Friday, May 29, 2009

God is In Control

It is an Amazing song... and it the Fact is God Is REALLY in control... He is in control of your life... He is there to help and guide us... We must remember to Let God be the Light.. and let God be in control.. A lot of us at times.. just seem to forget.. that there is more to life then just these things here on Earth.. And that we can not just be happy because we got a new car or happy that we have a house that is totally paid off.. We Got to be Happy.. since we know that GOD is the reason for it all.. He is an amazing God he is the light of our paths.. HE is the reason for the Season... God is IT God is good. God is Wise... God is an AWESOME GOD!!! With out God we have NOTHING... God just wants to touch our lives and help us to grow and become more like HIM... He wants us all to be ready for when that Day comes.. and We get to Stand there with HIM... and Say Yes Jesus I am here.. because I let it all go down there on Earth.. I gave it all to you... Every single dime I owned I gave it all to You.. You are my God and I love you.. and I do Lift YOUR name on high.. and I do LOVE to sing your prasies... I LOVE you LORD... Thank you LORD for saving me.. I did not Deserve your love... Thank you Jesus for taking away all my pains... and showing me that There is/was more then what I had there on Earth.. Thank You Jesus...

Its amazing how things in life can go.. you can be happy as can be.. thinking that life is just going great.. I have my Family around me.. I have a roof over my head.. I have a car that can get me to the store or work.. and to think about all the things that you have.. and just to forget.. who gave it all to you... It was just from the paying job you have.. it wasnt just because you got lucky... It was all due to God and what he wants to give out... God has been amzing in my life... From going from a teen with lots of troubles.. to a young adult confussed what what to do next in life.. to finding an Amazing church that just broke though al the depression and worries of life... I knew all about God and how I was supose to be.. But it was basically all head knowledge.. I wasnt living it by Heart.. but once I found this amazing church.. And that was the day.. that it all just clicked... listening to what Pastor Joe was saying.. and it all just clicked... I remeber the church being only maybe 30 people or so... more kids then grown ups.. but the people just shined out Gods love.. they welcomed me and my 2 girls in with open arms... we have group prayers at the end of each sermon.. and I remeber someone praying for me.. and my family.. and I know i tryed my best not to cry.. But i Felt Gods hands touching my heart.. and he just said.. Abby you are finally home.. take My hand and hold on... it will be a rough road ahead.. but just remember.. I AM here for you.. I will NEVER leave you NOR forsake you.. and from that Sunday on.. I tryed my best to make it out to church every Sunday.. i remember.. when i was a kid.. and thought people in my church was crazy with the whole raising there hands during songs or prayers.. and I just didnt understand that all.. BUT then... a couple months into going to church.. I felt I guess what they all were feeling which was Gods hands holding them there.. saying.. my beloved... i'm here.. I started to feel HIS love.. and I would get goose bumps from feeling him hold me close... it was/is the best feeling every to really truley feel God there with you holding you close... its just been Amazing to know that God is there.. and How you CAN feel him.. you may not be able to see HIM but you just know.. he is there....... and he is holding you close.. and telling you... keep trusting in ME and all will be fine.....

Tonight has been a good night.. I was having a hard day today.. and just kept asking why.. to everything.. and as I went and sat down on the couch.. I just turned on the TV started looking through the chanels and there again.. I find my self stoped at the Church chanel.. and the "Hour of Prayer" show was just about to come on.. it was all small interviews from 2008.. and music and it was just that small reminder that Hey... He is still here... and to just give it all to HIM.. He will make you feel better.. and sure enough.. God is Good.. He has me feeling good.. and I'm just so thankful for a God like our God...

"Dear Lord... thank you for this day.. thank you for reminding me that you are still there for me.. and that you havent gone anywheres.. thank you for forgiving all our sins.. and thank you for being there for us.. as we go through many trying times... We love you Jesus.. and we thank you... Amen"

Thank you all my family and Friends who do come here and read.. God Bless you all..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long overdue Family update

Hello All my Family and Friends... Sry that I have not updated in here in a long time.. things have been busy/crazy here.. with the 4 girls house and just normal life... any who.. below i'll do an update on every one.. so enjoy

Alyssa: she is doing amazing she is 11mths old which is crazy to think she will be 1yrs old on the 16th of June.... she is crawling standing walking with help.. she is just growing up so fast.. she is still small. she is only 16lbs 3oz. and in 3-6mths to 6mth clothes... but she is really happy and eats tons..

