Friday, December 19, 2014

Big Family Update time

Wow its been almost a year since I have posted in here.. I will try my best to get back to posting up Monthly Family Updates again... any who.. This will be a lot of reading.. so sit back grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the family Updates :)

Tristan... Well Tristan is now 4 1/2 yrs old and super excited about going to school come August 2015 he has grown so much and is just doing wonderfully he is super bright and loves to learn stuff.. he is still crazy about cars and he loves Old cars the most.. we live in the perfect area for him to see tons of awesome old cars he Loves Muscle cars the most it is cute..  he is doing really well though and has grown a lot.. :)

Alyssa.. she is 6 1/2 yrs now.. and in 1st grade and doing awesome.. she is very smart and bright.. she gets her self in trouble here and there but she is a good kid.. she still has her "butterfly" moments and its just to funny to see.. the things that she just randomly says its just to funny.. here are a couple of things... 1st.. a while back we were driving home from church and I hear her say in the back of the van.. "I see a deer or maybe it is a flamingo" or the one I was told about while she was out driving with her Mom-Mom.. they all smell a skunk and they all are like eww gross.. and then Alyssa goes "I smell Popcorn" lol.. yea.. she is such a goofball and says such random things But its great I love it..   but all in all she is doing really well :)

Ayme.. She will be 8yrs old on the 29th of Dec.. she has grown up a lot.. she is also in 1st grade but is doing great.. she is still my little tomboy and a good bigger sister to Tristan and Alyssa.. she has such a personality and is such a sweet heart she maybe all tough and rough but she is a sweet heart.. I wouldnt trade her for any other kiddo :)

Michelle.. she is now 9 1/2 yrs old... so crazy she will be double digits in August 2015 they just grow up way to fast... she is doing really good though.. she is loving school and in the 3rd grade now she has come a long way with her speech and her reading.. she is like a pro reading and just doing an amazing job... she is still Mommy's big helper and helps out a lot.. She has gotten so tall she will be taller then Samantha soon enough I'm sure and of course Sam doesnt like that idea but hey thats how it works out some times... but all in all Michelle is doing great :)

Samantha... she is 10 1/2 will be 11yrs in Feb 2015 she has grown up so much over this past year.. she is in the 5th grade and doing very well.. so far this year she hasnt gotten in to much trouble at school.. so that is a blessing.. she is at that fun stage in life that hates helping out with chores and all and only wants to do it if she gets paid for it.. yea. hello pre teen drama lol.. oh life is fun at times with her.. she is a good kid though.. and can be very helpful at times with things... but all in all she is doing good.. :)

Matthew... Well its been a rough year for him... he lost his job back in March and been out of work since then... so its been pretty rough for him.. please keep him in your prayers as he has been going through a lot of things with being out of work for so long...

Now for Me... Well I'm doing good.. over all... I work about 40hours a week now.. I am a night Manager at an Anntie Annes Pretzel shop so I work 6 nights a week.. I love my job and people just love me.. I have turned around the place for the better since I have started working there.. and My boss just loves me. and is very thankful that I work for them... thankfully with Matt not working.. he is home to watch the kids.. I hate that I only see the kids for a little while a day But I'm doing what is best for our family with him not working someone has to be.. so I may only get paid so much but it is helpful to pay the bills and all.. i'm thankful for what I got.. but all in all I'm doing alright just always busy...

well I think that is about it for now for us.. its been a busy year.. and Lord willing this next year will be better for us all.. I hope that you all have a Wonderful Christmas and New Years I'll try to post up again at the end of January 2015...  thank you for reading...

Monday, January 20, 2014

And... Update Time :)

Hello everyone.. so Sorry I havent been on here for so Long.. But I'm back and I'll try to update on things that are going on... sit back grab a coffee.. and get ready for a long update on everyone here in PA U.S.A.  :)

Tristan... he is doing good.. he is still potty training slowly.. when the warmer weather kicks in i'm sure he will be fully there since he hates the cold and sitting on the cold toliet which is funny.. but he does pee on the potty here and there... he still has his bowel issues that he has issues going at times..  I'll be trying to get him into the doctors soon enough and maybe they can give me their 2cents on what they think.. he has had issues since basically born so we shall see... but in other news for him.. he is doing really well he has grown a lot and is really smart and talks a ton.. crazy to think in only 5mths he will be 4 years old.. my baby isnt a baby anymore... but he still at least likes to cuddle with mommy.. which I enjoy those times :) well that is about it with him...

