church.. I felt I guess what they all were feeling which was Gods hands holding them there.. saying.. my beloved... i'm here.. I started to feel HIS love.. and I would get goose bumps from feeling him hold me close... it was/is the best feeling every to really truley feel God there with you holding you close... its just been Amazing to know that God is there.. and How you CAN feel him.. you may not be able to see HIM but you just know.. he is there....... and he is holding you close.. and telling you... keep trusting in ME and all will be fine.....

Tonight has been a good night.. I was having a hard day today.. and just kept asking why.. to everything.. and as I went and sat down on the couch.. I just turned on the TV started looking through the chanels and there again.. I find my self stoped at the Church chanel.. and the "Hour of Prayer" show was just about to come on.. it was all small interviews from 2008.. and music and it was just that small reminder that Hey... He is still here... and to just give it all to HIM.. He will make you feel better.. and sure enough.. God is Good.. He has me feeling good.. and I'm just so thankful for a God like our God...

"Dear Lord... thank you for this day.. thank you for reminding me that you are still there for me.. and that you havent gone anywheres.. thank you for forgiving all our sins.. and thank you for being there for us.. as we go through many trying times... We love you Jesus.. and we thank you... Amen"

Thank you all my family and Friends who do come here and read.. God Bless you all..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long overdue Family update

Hello All my Family and Friends... Sry that I have not updated in here in a long time.. things have been busy/crazy here.. with the 4 girls house and just normal life... any who.. below i'll do an update on every one.. so enjoy

Alyssa: she is doing amazing she is 11mths old which is crazy to think she will be 1yrs old on the 16th of June.... she is crawling standing walking with help.. she is just growing up so fast.. she is still small. she is only 16lbs 3oz. and in 3-6mths to 6mth clothes... but she is really happy and eats tons..

Ayme: she is doing well.. she has been talking up a storm now.. she talks 100x more clear then Michelle.. she is just to cute.. listening to her talk in sentences.. she is just getting big... she is almost 2 1/2 and just getting more and more smart every day.. which is good to see

Michelle: she is doing good... she still has her troubles with getting dressed and undressed.. with talking and just gets upset very easy over things she cant do.. but she is doing well.. she is happy to be able to go off and play alone with her barbies she is just a good kid.. she is super thin and super tall.. she is in 4/5 girls clothes and only 3 1/2yrs old.. she is very quickly catching up to Samantha...

Samantha: she is doing alright.. she isnt liking the idea.. of maybe me homeschooling her... since she wants to go to school so badly.. but I just dont know if that is what God wants for me to do for her... the kids she plays with are just such awful kids.. and I'm scared to see what that could do to her if she is around them.. and learns all that they learn.. but its ok.. she will learn... but besides that.. she is well.. she can ride a 2 wheel bike now.. she got it on the 2nd try and now is doing awesome..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he is finally done with the 24 days of work with no days off.. he has worked hard.. and he actaully is starting up a new job in his shop soon... he is now going to be Shop Cheif which is actaully a job for someone that is 2 ranks above what he is at.. but its cool.. to bad he cant get the pay that would go along with that job.. but its alright.... we are living and making well with his income for a family of 6....

Abby/ME: I'm doing well.. i'm tired.. been doing alot with the unpacking of the house.. and taking care of the 4 girls.. and just always on my toes... I just always seem to stay busy.. there is never a dual day around here... but its alright.. today i enjoyed a whole day from 12noon til 445pm outside playing with them.. we just had a ball... but all in all besides being very tired.. I'm doing well..

any who.. thats about it right now... when i have more new updates I will post them up.. love and miss you all

Saturday, May 9, 2009

God is Good

Well last night After Matthew went to bed early.. I was flipping through the TV channels while I was online talking with people.. And I came across the Religion channels and for some odd reason I just stopped there and just started to listen and I'm not sure what show/program it was.. but they had a whole bunch of Christian music singers/groups and they were talking about how God is always there for you and he can help you get through anything.. and he is always there by your side.. so matter what.. he will never leave you nor forsake you... and What they were just talking about just touched me and it just touched my heart.. that I just closed up my lap top and walked over to the couch and just sat there listening to these people talk about trials of things that they went through and how they took the choice to lay it all in Gods hand.. and not try to just do it all on there own.... and it just really touched me.. since It has been nice here in Germany.. But I do Miss my church family back in Texas.. and how much of a blessing that Church had been to me.. and How Much I enjoyed going there every Sunday with the girls.. And Just felt the hands of God there holding me close.... and Then I moved here.. and I felt like I've lost everything.. Sure its been nice to be a Family again... But I have lost my Church Family and I still havent found anything here yet that just feels like it is Right... I have been told about a Christian play group.. where mothers get together to hear some speakers while the kids go and play.. I need to find out more information about that.. Since I really know I need to get back on that track again.. God is just so good.. with watching that program last night and hearing them talk and sing.. it just touched my heart and he was just telling me through that all.. that He is still here with me... He didnt stay behing when I moved here.. and that He is holding me close... and It was just a blessing.. and such a relief to feel like he just took all the fears and stress that are going on here.. and He had me lay it all at his Feet saying... Here I AM lets talk I'm here for you... and it was just an amazing night... By the time the show was over and by the time I was done reading my Bible and praying.. it was after 12am.. But It was all well worth it... God Is just so good and I'm thankful we have a God who is always there for us no matter what... And he will always answer our prayers in His own timing.. Even if he says No there is always a reason... God is good... and I just wanted to share with you all this Amazing experince with all my Family and friends out there....

