Sunday, April 17, 2011

April's Family update

Hello April.. I know it wasnt to long ago that I finally posted up for March.. but thought I would throw in an update on everyone.. and all... so sit back grab a drink and enjoy the update on us all here

Tristan.. he is 10mths old now.. growing to fast on me.. he is pulling up on everything now to stand up.. and he is just trying to move around a lot more.. I'm sure he will be walking b4 I know it.. not sure how I feel about that yet.. but I know they all grow up and I must enjoy it now... Tristan is already a trouble maker to his sisters its been awesome to watch... he sees them playing on the floor nicely and he quickly crawls over and just starts grabbing everything that they are trying to do. its been cute and hearing them complain and going Mom... Tristan is taking our stuff.. i'm like.. just wait til he can walk haha.. but its been fun for sure

Alyssa.. she is doing good.. still working on her terrible 2s in over drive.. slowly getting there.. now she just likes to do this scream that goes to the spine and you can hear over a jet engine haha.. but hard to believe she will be 3years old soon.. the years are just flying on by.. but i'm enjoying them as they do go on by

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she has her just awesome days of listening and doing what we tell her.. and then those few days.. she has to go back to bed to restart over in a better mood.. which at least that works with her.. but she is doing good..

Michelle.. she is doing good.. I still cant believe how tall she is.. she is catching up to Samantha so fast.. but she is super skinny.. so her clothes have been hard to buy.. hopefully when we go out shopping I can get her some new pants with ties in the waste that fit her well.. her 6s are starting to look like high waters already.. which is crazy.. but she is doing very well

Samantha... she is doing good.. she is growing into a very nice young lady.. she is going through this back talking stage.. which we are working on.. but she is such a smart girl.. growing up on me for sure.. she is all happy since she got her 1st pair of Heely shoes (shoes with the wheels that go into the bottoms) it was the whole sneakers in her size under $40.. well I should say under $75. she is a size 1 1/2 but has a wide foot.. so hard to find her shoes that work.. but she is in heaven with her new shoes.. she had to wear a helmet til she got the hang of the wheels in the 1 foot.. we havent tried the 2 yet haha.. but she is loving it.. and a big help.. so i'm glad to been able to get her something special like that... but she is doing great

Matthew... he is doing well.. he has his work stress going on since they are sending out a ton of people at the end of the month so the work load will be up on him.. hopefully all still goes smoothly for him and it wont be to much stress.. but besides the normal work stuff.. he is doing well..

Me.. I am doing good.. just always busy with the kids and house.. but i'm enjoying the lovely weather here.. I love the spring (besides the allergies haha) but the kids are happy makes me happy.. hopefully we can continue to hit up the parks and enjoy the weather.. I love the outdoors.. and so glad that my kids do as well.. but all in all i'm doing good..

any ways.. that is about it I think... I will update everyone again in May... Thanks for reading :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

March Updates

March was a busy month.. but everything is slowly getting back into place... but any ways here is update on everyone

Tristan... he is 9 1/2 mths old now.. getting big.. he is crawling climbing everywheres.. and has started to pull himself up to stand.. so Walking I bet isnt to far off.. but he is doing really well.. I cant believe he will be 1yrs old soon..

Alyssa.. she is doing well.. still working on her terrible 2s in over drive. but slowly we will get there.. she will be 3yrs old in only 2mths now.. so crazy.. I cant believe it.. but all in all she is doing good and a very smart little girl

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she is growing up fast.. still my tomboy.. and also another smart girl.. she plays dumb at times and then.. she is shooting out info and doing stuff you thought she couldnt.. but she is doing well

Michelle.. she is doing good.. getting taller and skinny as a rail.. crazy to think this year she will be 6.. where has the years gone on by.. but she is doing well.. and getting a better hang of her school work.. hopefully this fall she wil be fully ready for her schooling..

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is a big helper most of the time.. she loves reading.. and always reading to her sisters and to Tristan.. it is so cute.. she reads to Tristan every night til he goes to sleep... she is a very smart good and almost finished up all her school books but we still have 2 1/2 mths to go.. guess it will be reviewing stuff soon..

Matthew.. he is doing well enough.. working hard...

Me.. i'm doing alright.. just always busy with the kiddos and the house and all.. but yep pretty much doing well

any ways thats about it... just counting down the months til we move... :)