Alyssa..  she is doing really good... she is LOVING school she is in Kindergarten and just doing great she is always so excited to tell  me and show me all she has learned at school.. she is a smart kiddo and growing fast.. she will be 6 in June too.. so crazy how fast the kids grow...

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is getting over a bladder infection right now so she is on some  meds.. but she is a lot better compared to last Monday when she was in so much pain and just so sick.. poor girl was so sad to look at.... but any who.. she is loving school.. she is also in Kindergarten with Alyssa.. Ayme is slow in ways for learning and the doctors think she may be party autistic with how she acts and how she can get very stressed out to easy over certain things.. Ayme is smart but she needs a lot of hands on for learning and a lot of eye contact to really get her to understand and listen better.. but we are working on it and I know she will be alright.. she is a good kid

Michelle... she is doing good.. she has gotten so tall and super skinny she is like a walking stick with how skinny she has gotten her waist can fit in Tristans 3t clothes BUT she is size 8 girls tall.. she is my fashion model forsure... even though she still wants to be a K9 cop when she grows up.. she is so girly girl.. but she loves nerf guns and shooting things she will be one of those girls with a pick up truck and a shotgun behind her seat with her BIG dog in the car since she will be a K9 cop hehe..  she is a sweatheart most the time but of course she loves to pick on Sam the joys of being sisters.... but any who.. she is loving school and doing really well...

Samantha... she is doing good... she has been getting in trouble some in school lately so we are trying to work on those issues.. it seems she doesnt understand that if she keeps up the trouble she will be kicked out of the school and then she would loose out on seeing all her friends and getting a good schooling  but we are working on it.. she isnt happy right now since she has a lot of new chores and things that she has to be doing.. Lord willing she will see and understand what she is doing wrong and will change her ways.. I want what is best for her.. she will be 10 soon and she sure does act like a teen its been rough for me but I'm trying my best to keep my faith in God and that he will help me to be able to help Samantha to be better and see her wrongs.. she is the oldest of 5 and we live in a very small house.. so I know some of that also is apart of things going on.. poor girl just needs a little more space...  but she is doing alright right now...

Matthew.. he is doing good.. he been working his Job for the past umm 7mths I think the pay is only so so.. but its better then nothing right now.. but he is doing alright..

Me... well lets see.. me.. i'm doing okay.. I get stressed out at times with things going on.. between the kids and all the other things.. it can be very crazy at times.. I'm thankful for our church that we go too that have helped us out so  many times and we have never asked  just random people in church have just helped us out and it always seemed when money was even more tight thanks to the lovely Christmas package from the Lord we were able to go and see my family up in NY a couple weeks ago if that didnt show we wouldnt of been able to go I'm always thankful when were able to drive up to see my family specially My grams she is going to be 92yrs old soon so as we all know she wont be around for ever.. so i'm glad to be able to go and see her.. but any who.. i'm doing alright.. I'm doing my weight loose challenge again.. i'm down 45lbs since I had tristan its been a long 3 1/2yrs of loosing weight with the yoyoing of stress and all but i'm working on being healthier for my family any who.. all in all i'm alright....

well that is about it right now... thanks for reading... will update you all in February again with things Bye for now..