"Dear Lord, I pray right here right now that you touch all our hearts Lord.. and you just bless our hearts.. Lord thank you for being there for us.. Thank you that You are the God of Gods.. I pray that everyone will trust you Lord fully.. that you help us all to remeber that there is nothing to Big for you Lord.. You are a powerful God.. and you are our Light... We love you Lord and we do Lift our hands to you.. in praise.. Bless us Lord keep on strong and help us through what ever things we maybe going through.... Keep us strong.. keep us looking towards you help us Lord so that we can be more like you.... Thank you Lord.. We Love you... Amen"

To all you Mothers.. Have a Happy Mothers Day

Love you all and Miss you all.. Thank you for the prayers

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update time (i'm sure long)

Hello Family and Friends.. It has been about a wk or so since I have updated on here... Things have been going alright here.. we still only have the van that fits 4... and have no idea about what we will be doing about getting something else.. hopefully one day we can get that all worked out.. but for not.. Its all in Gods hands.... but all in all we are doing well.. everyone is in good health.. so its been good.... I will do each person update next...

Alyssa: she is 10 1/2 mths old now.. she has 2 bottom teeth she is finally sitting up.. she can now crawl back wards.. not forwards yet.. she can army crawl forwards... she is just doing good.. she is growing like a weed.. i weighed her today.. and I was shocked.. she is 18lbs... which is 3lbs up in a month.. I guess its from all the baby food and big people food.. she is now drinking 6oz a milk a day.. i'm slowly weaning her off the boob... so by the time she is one.. she will almost be fully weaned.. but she is a happy little camper.. she is a huge stair climber.. and I cant find a place to even get a baby gate.. so for now.. i use a peice of a bunk bed i bought at the top of the stairs to keep her upstairs playing in all the rooms and moving around.. she is just in heaven... she is a good girl

Ayme: almost 2 1/2.. she is such a little smarty butt hehe.. she likes to try and be sneaky.. which is cute.. but she can never pull it off.. she is very well known for flooding things though.. so thats not fun.. we got the water turned off in the bathrooms.. so we always have to tell people that when they come over.. so they can wash tehre hands hehe.. but its all good... Ayme has a lil boy friend.. its soo cute... he likes to call Ayme his honey... its to cute... one day i'll hav eto get some pictures of the 2 of them together.. they have this hate love relationship... they go from playing oh so nice to punching pushing each other.. back to loving each other.. its soo funny.. since her friend isnt use to kids pushing punching back... so its fun.. hehe..

Michelle: she is 3 1/2 (4 in August not to far away) she is such a sweet happy child.. she is so claim she is just the type of child everyone would love to have.. she is happy to go and sit alone and play with her toys for hours.. then she loves to have play time with her sisters.. when she wants too.. which she is also like that for mommy and daddy time.. she is doing very well.. she is talking tons more.. but alot of her words still need work.. hopefully this fall when she starts speech that will help alot... but she is my little help... she is a good kid..

Samatha: 5yrs old.... wow.. i'm not sure where to start with her.. right now she is being taught she cant always get what she wants.. which is a slow work in progress.. hopefully one day b4 she is 30 she will get it.. she see's alot of her room lately.. with her bad tempers and not listening.. so its been a little stressful... but only thing I can do is pray that she will understand it all... I know yesterday she was asking me where people go when they die... so I gave her a basic information about it.. but she still doesnt really understand it... so We shall see... Lord will she will strighten up before school starts.. which Im still debating if i should home school her or let her go into the school here on base... I guess we shall see

Matthew: He is back to work.. been a long wk for him... I know he cant wait for the wknd... he threw out his back last wk.. so he has been in alot of pain.. he should go to the doctor.. but of course he wont... but hopefully it will either start feeling better or he will head to the doctors where they could help him out.. but he is doing good...

Me: I'm doing awesome.. my 25th birthday is on the 12th... so i'm slowly getting old hehe... any who.. I;ve started out a new work out thing for me.. which I basically walk 4 to 6 miles a day.. and do a ton of other work out things.. which there is just way to many to name out.. it would make this email really long.. I only just started doing this all this past Tuesday night.. so we shall see how it all works out for me... but i am doing good.. the girls keep me on my toes.. life is always busy with them.. but its all good... all in all.. i'm good.. things are just going well here.. Last wk.. I got to go out with no kids with my friend shoping.. which was a nice 4 hours out with no kids... I got some new clothes.. which i'm happy to see my size has droped.. i'm now a Jr's 11.. which makes me happy since the last time i got clothes.. i was a 14/16 so yay me.. hehe.. but things are well.. i'm glad to have my friend here.. and I love that we all get together every wknd for BBq and hang out time with the kids and all.... so yup.. things are good here.. i cant be compliaing...

well i should get going... love you all and miss you alll

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family update (maybe long)

hello all my family and friends... It has been yet again awhile since I have updated you all on us over here in Germany...

Things are going well here for us... we have gotten our 1st load of stuff from the states yesterday the 20th of april.. so Matthew now has his desktop computer and I have my laptop use again.. no more needing to share hehe.... in the 1st load.. was just the desk top.. Matthews left over Military clothing and our bedding pillows.. (not all bedding) and a few kitchen things... the rest of our stuff wont be here til the end of May sometime.. as of right now.. we have bought a bunk bed for the one girls room.. which it is a German bunk bed made out of soild dark wood.. twin on top full on bottom.. we are picking that up today after 5pm.. only paid $125. for it which includes the mattress.. so its nice.. and works out well... While Matthew was out yesterday he found a store with used couches tables chairs and what not for cheap in a German town.. so hopefully sometime this wk.. we can get over there to see if we can find anything we can use.. since we have the borrowed stuff but we have no couches or table/chairs coming.. since ours all got trashed back in Texas b4 the move... so hopefully we can get a good deal on some stuff.... no we still do not have a family truck.. but the guy still does have it up forsale.. hopefully sometime soon we can get stuff worked out for that all.. since we really need something to use as a family.... but besides thats all.. things are going well here.... below this will be an update on each family member so enjoy.....

