Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 2011 Family Update time

Hello everyone.. its that time again to post up our family Update... November was a busy month But it went by pretty fast.. Seems like this year just been flying on by pretty fast.. but any ways... Our Thanks Giving plans all flop since that whole week the whole family got sick (Not me of course but the 5 kids and Matt) so Thanks Giving was a PJs movie and couch day which was alright.. thankfully they all got better by School again the Monday after hehe.. any ways.. here we go.. grab your coffee sit back and get ready to read updates on everyone here.....

Tristan.. He is doing good.. he is growing so Fast on me.. he is almost 18mths now. he is 23lbs and 32inches long.. he seems small compared to others his age.. BUT he did only start out at 4.8lbs so he is doing great I think. he is a happy boy and such a trouble maker. those evil terrible 2s have really started in now.. but he can be oh so sweet other times.. he just LOVES monster trucks and Cars he is such a boy tough and all... but all in all he is doing good

Alyssa.. She is doing good... she is getting tall fast.. she is almost 3 1/2 and wearing size 4 Girls clothes.. NOT 4T size 4.. she is such a girly girl too and in Love with Dora and Barbies its all she ask for lately.. she is so excited about her Birthday.. yes of course that isnt til June.. but she wants her Dora Birthday cake so badly.. she ask every day.. is today my birthday... me want my dora cake.. it is cute.. but she is doing good. and getting smarter every day

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she will be 5 at the end of December. crazy to think she starts school next year.. but as always.. Ayme is Ayme.. she is still all tomboy climbing trees playing sports. loves Monster trucks, cars, air planes, animals, and dont forget zombies.. yes she is my zombie child.. NO idea where she learned about zombies from.. but she is my goofball child (Takes after her Mama hehe) Ayme is a very smart bright girl too.. she has been loving doing the preschool books I got her and is trying her best to remember in which order how to write out her name.. she got all the letters but teh order is off.. but its all good.. she will be a pro at it all soon.. but yep. she loves school stuff and so excited to start school next year.. which she is asking to go to Michelles Teacher since she really likes her.. but we shall see next year.. but any ways.. Ayme is doing good...

Michelle... She is doing good... she is loving school and enjoying it every day and is always sad on the days off. she loves her teachers and just doing very well in school.. she has started to read and has started to spell the words of what she reads. it is nice to see/hear how she is doing in school... we are STILL waiting on the speech help for her.. her teacher has emailed them to see whats up and see if Michelle can start speech yet so that we can help Michelle more.. so we shall see what happens in the month of December what is up with that.. but all in all Michelle is doing great.... she is My big helper with cleaning help and 99% of the time she listens the 1st time told to do anything.. she is a good kid.. everyone is always wanting to take her since she is so kind/quiet/sweet/and nice...

Samantha .... She is doing good.. she gets in trouble at least 1x a week lately.. she always tells me its not my fault so and so was making me talk/laugh/do something... which I tell her.. No.. its not so and so's fault it is your own since it is your own choice to do bad and get in trouble.. which she doesnt like that.. but she knows it is true.. but yea.. besides that she is doing very well in school.. and she is all excited for Christmas which now with them in school.. the lovely teachers like to talk about Santa.. (which we do NOT do) so I have to keep reminding Samantha DO NOT tell the other kids he isnt real.. that is not your place to tell them.. since she almost gave the kids in her class a heart attack when they almost thought the tooth fairy wasnt real since Sam still had her tooth that she lost in class I dont want Samantha to Lie.. and it annoys me that she has too or else these kids will be heart broken to find out the truth.. but Samantha has been good enough to be nice.. and just go along with what these kids think/say.. but besides that all.. Samantha is doing well.. gets in trouble here and there but she is testing the waters with her age and see what she can and cant do now .. oh the joys of kids growing up..

Matthews..... he is doing Okay.. His back is always bothering him.. he finally got stuff started to help with his back and is going to get his back cracked 1x a week for the next 3/4weeks in hopes it will help fix it.. BUT if that all doesnt help.. then they will have to start up more testing.. poor guy gets in so much pain that some days he gets home from work and just lays on the heating pad in bed for the rest of the day.. I feel bad for him and I really hope these doctors can help him out but besides his back he is doing okay.. just always busy with work and fixing up our truck..