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 2012 Family Update time

Hello Everyone, It is that time again to update you all on what has been going on.. This has been pretty crazy here right now.. We finally got our orders.. so we have been super busy with appts and setting up dates to move... we will be flying out on September 22nd from Frankfurt Germany and then flying into JFK.. we got a few idea's for Air Port rides to get home. so Not stressing about that it will all work out fine.. God is In Control and he will make things all work out... Any ways... besides crazy busy with getting things ready for this Move in 2 1/2 wks from writing this Post.... things are going pretty well... here are updates on each one of us... Sit back grab a coffee and enjoy

Tristan: He is doing really good.. he is talking a ton more.. climbs basically everything.. and he is to smart for his own doing... the other day I heard nosie in the kitchen and went in there to see.. and There Tristan was standing on a chair with a box of cereal the milk a bowl spoon and a straw.. make his own cereal..  that little stinker.. went and got a chair to climb up onto the counter to get himself cereal and he was making his own bowl.. only thing he didnt do yet by the time I got there was pour in the milk... he is trouble.. but he is good at cleaning up after himself.. when ever he is done eating at the table he gets up takes his plate and then walks it to the kitchen throws it into the sink and says All done and then walks away.. he is such a good boy most the time.. he just still loves to pick on Alyssa  But she kinda ask for it to happen since she picks on him too..  but he is a good kid growing up fast on me.. but all in all he is doing really good

Alyssa:  She is doing good. she my trouble maker and loves to tick off her sisters and Brother.. oh she will be fun in school.. hopefully over time she will knock it off though.. she is very thick headed and just likes to try and get her own way all the time.. but she doesnt always act like that she can be a really good kid at times.. but other times she is a pain.. Love her to death she just likes to test her waters to see what all she can and cant get away with..  oh the fun testing stage.. but that is a 4yr old for you... but all in all she is doing good

Ayme: she is doing good.. she was so sad today (9/4/12) since school started up for Kindergarten and she wanted so badly to start with the school here... my poor girl..  Hopefully when we finally get back home things will all work out for her with school and things.. she is a smart kid but also a stubborn child as well..but all in all she is doing good..

Michelle: she is doing good.. growing super tall but super skinny I think she could fit 2t waist of pants with how skinny she is.. she is so taking after her daddy with the height and the skinny... she is all excited for starting school when we get back home.. she loves the idea of a school uniform she is my girly girl and just loves the same routine and everyone dressing alike so she doesnt feel different.. she is a sweet girl.. all my friends are always trying to keep her since she is just to sweet.. out of all our kids.. everyone wants Michelle.. lol.. and to think she use to be a really troubled child back in Texas.. so glad she went the sweet/quiet way instead of still being her biting/hitting/kicking/screaming way.. oh those years were stressful for me.. but she is just doing great

Samantha: she is doing good.. but where oh where to start with her... she is growing up on  me way to fast she is 8 1/2 yrs old now.. and thinks she knows it all... if her at this age is rough man oh man do we have it in for when she turns into a teen.. she is a good kid. but her attuide has been rough lately.. and of course the stress of moving and her leaving all her friends behind and all is rough too... I think I will see if maybe Samantha can get her friends address.. and they can be pen pals.. I know i know.. so Old school.. but it would be neat for the girls to be able to write back and forth and then they can draw pictures and write their own then with out the computer help.. I love kids spelling and seeing their hand writing.. but I think she would like that.. but all in all Samantha is doing good.. she has her list of chores she does every day to help out in the house.. and then she goes out to play with her friends as soon as they are home from school.. she cant wait to go to school.. but she HATES the idea of the uniform.. oh yea. this part will be fun.... but any ways.... she is  good

Matthew: He is doing good.. just super busy with running around like crazy doing all the check list for moving and for getting out of the military.. he is so excited to be done with the military and to start all over new.. Lord willing everything will work out for his plans and ideas for going to school and finding part time work and of course working on our house.. lots of crazy time ahead for us... but he is doing alright...

Me: well I'm doing alright so far.. I  mean I get times I want to freak out and scream about everything.. so Much stuff going on.. and between. sorting through the house.. packing us things, trying to keep the house clean (which never seems to stay clean), tending to 5 kids 24/7 (since they didnt go back to school here) running appts, food shopping, and just trying to keep life going some what smooth..  I just stay super busy.. as for my whole weight loss that I have been want/needing to do that all is basically on hold.. I just dont got the time to be able to do what all I want to do.. I hope to still get to the gym here and there in the evenings.. but we shall see.. life is just crazy right now... so not fully sure how i'm really doing... for now.. I'll say i'm doing okay.. 