Alyssa... she is now 10mths old.. and has just gotten in her 2 bottom teeth.. she is a lil mover.. she loves to army crawl and can sit up now finally.. she is 15 1/2 lbs now.. so finally out of her 3-6mth clothes... but she is a happy little girl and doing great....

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is the normaly terrible 2yr old at times.. but she is such an angel when it comes to Alyssa.. which is still her baby.. she is starting to show signs of wanting to potty train so we shall see.. she is almost 2 1/2.. so we shall see... but she is doing good

Michelle... she is doing good.. she is now fully potty trained during the day.. she is 3 1/2 yrs old.. will be 4 in August... she is slowly starting to talk more.. but her words sometime just doesnt make sense.. but hopefully with the speech that will help her to get better.. but she is my little helper.. she love sto help cook clean and take care of Ayme and Alyssa.. so she is just a doll..

Samantha... she is doing good.. she likes to drive us crazy from time to time.. but she is doing good.. she is soooo excited about starting school this fall.. she is now helping me out more in the house.. she makes beds, folds put away clothes, picks up toys, vaccums, and helps with little other things in hers and her sisters rooms... its been nice for that little bit of help...

Matthew... he is doing good.. he is dreading going back to work on Monday.. but he has at least had 2 wks off for family times and all... he has been enjoying us all here

Me.. I'm doing well.... been staying busy with the kids and the house and just life things... I'm happy to be here.. and things just been going so well... the house is awesome.. I cant complain about it.. I was able to get off of base for the 1st time and we did some shoping at the bigger BX which was still another sad store here.. i'll have to make orders online for things needed.. but it was nice to get out... we even went to a Mcdonalds out in a village they only spoke German so Matt had fun making our order hehe. but yea.. it taste alot betterthen the states.. and there large is the medium size in the states... but it was sooo good.. having a Big Mac hehe... but yep.. i'm doing well.. i've lost 11lbs since being here.. since i do tons of walking..... any who.. thats about it for me...

well hope that you all are doing well... we miss and love you all

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow been busy here

Well I thought I would put up a Quick update on here Before my crazy day ahead....

girls are doing well... Ayme and Alyssa are still sick... Alyssa is 10mths old today and cutt her 1st tooth though yesterday and she has her 2nd bottom one to break though any time.. she is still of course tiny.. she fits in some of her 3-6mths clothes still.. and she also now is in her 6mths and 6-9 clothes. (which are big on her) but besides the colds the kids are doing well.. keep us on our toes forsure.......

any who.. Matt and I are doing well.. we always seem to be running around to be doing something.. but thankfully at night the girls are all in bed no later then 830pm and we can sit down and watch a movie and relax....

as for the truck we want to get.. I have no idea what is going on with it... since Matt was working 12hour shifts and then he did hurt his back.. (but doing better now) hopefuly today he will call up the guy and see if he still has it up for sale.. since we need something.. the whole van thing and fitting only 4.. is not working.. and other vans forsale on base.. are all missing there back seats as well.. so its insane.. Lord willing something will happen soon... so we can go out as a family....

any who.. i'll update more on everyone in a couple days.. i'm off to get kids cleaned up dressed for the day and things together for my friend that will be watching the older 2 girls today while Matt me, Ayme and Alyssa go out to Bitburg today.. to hit up the bigger BX (shoping store) and maybe some other places off of base....

have a blessed day my friends

Monday, April 6, 2009

suburban/life update

Well the guy was nice enough to drive the suburban over to our house yesterday ( Sunday) and it is very nice.. alot nicer then we would of thought.. he is only asking 9k for it.. so of couse.. Matt said... what is wrong with it.. and the guy said.. nothing at all.. we just dont need it anymore.. we only used it for vacation when our kids where younger.... the truck only has 67k miles on it.. and it has tv's in the head rest and it has a tv/gps in the front as well.. the truck is a top of the line LS suburban it is awesome.. Matt told him.. Yes we want it... So keep us in your prayers.. Matt is going to ask our bank today here if we can get a loan out for the truck.. if they wont allow us for the loan.. he will go to USSA for a loan.. which is a 100% they will give it.. but the payments back will just be a little more then our bank will be.. so hopefully if all works out.. we may have our truck by the end of the wk... But i know not to get my hopes up.. its all really in Gods hands if we can get it or not....

any who... thats the update on the truck.....