Now to Me.... I am doing alright.. I just always seem to be busy with the family things in life..nothing to exciting about me going on.. I'm just always on the go.... This month though has had its pros.. Made new friends which on my street.. and cons.. My good friend here moved away... the joys of being in the military and all the people that come in and out of your life.. my good friend will be missed.. since she was my walking buddy and just basically my best friend I had here.. I'm so thankful for the internet though so we can stay in touch even with being on the other side of the world but yea.. her and her whole family will be missed here.. I know Ayme is already asking about her Caleb.. it is sad when you see your kids friends move away too.. they just think.. oh well I'll just see them next week.. which yea.. we all know that next week doesnt happen with moving.. but its okay.. who knows what base we will get next.. we may end up meeting up again in the future... but any ways.. all in all i'm doing alright... I'm just excited for the holiday time this year.. which I know my sister would be shocked to hear.. since normally I dont like the holiday times.. but this year is different for some reason to me.. but yea.. any ways...

thank is about it I think.. if you made it all the way to hear.. Thanks for Reading.. Hope you all have a good December and a Lovely CHRISTmas

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Family Update

Hello Everyone, It is that time again to Post up a full Family update on us all here still in Germany... I cant remember if I have posted it up or not.. But our orders have changed.. and we no longer will be moving this December we will now be leaving NEXT December 2012.. it stinks it changed since our good/close friends here will be leaving next month.. but that is the life of the Military friends come and go out of our lives.. and only God knows if our paths will ever cross again in person again... makes me very thankful for the internet and phone so we can still stay in touch with everyone... any ways..... onto Other stuff... Grab your coffee sit back and get ready to read

Tristan: He is doing good.. he is 16mths old.. and a very smart boy.. he is walking like a pro now.. he is my climber and loves to get in trouble.. he loves to pick on his sisters and he thinks it is funny... seems like his terrible 2s have started up already.. just 2mths earlier then his sisters started.. haha oh what fun he has been... he is also teething right now.. poor boy is cutting in 4 teeth at one time.. so he has been extra cranky speically at night... but he is doing pretty good beside the teeth....

Alyssa: She is doing good.. she is getting big.. she maybe only 3yrs old. But she is wearing size 4/5 Girls clothes. the toddler clothes dont fit her well.. but she is a smart little girl.. she is always trying to count and she loves teling you colors and shapes.. her and Ayme has started up some preschool stuff which they are enjoying.. but Alyssa is doing very well lately

Ayme: she is doing good... she is my computer geek kid haha.. she is taking after her daddy and want to play games on the computer all the time.. and she even knows how to find her games online as well.. I have had the links saved online for the older girls.. But Miss Ayme figured it all out and loves to play the games on it is cute and she knows what she is doing too.. she is just to smart.. she will be 5yrs old in only just a little over 2mths.. cant believe she will be 5 already it is crazy.. she is to funny though.. she is asking for a Monster Truck birthday party.. can you tell what she likes haha.. but she is a good kid.. cant complain at all hehe

Michelle: She is doing good.. she is LOVING School.. she loves her teachers and is really enjoying going every day.. the teachers have FINALLY put in the rest of the paper work for Michelle to go and get tested and to get her Speech started.. the teachers love how Fast I am about filling out paper work and giving it back either the same day or the next day depending on when they give me the paper work to fill out.. But michelle is doing very well with school.. she has some issues with stuff But that is do to her disablities.. which we are work on to get her some special assitance for while in class and all.. but yep.. she is doing good

Samantha: She is doing alright.. she is sick right now. but with no fever she is still been going to school.. with the weather change and the flu shot. is what got her not to feel well.. but she is doing well in school and also enjoying it most days... she gets in trouble here and there in she doesnt like that she gets grounded for it.. and she always ask me.. "How did you know I got in trouble today" Guess she isnt smart enough to know her teacher writes it up on her calender every time to gets in trouble or the days she gets hurt... got to love it.. she thinks she is able to hide stuff. but nope.. Mommy ALWAYS knows.. she may only be 7 1/2 but she sure acts like she is 17 most days.. oh how the teen years shall see.. any ways.. Samantha is doing good though..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he still dealing with his back pains here and there.. But he still be going to the gym 4x a week like they have him doing.. some days he comes home and barely can move with the pains.. and other days.. its just minor pains.. I just hope the doctors can get an open appt for him to get his back looked at and for them to do some testing to see what REALLY is going on.. he goes in Nov to take his next PT test.. since he failed his last one do to his back.. please be praying that he can pass this time.. or if he fails they will flag him for his back.. poor guy... any ways.. besides that all. he is doing alright... he wil be moving shops at work next month.. so his shop he is in now. are all really sad to be loosing him.. since he is such a good worker and they all just enjoy him being there... any ways.. keep him in your prayers...