Rocky: our puppy..(7yrs old) he is doing good and super excited since he finally see's that he is flying out with us.. his dog box is all ready.. his doggy ticket is bought (150Euros) and he is just ready to fly.. he always wants to go with us when ever we leave the house since he knows eventually it will be that time.. he is such a great dog.. so glad I found him he fits our family perfect...

okay okay.. I think that is about it...  thank you to those who read this all.. and Keep us still in your thoughts and prayers specially for the 22nd for our long flight and traveling.... God is In Control.. that is what I keep telling myself.. thank you all again

God Bless
The Beckman's :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

July Family update 2012

Hello Everyone... Its that time again to update you all on whats been going on over here in Germany specially in our final so many weeks here... We wanted to be leaving on August 25th of this Month but sad to say with how paper work issues been going I dont see us to be leaving then.. Its really All in Gods hands when we will be leaving and how everything works out.. our House here in Germany is slowly getting cleaned up sorted though and things done for the move.. and our House in PA is also being worked on and getting ready for us for when we get there.. thanks to my Wonderful In-Laws over there... Things are slowly coming together.. and very great-ful for everything...  Any ways.. Update time for each of us.. sit back grab a coffee and enjoy the Beckman Family Update for this past Month of July :)

Tristan: He is doing well getting big and to smart.. Matt is calling him our Little Charmer since he loves to try to charm his way to getting what he wants and he is only 2yrs old .. the other Day there was music playing with a Movie we were watching and he was slow dancing rocking back and forth and then his cute little self stop dancing and walked over to me gave me his hand and then wanted me to dance with him it was so cute which that is when Matt started to call him our Little Charmer he is such a sweet/funny boy most the time.. he has his terrible 2s with picking on his sisters and throwing stuff.. but we are working on it as always like we have done with all our children.. but he is doing good and did great too with his 1st ever set of shots he had a small fever but nothing at all to worry about... but all in all he is doing great

Alyssa:  She is doing good.. she been a drama queen lately so she makes Mama a little cranky at time since I do like to deal with drama queens.. but we are slowly working on it... she is excited about the move to see family in so many weeks she keeps asking basically every day if we can leave yet its nice to see her excited about that all.. now to just keep working on her brat-ness and bad ways... she got her 2nd set of shots this past month too.. she got a fever from them but not to  bad this time around but she is now all update on her shots til she is 5yrs old..  but all in all she been doing alright...

Ayme: She is doing good.. she is excited about moving..and basically ask every day are we moving yet.. it can be annoying at a times.. But I'm just glad she is happy about the move up ahead... she is a smart kid and loves to learn new things.. she likes to press her sisters bottons at times to upset them but yea slowly working on it.. she is our tomboy who can be the sweetest kid at times..  but all in all she is doing good..

Michelle: She is doing good.. she is back and forth about the move but she is super excited for when she will be going to school again.. and she just LOVES the idea of School Uniforms  she tells me that that is a good thing to do then you dont have everyone wanting or complaining about someone elses clothes and how they want to wear that too she likes the idea of the uniforms and everyone looking the same so then no one can complain what who is wearing what.. . Michelle likes to think outside of the box about things which is great that she does that.. she is a very bright and Smart girl which we are working on her reading for when school starts  again for her... hopefully she will do well with the reading part.. she knows all her letters and sounds and can do blend sounds and even read some books she has learned a lot and her speech and regular teachers did very well with her this past School year..  she is our sweet heart child and everyone always wants to take her since she is such a good kid.... but all in all Michelle is doing great