In other news.. with the spring weather arriving here.. we are all getting sick with nice colds/coughs and all... thankfully.. I have Samantha's inhalers.. which always saves us from needing to go to the ER.. the doctor was nice enough before we left San antion to give me refills and have more refills when needed on the boxes.. so we shouldnt have to see the Er for Samantha's breathing issues any time soon.... but the weather is getting nicer here... and just the basic colds.. we are all doing alright.. just making sure we have alot of tissues in the house for use... Any who..

hope you all have had a nice Palm Sunday.. and all have a good wk.. and good.. Resurrection sunday (Easter)

I will update you all later in the wk about the truck and loan...

love and miss you all..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Been busy here

Hello my Friends and Family,

Well it has been a crazy past wk.. since we have arrived here.. We are still pretty busy.. we are still looking around for stuff for the house.. since we need couches... and table and chairs and a bunk bed or just twin beds.. hoping for a bunk bed.. since in time.. Samantha and Michelle will be sharing a room when they start school.... but we shall see what we can find.. and hopefully it wont cost us to much.... We are also.. looking into buying a 2002 Surbruban Matt will be looking at it tomorrow Sunday.. the guy is asking 9k OBO... so we shall see.. it would be great if we can get that truck.. since the Van Matthew bought has been a big flop.. since it is missing its back seat.. so only fits 4.. and it is leaking oil.. and not sure from where.... typical Van for you though.... so we shall see.. Lord willing the truck will work out.. since that fits 7.. and gives us plenty of space.. for the carseats and kids.. so please pray that something will work out for us all

Germany is very nice.. I am enjoying it.. this is deffenaly a place I would recomend people to come and see... the base is in the middle of no wheres.. so its all feilds around us.. and quiet.. such a big change from San antonio TX.. but It is nice here.. the weather has been great since we have arrived... it hit 74 here yesterday.. we had a nice BBq with our friends... which i'm sure now that we have the grill.. we will be doing that every wknd with friends.. which is nice for us all..... the house is great... high tech.. but its been fun.... we cant wait for our bed to be here.. since Matt and I have a tiny tiny bed... which is is a German full size bed.. which is smaller then the americain full size bed.. so its not the best.. all our stuff wont be here til the end of May.. so that is a far ways off.. but we will be making due with all the loaner stuff..

God has blessed us with this great house.. with good weather.. and to have friends already here who has helped us out the past months.. since that was where Matt was living for 1 1/2 mths on there couch.... so things have been going well... I still have no idea about churches yet.. since i'm still new to the base to find out stuff.. hopefully over in time.. I can find out some information about the church services and all that jazz

any who.. besides that fun stuff.. we are doing well.. some kids have colds.. some are well.. Alyssa is almost crawling.. she is the army crawl... which she is fast at... but yep.. all is good...

hope your all doing well.. love you all and miss you all

Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Update

Hello Friends, here is a family update on us all.. since we are all now in Germany :)

Alyssa, she is doing well.. she is still.. still fits in her 3 to 6 mth clothes and is 9 1/2 mths old.. she is tiny.. but she is a happy girl... and doing well with the time change...

Ayme, she is doing well too.. she is jet lagged.. so we are trying to work on that.. she is talking more.. and loves helping and playing with Alyssa.. which is really cute.. she is always taking stuff away from Alyssa that she shouldnt be having.. or moving stuff.. so she doesnt get hurt.. she is turning into a big girl.. and she is only 2yrs old...

Michelle, she is doing well also.. she is also jet lagged... which again.. trying to work on.. she is getting super tall.. she is only 4 inches shorter then Samantha now.. and she is only 3 1/2 yrs old.. she has been talking more.. but she still of course needs to work on speech.. which over time.. she will start doing... but she is happy.. and excited to be in a new house...

Samantha, she is doing well as well.... she also has the jet lagg but yea.. we shall see.... she only maybe 5.. but she talks/acts like she is 13... she is trouble. and talks very rudely and throws fits.. which are only really bad.. when daddy isnt around.. but Lord willing.. we can get that all worked out b4 she starts school in August... she can be a very good kid.. and she is very bright.. she has been doing some spelling and math... so its been fun... I hope she will do ok in School.. but if God has other planes.. (like homeschooling) I will try and do my best to do it.. everything is in Gods hands with these Kids...

Matthew, he is doing well.. he has a nice sinus infection.. but hopefully that will pass soon.. he is on cloud 9 with us all here... he has missed us all alot.. and been spending alot of time together with us all... he is back to work of course today.. Monday the 30th of March.. but he will be taking leave from the 9th til the 20 something.. I cant remeber.. but he is well and happy to be a family again

and for Me, I'm doing well.. i'm tired.. but not do to the jet lagg.. but do to the kids staying up til 330am.. I was able to adapt pretty easily since I only got 1 1/2 hour sleep in 24 hours from leaving TX on the 27th and arriving in Germany the 28th.. so its all good hopefully I will be able to get a lil more rest soon.. but for now.. its fine... Everything is in Gods hands

as for the new house... WOW.. it is so high tech its crazy.. it has heated floors.. power windows.. flat top stove with all the top of the line child locks and speical things.. the toliets are even top of the line.. which is funny.. it has 2 flushes.. one for pee.. and one for poo... so funny.. but yes.. this place is top of the line high tech.. I would say it would be in the $500,000.00 in the states if not more.... there is also outside blinds/sheilds.. which can make every room pitch black during the day... so yea.. insane... It will take some time to get use to this all.. but its pretty neat...

well thats about it right now.. take care

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Family Man's Creed

With God's Help, I will do my best to:

Praise And Honor God Daily
In my thoughts, My words and my Deeds, thus establishing the foundation for my success as a true family Man.
Honor And Respect My Wife,
loving her as Christ loves His church and faithfully demonstrating my lifelong commitment to providing for her needs.
Spiritually Protect My Family
by constantly interceding in prayer for their needs, establishing the word of God as our home's final authority, and boldly declaring that "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."
Emotionally Protect My family
by speaking words blessings and encouragement, spending lots of quality time together, and remembering to be slow to anger and quick to extend mercy.
Physically Protect My Family
through hard word, preparedness, and diligence, understanding that my call as a family man requires daily sacrifices.
Be Faithful To My Family
by ensuring regular weekly church attendance and faithful giving of my time and resources, in addition to maintaining relationships with other Christian men for edification and accountability.
Ask The Lord Daily For Wisdom
and His empowerment that I may walk in the Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control
Allow No other Activities To Distract Me
from my number one priority, which is to be assured that my family proclaims Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pictures of my girls