Me: I am doing alright.. just been very busy with the kids and life stuff going on... Nothing really going on with me... Just the normal house work stuff and tending to kids stuff.. I know I really want to start working out again.. I did so well for 1 week and then this past week I just stop.. On Monday I hope to really try to restart everything back up.. it just gives me the rest of this week to clean up the house.. and get things in order any ways.. all in all i'm doing alright....

well I believe that is it... I hope that you all are doing well.. and thank you for reading our family updates

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

August/September update

Hello everyone.. I forgot to post in last month on updates and all... so sit back grab some coffee and get ready to read our Family Update on how Everyone is doing here in Germany....

Tristan: He is doing very well.. he is growing super fast on me now.. he just Turned 15mths old and is walking, Climbing, and trying to talk more.. he has now 8 teeth and cutting in more. he is a happy boy and is growing/learning well.. and of course the trouble in him has already started.. so Baby gates and Frig locks have been coming in handy. except he knows how to open our kitchen gate.. but he will learn what Mommy and Daddy means with the NO KITCHEN.. but he is doing just awesome.. he is now 21.2lbs and growing awesomely

Alyssa: She is doing good.. she is still My little trouble maker.. but she is smart about how she does the trouble now.. But she still doesnt get away with it.. but she is doing well.. Next week I am going to be starting up some preschool stuff with her and Ayme so that will be fun for them.. I just got to make up the charts and all since the 2 of them are wanting to start really to learn stuff.. But alyssa is doing good.. growing big.

Ayme: she is doing good.. she is still my TomBoy and loving all her cars/trucks/monsters/animals and more.. so her and Tristan play nicely together. it is cute watching her play Monster Trucks with tristan she loves to play with him and to teach him stuff.. she is excited about starting to learn some things.. soon.. but she is just doing good

Michelle: Well Michelle is in Kindergarten this year.. her and Samantha are going to the base school.. Michelle is just loving her teachers and the school.. the teachers have notice her speech and are going to be having the Speech teacher come in and listen to her and see if she wants to start the speech classes with her or do any other testing with her.. But Michelle is doing awesome in school and just loves her teachers.. it is so cute.. I'm glad she is doing so well oh yes.. Michelle turned 6 on Aug 18th.. so crazy to think she is that old already.. they just grow up way to fast..

Samantha: She is doing good. she is in 2nd grade in the base school.. it is mid of the 3rd week of school here for her.. and she is just doing an awesome job in school.. she gets her work done pretty fast so I have had the teacher up her work so that she wont get in trouble with getting bored since we were using the A Beka home schooling books which is a grade ahead of the base school.. but she is getting a good review and learning some other new things but not much new yet.. I told her give it some time and the work will get harder since the school year just started.. but she is just loving school and the teacher just loves her.. Samantha told me today how she wishes school was 7 days a week.. so i guess that just means she is really enjoying the school and the teacher..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he threw his back out again at his last PT test so he failed it.. so he has been dealing with that pain.. he will be going to see the doctors soon and maybe be able to get some testing and what not going.. He is still doing his PT work outs/running 3x a week which really beats him up.. but he is still trying to do his best... but besides his back.. he is doing alright.. and working hard as he always does..

Me: I am doing pretty good.. I am always busy with the kids even with 2 in school I stay busy with the 3 still at home and the house work and all. but I am doing alright.. nothing really exciting going on with me..

well I believe that is about it.. hope you all are doing well and thank you for reading up on us all here in Germany.. we have 16mths left here in Germany

Sunday, July 24, 2011

June/July family update

Well It has been very busy here these past 2 mths now... in June.. we had 2 birthdays 1st it was Tristan's 1st birthday.. I know i cant believe it either.. he is 1 years old... and then it was Alyssa's 3rd birthday.. which yea.. I cant believe that either.. My kids are just growing up way to fast.. we had a birthday party here at our house for the 2 of them.. we had a lot of people come and a ton of kids.. it was just so loud that I told Matt.. we will never do a huge birthday party at our house again unless it is an outdoor party or when have a bigger house to be able to host better lol.. but the kids all had a great time at their party... any ways...then at the end of the month My grandfather passed away so I went to the states for 10 days to be there for my whole family.. the kids stayed here with matt the whole time so it was just me.. But Matt did an amazing job with the 5 kids for those days. I'm very proud of him for all he did so I was able to go to the states for those days...