Ayme: she is doing well.. she has been talking up a storm now.. she talks 100x more clear then Michelle.. she is just to cute.. listening to her talk in sentences.. she is just getting big... she is almost 2 1/2 and just getting more and more smart every day.. which is good to see

Michelle: she is doing good... she still has her troubles with getting dressed and undressed.. with talking and just gets upset very easy over things she cant do.. but she is doing well.. she is happy to be able to go off and play alone with her barbies she is just a good kid.. she is super thin and super tall.. she is in 4/5 girls clothes and only 3 1/2yrs old.. she is very quickly catching up to Samantha...

Samantha: she is doing alright.. she isnt liking the idea.. of maybe me homeschooling her... since she wants to go to school so badly.. but I just dont know if that is what God wants for me to do for her... the kids she plays with are just such awful kids.. and I'm scared to see what that could do to her if she is around them.. and learns all that they learn.. but its ok.. she will learn... but besides that.. she is well.. she can ride a 2 wheel bike now.. she got it on the 2nd try and now is doing awesome..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he is finally done with the 24 days of work with no days off.. he has worked hard.. and he actaully is starting up a new job in his shop soon... he is now going to be Shop Cheif which is actaully a job for someone that is 2 ranks above what he is at.. but its cool.. to bad he cant get the pay that would go along with that job.. but its alright.... we are living and making well with his income for a family of 6....

Abby/ME: I'm doing well.. i'm tired.. been doing alot with the unpacking of the house.. and taking care of the 4 girls.. and just always on my toes... I just always seem to stay busy.. there is never a dual day around here... but its alright.. today i enjoyed a whole day from 12noon til 445pm outside playing with them.. we just had a ball... but all in all besides being very tired.. I'm doing well..

any who.. thats about it right now... when i have more new updates I will post them up.. love and miss you all

Saturday, May 9, 2009

God is Good

Well last night After Matthew went to bed early.. I was flipping through the TV channels while I was online talking with people.. And I came across the Religion channels and for some odd reason I just stopped there and just started to listen and I'm not sure what show/program it was.. but they had a whole bunch of Christian music singers/groups and they were talking about how God is always there for you and he can help you get through anything.. and he is always there by your side.. so matter what.. he will never leave you nor forsake you... and What they were just talking about just touched me and it just touched my heart.. that I just closed up my lap top and walked over to the couch and just sat there listening to these people talk about trials of things that they went through and how they took the choice to lay it all in Gods hand.. and not try to just do it all on there own.... and it just really touched me.. since It has been nice here in Germany.. But I do Miss my church family back in Texas.. and how much of a blessing that Church had been to me.. and How Much I enjoyed going there every Sunday with the girls.. And Just felt the hands of God there holding me close.... and Then I moved here.. and I felt like I've lost everything.. Sure its been nice to be a Family again... But I have lost my Church Family and I still havent found anything here yet that just feels like it is Right... I have been told about a Christian play group.. where mothers get together to hear some speakers while the kids go and play.. I need to find out more information about that.. Since I really know I need to get back on that track again.. God is just so good.. with watching that program last night and hearing them talk and sing.. it just touched my heart and he was just telling me through that all.. that He is still here with me... He didnt stay behing when I moved here.. and that He is holding me close... and It was just a blessing.. and such a relief to feel like he just took all the fears and stress that are going on here.. and He had me lay it all at his Feet saying... Here I AM lets talk I'm here for you... and it was just an amazing night... By the time the show was over and by the time I was done reading my Bible and praying.. it was after 12am.. But It was all well worth it... God Is just so good and I'm thankful we have a God who is always there for us no matter what... And he will always answer our prayers in His own timing.. Even if he says No there is always a reason... God is good... and I just wanted to share with you all this Amazing experince with all my Family and friends out there....

"Dear Lord, I pray right here right now that you touch all our hearts Lord.. and you just bless our hearts.. Lord thank you for being there for us.. Thank you that You are the God of Gods.. I pray that everyone will trust you Lord fully.. that you help us all to remeber that there is nothing to Big for you Lord.. You are a powerful God.. and you are our Light... We love you Lord and we do Lift our hands to you.. in praise.. Bless us Lord keep on strong and help us through what ever things we maybe going through.... Keep us strong.. keep us looking towards you help us Lord so that we can be more like you.... Thank you Lord.. We Love you... Amen"

To all you Mothers.. Have a Happy Mothers Day

Love you all and Miss you all.. Thank you for the prayers