Silly Chelly.. Goofy Samantha... Ayme and Alyssa... Alyssa

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7/10 days to go

Well in 7 days is when our stuff gets all packed up for the move.. they will be taking just some basic on the 24th.. and then on the 25th they will be taking the rest.. the beds.. dressers piano... end tables.. and what ever else there is to go.... Yes I still have stuff to do b4 then.. and it seems like Alot to me.. But i'm sure its not.. if I can just lower my Stress level... I made up a check list last night.. so we shall see how well that works out for me... I need to start putting this all in Gods Hands.. with him all things are possible ... Any who.. fun days ahead.....

in 10 days is when we will be flying out.. which I'm going to see about Having the girls and I stay at a hotel on the 26th night and just take a Cab from the hotel to the air port.. which should be fun.... 4 kids 4 car seats and all our bags... I will be happy when we are finally on the plan and on our way there... We leave San Antonio at 1015am.. then we will get to Dallas a little after 11am.. then we got a little over 2 hour wait there in Dallas til we get on the plan for Germany.. which they still havent had there time change yet.. so it will be a 7 hour flight instead of a 8 hour flight.. since there time change happens on Sunday the 29th... so shall be fun... Any who...

Keep us all in your prayers.. that I am able to get everything done that I need to get done...

Thanks All

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures of our German House

It is Matt in the pictures

Undate on Matt and over there

Matthew is doing well.. He has been working Hard and getting things together and done... He now has the House for us.. a very Nice 4bedroom 2 1/2 Bathroom house.. He got the loaner Furniture put in Yesterday Tuesday March 10th.... He loves the house.. is keeps saying how much I'll love it.. specially the Kitchen.. since its nice and open and Big.. (compared to this kitchen)... He also Bought us a Van... a 97 Dodge Caravan it is a Maroon color he said... he put $300. down on it.. and he pays the rest this wknd and will take it home then.. since they were looking for a Back seat for the Van.. since it didnt have one.. it only had the front and the middle row.. and of course we need to fit 6.. for now..... the Only down fall to the Van is.. he said it smells like dog... which hopefully we can take care of that.... But all in all.. The house is basically ready for the girls and I get there... he now has a Van for us so he can pick us up at the Air Port on Saturday the 28th..... He is bouncing off the Walls that we are finally almost there.. He has been missing us all... even though the girls like to get Daddy mad at times... But hey.. what kid doesnt do that... All kids Sin.. they all like to test the water... Any who.. all there is going well.. and we just got basically 2 wks now til the girls and I leave to finally be a famiy again after a little over 3 mths of being away from each other... Any who..

God Bless

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Ayme

Well Yesterday we spent a couple hours at the ER with her... she was playing in the crib with Alyssa.. and when she went to jump out of the crib to my bed.. her right foot/lil toe got nagged by something.. so she wound up cutting around the bottom crest of her pinky toe.. pretty deep too.. we went to the ER.. waited.. they basically never took us back.. the only thing they did was took vitals and weight.. and wraped her foot 2 times.. the 2nd time I had them wrap it.. we washed it up to really take a good look at her cutt.. which yes.. it was/is deep.. but with where it is at.. they wouldnt be able to stitch it up.. and they said that could maybe glue it.. BUT that doesnt always work.. speically where it is at.. so the lady said.. I should just go to walmart get some stuff to cream and wrap it up.. and try to keep it clean.. and if it gets infected then to go back in or go to her doctors.. so I packed up the 4 girls and headed to Walmart and got the stuff needed.....

Ayme doesnt like to keep it wraped.. it has bleed 2 times today.. and she wont get the wrap on.. I may need to tape a sock on over her wrapping.. so we shall see.. so yes.. its been pretty busy here...

well have a blessed day/night

Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Days Ahead

Well It is starting to get a little more crazy here.. since we are counting down Days til Leaving... We leave in 18 days on the 27th.. But I just Got 15days Til the House gets packed up to Leave.. I Got a lot of cleaning and sorting to get done... since they are the ones packing.. the stuff up.. But I just got to make sure we dont take stuff we dont need.. since I know we have a lot of that kinda of stuff... with trying to take care of the 4 girls and now trying to get the house in order has been stressful.. since it has been when ever I get one room cleaned up.. it is all messed up again later do to the girls.. if I had more buckets.. I would just put stuff in those and put the stuff all in another room... which I may start using the one room for the stuff for moving.. since for some reason all 3 girls have been sleeping in Aymes room so the other room. I'm going to make into the storage room to get things together.. since I have to also sort out for the 2 different days for stuff being packed up to leave.... but I know.. I shouldnt be stressing about this all.. I know With Gods Help.. I can get it all done... I just got to take one day at a time..

I think I may need to start trying to make Daily plans.. or make a time schedule for each day to try and get things done... But I guess we shall see

as for the girls.. They are doing alright... Samantha came down with a fever last night.. and was having her croup cough last night off and on.. which Didnt surprise me since we went to church yesterday.. She always gets sick when we go to church.. which I think is do to the Mold in the building.... Hopefully no one else will get sick.. since this Coming Sunday most likey will be our Last Time at church Before moving... which I'll miss the church Alot.. we have been going there for the past 2 1/2 yrs.. and I have been blessed by the people and by Pastor Joe.. I'll be sad when We leave... and I have NO idea what I will do for a church when we Get to Germany... I hope to be able to find something.. But only God Knows.... I may just see about finding something online for church.. and make up Bible story plans and crafts for my girls.. I want to keep them doing what they have been doing.. so we shall see....