now July.. which it still is July... but any ways.. after I left for the states.. the evil stomach bug and sickness hit my house hold.. Poor Matt and all the kids went through it.. I felt so bad for him since I was so far away and couldnt help out at all.. But as I have said.. he had done an amazing joy with the kids.. and took very good care of them... they got to watch the fire works from our back yard they told me on the phone that the fire works were awesome.. and matt said that they were even better then last year.. i'm glad they were able to watch them... but while I was state side.. yes I was there for my grandfather funeral.. I surprised my other grandmother that she was in shock when I walked in her room when I got up to NY that she had to do this double look.. and then the hug and not wanting to let go went on.. it was almost 3yrs since she had seen me last.. so the look on her face was priceless.. I love to surprise her like that but she was very happy to see me for a few days.. and then the day b4 I flew out.. I went over to a dear friends house to spend the night.. and I was able to have my best friend from growing up meet up with me to spend the night with me there.. it was a fun filled night.. talked almost all nght just like when we were teens and then the next morning had a great Breakfast that Mrs T made for us.. and then we left to meet up with another childhood friend at dunkin donuts for coffee and chit chat.. was a great morning to afternoon when I was drop off at my Aunts house to say my good byes to family and My other grams.. b4 I got on a plane back to germany.. the plane was an hour late so I was at the air port for 3 hours.. Oh yea.. I totally forgot.. while I was state side.. I broke my foot walking my dog that I have there at my Moms house.. so I got to throw in there my ER run for me and all that fun jazz lol.. but any ways... Flight went very smoothly for coming back home.. I was lunch enough to be on a flight that wasnt over booked.. so open seat between me and some German guy which he didnt mind me to put my foot up like I needed too.. but it was a good flight.. watched 1 movie and took a 2 hour nap.. but got in.. the people helped me from the plane.. which parks out on the terminal since no open gates.. but I had 2 very nice german guys help me down the evil stairs toget off the plane. then got taken personal by an air port taxi (no charge for me) to the wheel chair office to where they had a wheel chair ready for me.. good thing I called the air line ahead of time to have it all set up but then they help me through all the check points and then just drop me off outside by the front door.. where I just waited there til Matt and alllllll the kids arrived to pick me up.. I was very happy to see them all of course Frankfurt Air Port is huge.. so being on Crunches now was rough since my meds had worn off.. but oh well I made the painful move to the truck.. I was just so happy to be back home and with my family so it was worth the pain through the air port.. but yep.. was home after 10 days away from my kids.. the longest ever for me but being back home has been nice.. I'm still dealing with my poor broken foot.. I will be seeing a german doctor on the 27th.. hopefully they can get me a better foot thing for my foot.. well if they think I need it.. My foot still hurts a good deal.. and the foot thing I got from the ER is starting to fall apart.. so only a few more days til I see what step is next for my poor foot... any ways... that is the basic update on everything... I'll try to do the short update on each person now

Tristan... now 13mths.. and as of July 23rd 2011 he took 3 steps.. so I see walking not to far off.. My baby boy is growing up fast.. oh yes.. he is also cutting in 3 teeth at one time. so once those are all in he will have 6 teeth.. he is happy and healthy so thats all that matters

Alyssa.. she is doing good fully potty trained.. and growing fast.. still a little bogger though lol

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she is so my tomboy and wants use to buy her all IronMan toys and stuff.. it is just to cute.. I love it

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is just getting taller and skinner she is doing a ton better with her speach and this fall she will be starting up Full Kindergaten she cant wait.. I hope she does well with the work

Samantha.. she is doing great.. she has a new best friend and they live just across the street so they get to play every day its been awesome.. her and her friend been doing book swaps for reading each week.. I just love it and how smart Samantha is becoming.