Samantha:  She is doing good... She can be a pain in the butt at times with her new found horrible attitude that she has on sad to say most days lately.. I'm not sure what has gotten into her her.. I mean I have an idea.. but she is learning the hard way that Mommy and Daddy dont take the bad attitude that she been giving.. she can be a great kid at a times and then she has her days of being grounded to the house with no friends to play with and other things...  she doesnt like the idea that she has real chores now that she has to do daily but that is the part of growing up and she will get use to it.. she still a kid she still plays and does other things then cleaning and all but she will need to learn that is life.. it isnt fair and what she has to do it will be done.. Love Sam to death and she can be a pain at times.. but she is a smart and bright kid.. and likes to just learn things the hard way....  she is happy about the move but doesnt want to leave since of all her friends... which I know that is why the change in attitude since the move is getting closer.. Lord willing over time she will get her act back together since I'm sure she doesnt want to be grounded for the rest of her life (as Daddy will tell her)   Oh the joys of having kids....  but over all Samantha is doing good.....

Matthew:  He is doing alright... he is always busy with work and getting stuff together for the move.. not much to update about right now.. he is just himself

Me: I'm doing okay.. I have been having my ups and downs in emotions with all the stress of moving and life... I know I need to leave it all in Gods hands but it is just hard to do at times.. so much going on so little time its just rough right now....  and to top it all off.. I think I Totally re-injuried my bad knee that I had surgery on when I was a teenager I rain 1 1/2miles and pushes myself to do it and with doing that I think I may of repulled stuff in there.. eventually i'll try to get a doctors appt hopefully its just maybe sore.. but With my luck it will be worse then I hope.. I'll keep you all posted on that.... I have really been loving being able to run and do all my work outs daily.. but I think I pushed myself to hard to fast and did this to myself....  But God is Good and I just got to leave it all in his hands... There is always a reason for everything..  but over all i'm doing Okay...

Thank you to who ever read this all.. and thank you for reading and wanting to stay in touch with us.. we love and miss you all 

God Bless

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June 2012 Family update

Hello Everyone. it is that time again to update you all on how we are all doing.. Not to much new for the month of June.. but here is the update on each of us...

Tristan.... Well Tristan has turned 2yrs old back on June 8th kinda crazy to think he is 2yrs old now.. he is talking/running/acting like a 2yr old. he is a good kid 99% of the time.. he is in love with Trucks/cars and all.. he is such my boy its been great... he is all of 24lbs and 34inches tall.. not to bad for a preemie.. but he is doing great...

Alyssa.. She is now 4yrs old her Birthday was back on June 16th..  she is growing up fast and sad still she doesnt get to school this year too with her other Sisters.. its cute... she is a very smart kid.. But she can be such a pain in the butt at times with her clingy whining behaviors.. but I know they all go threw it so Nothing new.. she is learning even if it is the hard way.. but she will get her act together.. but all in all she is doing good

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she is still so excited about school end of August and to make some friends of her own.. but nothing really new with her.. she is doing really well

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is sad that school ended.. if she had her way she would be going to school year round she just loved her teachers and they did an amazing job with her specially her speech teacher.. But Michelle is doing great...

Samantha.. she is doing good she is also sad that school had to end and she has her good/bad days on how she feels about the move and all.. she will miss her few friends she does have here.. which is understandable.. but all in all she is doing well

Matthew... he is doing alright... he is always busy with work and the paper work with leaving the Military.. but all in all he is doing okay.. he just cant wait to get back home to see family and friends

Me.. I'm doing alright.. the stress of the move is slowly catching up to me.. but I just got to keep on remembering to Breath and things will be okay...

but Any ways.. that is about it for the Month of June.. I will update again in August thank you for reading and staying in touch with us...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Family Update :)

Hello Everyone who likes to read up and keep in touch with us all here in Germany... As most of you all Know.. we have found out we are moving now in August 2012 instead of December 2012 so we have just 12wks til we hope to be flying out.. please continue to keep us all in your thoughts and prayers since we have lots of stuff to get done b4 this BIG move since this is our last move with Matt getting out of the Military..It has been a long 10 yrs of Military life and it is just Gods Timing to tell us to change our path and start all new.. So Back to PA we will be Moving and just slowly we will be putting together our new home and got lots of work to get done but with friends and Family I know we can do it all okay... any ways.. all in all keep on praying that things just go smoothly for us these next 2mths and I'll keep on updating you all when I can about whats going on here.. thank you for reading.. and enjoy reading up on each of us... :)