Well I'll be updating when I can.The computer leaves on the 24th so I'll make sure I post a final update on the 23rd for you all to know how we are doing

Have a Blessed Day/week

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on Everything

Well Today Monday the 2nd Of March.. I went and Made the dates for Flying to Germany.. and also for the TMO pick up of the house..... TMO will be coming on the 24th and 25th.. then we will be flying out on the 27th at 11am for Dallas.. then have a 2 1/2 lay over there to let the kids run around.. and leave there on a Red Eye Flight to Germany.. so it will be a 8hour flight.. during the day.. so it shall be interesting.. flying.. Hopefully they will sleep some.. since the time it will be is 6:05am in Germany when Landing.. which it would be 11pm CT time... so it shall be interesting.. Lots of prayers for that all.. Lord Willing everything will Go Smoothly.. I have to call up the Air Line tomorrow to talk about the Air Line tickets.. and see if I maybe able to get some Help with the girls.. since it is 5 of us flying.. Lord willing they will work with me.. and dont charge me to much... Any who.. thats the update for that

Ayme Samantha and Michelle are doing better from being sick.. Hopefully they will stay well...

as for Alyssa.. I had to take her to the doctor this morning.. and they had to do a bunch of test on her.. but when they got the blood test done.. it came back not good.. her white blood count was way to high for a 8mth old.. it was 25000... VERY high... they had to give her 2 shots in the legs.... tomorrow morning we head back to get a recheck.. hopefully the shots worked and she will be ok... She is still so tiny for an 8mth old.. she is all of 13lbs 13oz.. but she seems ok besides the fevers and all.. So i'll update on her again when I get more information

In other Good News.. Matthew got us a House.. He picks up the Keys On Monday.. and will be moving in on Tuesday I believe thats what he said.. But the house is a 4bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom it has a yard and a 1 car garage.. this house is Brand new.. it is Base housing and we will be the 1st people living in it.. so It will be nice....

Matthew is Van/SUV shopping since the Van he was going ot buy.. the guy needed the van since one of his other Vans broke down. so Matt is looking for something else to fit us all.. so Lord Willing he will find something.....

He is opening up a bank account there in Germany and with opening up the account you are garentee a $2500. loan.. so he will be using that to get us something...

any who thats about it... thank you all for the prayers and continue praying for Us..

God Bless

Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Coming Week Ahead

I will be heading to Base to Set up the Dates for moving.. Hopefully I can do it on Monday or Tuesday depending on the girls... I will be trying to Fly out of Here.. San Antonio TX on the 31st Of March.. If they are able to get me the Air Line tickets for then.... The Whole Month of March will be very busy for us all... Here.. I'll be cleaning/fixing/packing up the house.. and getting things ready to leave.... Matt will be over there in Germany.. Trying to make sure we have a house to be in by the Time the Girls and I get there.. Its all in Gods hands.. he knows what is next.. and how everything will fall into Place.. we Still have a lot a head of us.. with the move and setting up Appts and schools and all that fun Stuff.. Its hard to Believe it is March already... well tomorrow.. This Year is going by quickly.... Any ways.. I will update you all again on the Moving when I get the Dates Made... Thank you all for the prayers

Beckman Family

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good news

Well.. Matt got his new orders today.. for over there in Germany.. we all Are able to go.... Now the fun part to make Dates for TMO to come and pack up the house.. and See about the Air line Tickets.. which shall me interesting to get.. being 5 of us Flying Over.. No i'm not looking foward to the stress ahead to get over there.. But I know With Gods help.. I can get it all done.. I'm not sure yet when I'll be going to get the Dates made.. so we shall see.. I would like to be flying out at the end of March.. But it depends on the military and getting us the Air Line tickets.. which We may need to get them 1st and plan the TMO pick up for b4 that date.. So keep us in your prayers and that all goes smoothly for the move over sea's by Matt....

In other News.. Ayme was Sick.. had like 104.3 to 105 fevers.. but doing better.. BUT now Samantha has gotten the fevers... so its been fun.. I just hope when we have to Fly.. they are all in good health.. Michelle is doing fine.. she is starting to become a lil miss smarty pants.. and Alyssa.. well Alyssa is tiny she is all of 13lbs 4oz and fits into her 3 to 6mth clothes very nicely.. she is like a small lil doll.. i'll have to get some new pictures of the girls... any who....

have a blessed day

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Stuff

Well First of All... At 815am this morning I got the Call.. and we are FINALLY cleared for Germany.... So now to get my butt in Gear and get this house done and Ready to Move.. I want to see about leaving at the end of March.. so that gives me enough time to really get this house done... WOW.. alot to do.. and alot for 1 person.. with 4 kids :P but oh well.. I'll get it all done... any who...Just wanted to update you all on that part...

well as for the girls update.. they are doing alright.. Ayme has a cold right now.. but hopefully it will pass soon.. Alyssa is 8mths old.. and all of 13lbs 12oz.. still small but she is healthy and happy.. Michelle was going to start up her speech.. but I'm going to wait til we get to Germany now... Samantha.. she is doing well.. been helping me out alot.. and hopefully she will help out more now with knowing we will be moving soon.... but all in all they are doing alright.. and now they are excited to be seeing there Daddy soon

As for me.. God I need a vacation.. On this Thursday I will be having a few hours out with a friend and No kids... so that will be nice... I need that break.. and to be out with a friend lol.. any who.. I'm doing alright.. I'm nervous scared about this move.. and all.. But I know I got to leave it all in Gods Hands.. He will get me through this all.. But I'm doing alright...