Matthew.. he is doing well.. working hard as always.. but been enjoying his time with us on the weekends and after work hours.. the kids are very attached to him now after those 10 days a lone with him.. which he did a great job with them all

Now me.. i'm doing good.. besides my foot.. and I have took the 1st step to start the process to get my tubes tied.. the doctor I saw here on base said that she will be talking to the doctors over at the Army hospital to see about letting me get it done.. since they have an age limit which is 30 and i'm only 27.. But I have told the doctor.. I am ready to be done having kids.. I have 5 wonderful kids I have been blessed with.. and the last pregnancy was just so hard on Me and then Tristans Nicu stay.. I said . my body is done.. so we shall see how that all works out... I told matt if i get in a baby kick for another.. we can get a puppy haha.. they are a lot of work as well.. so we shall see... but all in all i'm doing alright...

well that is about it I believe.... if you have made it through the whole post.. thank you for reading... love you all and will update again on stuff come August

Friday, May 20, 2011

May Family update

Hello everyone it is that time again for the Monthly update on our family here.. so sit back grab your coffee/drink.. and get ready to read up on us all still over here in Germany....

Tristan... my little boy is now 11 1/2 mths old.. he isnt walking yet.. but very soon he is trying very hard to get there.. since he wants to keep up with his sisters.. he is a pro at going up the stairs.. and oh so fast.. that it doesnt even take a minute to find him upstairs... playing in his room... he loves his room which is good.. he is back to having his own room again.. so he has been sleeping a lot better.. from 730pm til 830am.. so nice.. to bad my other kids dont sleep like him.. but he is just doing awesome.. he is in the 19lbs now and over 30inches long.. all 12mth clothes.. and now some 18mth shirts.. I cant believe how fast he is growing.. he just got his new car seat a couple weeks ago.. he has only used it 2x so far.. but he loves it and he can use it til he is 65lbs.. but any ways.. he is doing very well..

Alyssa.. My big girl.. is almost 3.. well her birthday is 8 days after Tristans 1st birthday.. but she is getting huge.. on me.. now to really try to get her potty trained.. I am not one for pushing the potty training I normally just do it when they want too.. but she is stubborn and i'm sure if she had her way she would be in diapers for a very long time.. so soon we will be trying the whole potty traing with her in hopes she just clicks to wanting to do it oh what fun that will be... but she is huge compared to the other girls at her age.. she is in size 4 girls clothes.. not 4t size 4 girls... she is super tall but she is doing well.. her terrible 2s are starting to were off some finally haha..

Ayme... she is doing well.. she is all excited about starting school this fall with her sisters.. she is a smart kiddo.. and I want to get her some more school zone books to add to the pre-school books I got her.. but she is doing good.. she has started the not wanting to listen and saying no stage of 4s.. but yea.. she is learning it doesnt fly with Mama.. but all in all she is doing very well and growing big too

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is doing great with her school work.. it has taken a lot of work.. but she is doing so much better.. she loves her math and is in her Kindergaten math book.. but teh rest of her work been pre-school but she is doing a lot better.. and remembering stuff better with the hands on stuff I have started with her over th last few months.. but she is doing well.. she has gotten super tall and skinny.. she is taking after her daddy for sure

Samantha.. she was kicked out of her room with Tristan since her and her sisters have started the lets play til 10/11pm at night (mommy and daddy not happy about but working on it) but she was removed from taht room and put back in the room with the other 2 older girls.. so 3 beds in 1 room. so glad I have a bunk bed though.. any ways.. she is doing well.. she is a smart kid loves her school work.. and just wants to start right into her 2nd grade stuff when done with her 1st grade books.. but yea.. we shall see.. but she is doing good.. she can be a great big helper most the times.. and then the bad days can be annoying.. but she is learning as all kids do while growing up.. but all in all she is doing great.. she is 4'2 1/2 now. I cant believe how fast she is growing on me.. she is almosy 7 1/2 already.. so crazy.. my baby girl is growing up to fast on me.. but she is doing well..

Matthew... he is doing alright.. he has a lot of stress right now with work.. so prayers please out to him.. as he much needs them..

Me.. i'm doing as well as I can be with tending to 5 kids.. keeping a house as spotless as I can.. cooking meals.. helping friends... just being there for Matt when he needs me the most.. the stress comes and goes.. but I just leave it all in Gods hands Since I know he is the one in control of this all.. and he will help us through it all in good time.. just one day at a time.. and all will be ok.. God has a plan for everything and its all done in his timing... but all in all i'm doing well.. just working on trying to loose more weight and getting back into better shape.. can be pretty hard to do.. but i'm slowly getting there Since having Tristan 11 1/2 mths ago.. I have lost a total of 38lbs.. I still have about another 28lbs to go.. but in time i'll get there.. any ways... that is about it

any ways.. thank you all for reading our family update.. I will be updating everyone again in June some time after the 2 birthdays are done with I cant believe I will have a 1 and 3yr old then.. so crazy.. and then after the 16th of june i'll have a 1, 3,4,5,and 7yr old... soooooo crazy hehe.. but I wouldnt trade them for anything in the world.. i'm thankful for them :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April's Family update