Tristan...  He is doing awesome.. he is now 24lbs and 34inches tall.. he will be 2yrs old soon and just learning and talking up a storm now.. he is a good kid and listens pretty well.. but he is doing just great cant wait for family and friends to FINALLY meet him.. it will be fun

Alyssa... She is doing good.. she looks to have some allergies.. Just like her little bother.. I'll be trying out some meds with her and Tristan and see how that works for them.. but she is doing good she will be 4yrs old soon she wants a barbie/animal party.. But this year.. I dont see to do a party.. with the move coming up and all I just dont feel up to doing it.. poor girl.. but it is okay.. we will still make a cake and be a family and maybe even take her out some wheres special for the day.. but all in all she is doing good

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is so excited about school this August... she is a smart kid but likes to play it dumb at times.. she is just like me in a lot of ways... so she can be trouble at times... she is such a tomboy it is cute.. if she had her way she would be outside all the time and climbing trees but all in all she is just doing great

Michelle... She is doing good.. she has been doing great in school the teachers are all so proud of her and how far she has come with her speech.. she has some issues still but she is 10x better then how she was b4 the tonsils came out.. but she is excited about the move soon she cant wait to see all our family again

Samantha... she is doing good... she has been doing very well in school she is excited about the move but then not since she finally has so many friends.. But I told her.. with this Move though.. she will get to see all our family AND she will have friends there that wont be moving every 6mths to a year.. no more of us moving every so many years as well.. she likes that idea But yes.. she is very sad to be leaving all her friends... it is cute... but all in all she is doing very well...

Matthew... He is doing good.. his back has been doing so much better now.. just once in a blue moon he wakes up with pains.. But we really need a new bed.. ours is super old and just needs to be dumped but he is so excited about  moving back home and finally seeing all his family and to be DONE with the military with all these changes that have done over the last 10yrs  but any ways.. he is doing well...

Me... I'm doing good.. Always busy but thats nothing new.. between working out.. cleaning house.. tending to kids and just dealing with EVERYTHING else in life.. I'm always on the go... This past Week Matt was off from work and he ended up getting pretty sick.. so I ended up doing a ton of running around (really on foot not driving) base to get stuff done that needed to be done.. and then try my best to tend to all the kids.. plus walk the girls to and from school and went to the gym Every day.. it had been a busy/fun week.. My poor hubby owes me big time.. I need a nice day away to relax.. BUT that would be after I go to the gym that morning hehe.. the gym is like my best friend.. all this past week I have gone every morning but Matt goes back to work on Monday so I'll be going every evening...  I will Keep on going to the gym.. I know I can do it and I know I enjoy it it is basically My mommy time every day is that hour at the gym... I have dropped 48lbs since I had Tristan 2yrs ago and I'm still working on some more.. I'm happy with doing what I'm doing so that is all that matters... Any ways... yep I'm doing good :)

Okay that is about it I think.. Thank you all for reading.. and will keep you all posted on life here with us...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exciting News!!!!

I Know it isnt that time yet to post updates on us all for May.. BUT I thought I would post up the news.. since Some of you all arent on Facebook or Just dont see all the post that go up.. BUT... As you all have been reading from my updates.. Matt is getting out of the Air Force and we were suppose to be leaving in December 2012.. well.... He got the news a week ago that his last day in the Military got rolled back 3mths so Now his last day in the Military is September 29th 2012 now instead of December 30th 2012.. so now we will be moving/leaving Germany hopefully the last week in August so now let the fun craziness in life happen.. I got to get a whole house of a family of 7 and dog ready for flying in 3mths basically I know I can do it.. God is on our Side and will give me the strength that I need to get it all done.. I basically have to start going through the house getting rid of things we no longer need and trash as much junk as possible since the movers will be packing up my house come August before we leave any ways prayers please that everything goes smoothly.. and as Always I will keep you all posted on things going on here and will Post in June our May family Update :)