well thats about it... take it easy

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in 8 days or less

We should be finding out if we will be allowed to go to Germany.. The paper work has been there since the 4th... so we shall see.. if they give us Clearance.. So we shall See what God has planed for us Next.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Its been crazy here

Well Samantha's 5th birthday was the 4th... which she did have a great day.. got alot of new barbies... so she is happy.... But I did forget to take pictures... since of the crazyness... any who

That night at a lil after 12am.. Ayme woke up crouping and having a hard time breathing.... so yea after the shower not helping.. at about 1am.. I woke up the girls and we all headed to the ER on base.. so at like 110am i'm throwing the girls all in truck... and off we went to the ER.... which even b4 I got off the road... a cop Pulled me over...... Asking me.. whats going on? why you out this late with your small kids.... since he must of saw me throw them all in the truck..... so I was like.. umm we are going to the ER.... since yea.. normally I wouldnt be out at this time with them... so he looked at my IDs.. and told me ok.. then you better just Book it.. since he heard Ayme coughing crying and breathing really badly... so yea.. 1st time ever to get pulled over in my life.. so that was interesting...... Any who.. we finally got to the ER at about 120am or so.... checked in.. and wow the ER was packed with people and kids.. it was insane.... so I check in.. and they had us wait like 30mins just to get the basic done.. so they checked her temp.. which was a low grade temp.. her plus was high.. and her lvls was a lil low.. so they sent us to xrays... which... i'm so thankfully for Samantha.. she is such a good big helper... she waited in the waiting room with Chelle and Alyssa while I ran in for the xrays with Ayme.... so we got that done 1 2 3.. then it was back to the ER waiting room.. which hour by hour goes by.. and they still havent called her in.... so yea.. we got there around 120am.. and finally at 520am.. I was like.. yea.. I'm going home.. I'll call in a hour to make a same day appt... since they said there still was like 4 to 6 people in front of her... so yea... at the ER all night.. get home.... and my clock doesnt go off.. and we all wake up at almost 10am... tryed to call and make a same day.. but they had none left.. thankfully I had a 1240pm appt for alyssa that day.. so we left at 1220pm...for that appt.. which yea.. that was all messed up.. they gave me the wrong time.. and also put that appt down for alyssa.. but for some odd reason they had an opening come up in a hour at 2pm... so they asked if i wanted to do Alyssa's appt then.. which I said.. Can I actaully make that for Ayme.. and told them about the ER and all... so I was able to Get Ayme seen.. and didnt have togo back down to the ER..... I'm so glad... she does have group and a nice head cold as well.... so she has her meds.. she is doing better.. still has some breathing troubles from time to time.. but its not as bad as that night or morning after.... so yea that was the crazy day.. I was up for 42hours stright do to her being sick... but hey its well worth it any who....

just wanted to post an update

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha :)

I still Can't Believe it.. she is 5 years old now.. where has the time Gone.. she is such a bright child.... I Just Can't believe she is 5 now... and she gets to start school come end of August... how crazy is that.. My Little Girl is really Growing up... She is a Good Kid though.. She helps me out so much.. I'm very thankful for her... I think if I didn't have her help this being in the states with them all would of been a lot harder.. she is my big help.... any who.... Today shall be fun... We will be heading out to Base to drop off paper work for the PCSing.. and then we will be heading over to the BX to cash a check.. and also let Samantha Pick out her birthday Gifts then we will be going to Walmart for her to pick out her cupcakes... and THEN coming home.. for her surprise call from Daddy.. which I know she will be sooo happy to hear from him... Since he doesnt get to call to often... anywho. we are off to do our crazy day... I'll try and post up pictures of today later this evening of tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stuff going On

Well 1st Off.. All the paper work is FINALLY Done.. so I will be handing that all in Tomorrow morning... Hopefully they will be able to have it shipped out to Germany by the end of the wk.. Which Maybe up in the air.. due to Stuff going on... Any who... unto that stuff

Alyssa.. as you all know.. is very small for her age.. so she has a follow up appt on the 27th to check on her weight and all.. She is all of 13lbs even and 7mths old... so small.... so we shall see how that goes

Now Samantha.. she is sick.. she looks to have a very BAD UTI... She is on Medication for it.. in hopes it will help.. they will call me up in the next couple of days.. when the lab is done testing her urine sample.. but from the test they did in the office... she has.. protin.. Puss... Mucus... Blood.. and i forgot the other thing in her urine.. so she needs to go back in 10 days for a check up.. to see if the medication is working...hopefully this all between the 2 girls doesnt set back the paper work.. so Time will tell.. Whats instore

But other then that all.. Ayme has a nice cold.. but doing alright.. Michelle is doing alright... Me.. I'm finally feeling better.. and Alyssa is our happy go lucky baby at this time.... so we are doing pretty well...

well Hope you all are well.. take care

Friday, January 30, 2009

Family Update

Well Yesterday the 29th of January... Michelle went in for her OT evaluation Appt... It went pretty well.. She had fun..... She does Need OT... But The doctor said that She isnt that bad... she would only really need to go in to work with her upper body motor Skills.. like writing.. and cutting... and working with her hands... since she is showing lots of weak signs.. with the test she did... But she is doing pretty good... Basically she does Need the Speech.. and the OT.. and with those.. Both together.. will get her on a Good Track.. They like to stay this early.. so she will have confident in herself for being able to do stuff.. instead of her melt downs.. and tempers... That doctor also told me that She does have serve Artealathion disorder.. but that goes along with everything else that needs to be taken care of... but all in all.. I head back there next wk to Pick up the Paper work.. to Drop off at base.. to all be shipped out to Germany.. and See if they will have the programs that she will need.. even if we have to drive 5 hours in 1 day to get a 2 wk plan or maybe get lucky and a once a month plan to do at home with her.. But Lord willing.. the paper work will get shipped out.. in a couple wks.. and then maybe MAYBE we will get information on when we will be able to leave for Germany... I was hoping for the end of Febuary... but it all depends now.. on when I get the paper work.. and the Base here gets it sent out to Germany... We have no idea how long it will take for them Over in Germany to go through all the paper work on us.. So Its All in Gods hands in what he has instore...

The Girls are actaully all getting sick.. even Including me.. so Its going to be a long tiring wknd.. But Its ok... we will make lots of soup.. and take it easy... maybe even get naps in... which would be nice for me...... (Alyssa isnt sick.. which I hope she doesnt get sick again) Well besides that.. the girls are doing well... they like to keep me on my toes.. But Hey thats a Moms job to stay on her toes..

As for Matthew.. he is doing alright.. he misses us all.. and cant wait for us to get there... so he can also Stop worrying about me..... He is so proud of me.. and all that I have been doing... I know he will be on Cloud 9 when we all get there....

well thats about it right now.. I'll update again.. when I have more information...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fun Times

Well Michelle is Now sick.. She has been complaining this evening that Her stomach is hurting.. and she is running a fever.. and doesn't wants to eat.. My poor dear.... Hopefully she will be alright... Sunday will be a day of rest.. Alyssa is doing a lil better.. she is still coughing from time to time.. but its not as bad as the other day.... Ayme is totally fine.. Samantha has started up her croup cough.. so hopefully that doesnt get worse.. so I guess time will tell.. as for Me.. I'm just totally over tired.. but hey.. thats life of being a single parent of 4... :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on Alyssa and Chelle

Well Today was Michelle's Speech Appt... she did pretty well.. she knows alot of words.. but just not clear.. so she will need Speech... which we already knew.. BUT.. she does have a Disorder's that we will be working On.. which that is "Artealathion disorder , Phonological process disorder"... which she is any wheres from Moderate to Serve in Area's.. but its all workable.. so Time will tell on that all But all in all.. she did well with the doctor.. and the 90min appt

Alyssa.. she is doing better... She slept 7 hours last night.. which was weird for me.. since I'm use to waking up at 1230am... and then 430am.. But yea.. she didnt it was nice.. of course I still woke up to check on her.. But it was all good.. She still has a small cough.. but not as bad as yesterday.. her ears.. are clearing up already... She is down 2oz.. which she has been spitting up alot.. which has to be from the head cold she has... but all in all.. she is doing better.. she is a happy little girl again....

well thats about it.. I'll update again.. when I have more to write...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Poor Baby

Well Alyssa is Very Sick... She has fluid in Both ears.. she has been running a Fever... she has looks like RSV... and She has the starting of croup.. So it hasnt been fun.... She is up 6oz since the last time the Doctors saw her... which they are still Worried about her Weight..... She goes back to The peds on Friday the 23rd at 2pm.. Since I have that Speech Evaluation at 830am.. so it will be a long day.. .. But Hopefully she will be ok soon.. and we can all get some Sleep... So we shall see what God Has instore next for the funness here...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update from Appt

Well Her appt was at 845am... and When I got there.. come to find out.. It wasnt for speech.. It was a Hearing test.. which is the 1st step Before getting to the speech doctor... Which Yes.. she did pass the hearing test... she is fine.... I was able to get a Speech appt for her evaluation for the 23rd at 830am... which it will take about 90mins to get that all done.. and see what all they think.... While I was waiting for the doctor.. after the appt.. and talking with him and some others .. and there really isnt at the Base we are going for to Help Out Michelle.. so there is a chance.. we will not be cleared for going over sea's by Matt... But Only time will tell on What God has Instore for us.. I know he is sure keeping me on my toes.... Any who.. thats about it for todays appt....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

update On the Family Fun

Well.. I was able to cancel the TMO for picking up our things for the 15/16th of January... and I also got a hold of The renters.. and was Able to go to a month to Month lease.. which It will cost us 100 dollars more a month.. But I hope to only be here until the end of Febuary... since of getting Appts done.. and paper work finished state side and Germany Side.. But Its all in Gods Hands.. and what he has Planned for us.. I cant be Stressing about it... Since i know everything happens for a Reason.. and Only God knows why and He is the one that really makes our Life plans... Any who... Michelle has her Speech Appt tomorrow morning.. at 845am.. and hopefully we will get the other 2 appts done soon as well.. But Its really all in Gods Hands.. if he wants us to go Or Not... So Time will Tell what is instore for us all here... I know Matthew is taking it pretty hard.. he just wants us all over there.. He is tired of waiting... So Hopefully .. he will be alright.. and In time.. he will really understand this all...

well that is my update for today.. Will write more tomorrow after the crazy morning....

God Bless

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hello Everyone...... My Name is Abby.. and I am Married to The love of my Life Matthew... He is in the Air Force... We have been Married Since January 18th, 2003... We have 4 Little Girls... Our Oldest.. Samantha... then Michelle , Ayme, and Little Miss Alyssa Our newest Baby... We are Moving to Germany very soon.. My husband is already there.. and Been there since Dec 17th 2008.. we are all very excited to be as A Family again... well that is about it... :) Take Care and God Bless