Hello April.. I know it wasnt to long ago that I finally posted up for March.. but thought I would throw in an update on everyone.. and all... so sit back grab a drink and enjoy the update on us all here

Tristan.. he is 10mths old now.. growing to fast on me.. he is pulling up on everything now to stand up.. and he is just trying to move around a lot more.. I'm sure he will be walking b4 I know it.. not sure how I feel about that yet.. but I know they all grow up and I must enjoy it now... Tristan is already a trouble maker to his sisters its been awesome to watch... he sees them playing on the floor nicely and he quickly crawls over and just starts grabbing everything that they are trying to do. its been cute and hearing them complain and going Mom... Tristan is taking our stuff.. i'm like.. just wait til he can walk haha.. but its been fun for sure

Alyssa.. she is doing good.. still working on her terrible 2s in over drive.. slowly getting there.. now she just likes to do this scream that goes to the spine and you can hear over a jet engine haha.. but hard to believe she will be 3years old soon.. the years are just flying on by.. but i'm enjoying them as they do go on by

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she has her just awesome days of listening and doing what we tell her.. and then those few days.. she has to go back to bed to restart over in a better mood.. which at least that works with her.. but she is doing good..

Michelle.. she is doing good.. I still cant believe how tall she is.. she is catching up to Samantha so fast.. but she is super skinny.. so her clothes have been hard to buy.. hopefully when we go out shopping I can get her some new pants with ties in the waste that fit her well.. her 6s are starting to look like high waters already.. which is crazy.. but she is doing very well

Samantha... she is doing good.. she is growing into a very nice young lady.. she is going through this back talking stage.. which we are working on.. but she is such a smart girl.. growing up on me for sure.. she is all happy since she got her 1st pair of Heely shoes (shoes with the wheels that go into the bottoms) it was the whole sneakers in her size under $40.. well I should say under $75. she is a size 1 1/2 but has a wide foot.. so hard to find her shoes that work.. but she is in heaven with her new shoes.. she had to wear a helmet til she got the hang of the wheels in the 1 foot.. we havent tried the 2 yet haha.. but she is loving it.. and a big help.. so i'm glad to been able to get her something special like that... but she is doing great

Matthew... he is doing well.. he has his work stress going on since they are sending out a ton of people at the end of the month so the work load will be up on him.. hopefully all still goes smoothly for him and it wont be to much stress.. but besides the normal work stuff.. he is doing well..

Me.. I am doing good.. just always busy with the kids and house.. but i'm enjoying the lovely weather here.. I love the spring (besides the allergies haha) but the kids are happy makes me happy.. hopefully we can continue to hit up the parks and enjoy the weather.. I love the outdoors.. and so glad that my kids do as well.. but all in all i'm doing good..

any ways.. that is about it I think... I will update everyone again in May... Thanks for reading :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

March Updates

March was a busy month.. but everything is slowly getting back into place... but any ways here is update on everyone

Tristan... he is 9 1/2 mths old now.. getting big.. he is crawling climbing everywheres.. and has started to pull himself up to stand.. so Walking I bet isnt to far off.. but he is doing really well.. I cant believe he will be 1yrs old soon..

Alyssa.. she is doing well.. still working on her terrible 2s in over drive. but slowly we will get there.. she will be 3yrs old in only 2mths now.. so crazy.. I cant believe it.. but all in all she is doing good and a very smart little girl

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she is growing up fast.. still my tomboy.. and also another smart girl.. she plays dumb at times and then.. she is shooting out info and doing stuff you thought she couldnt.. but she is doing well

Michelle.. she is doing good.. getting taller and skinny as a rail.. crazy to think this year she will be 6.. where has the years gone on by.. but she is doing well.. and getting a better hang of her school work.. hopefully this fall she wil be fully ready for her schooling..

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is a big helper most of the time.. she loves reading.. and always reading to her sisters and to Tristan.. it is so cute.. she reads to Tristan every night til he goes to sleep... she is a very smart good and almost finished up all her school books but we still have 2 1/2 mths to go.. guess it will be reviewing stuff soon..

Matthew.. he is doing well enough.. working hard...

Me.. i'm doing alright.. just always busy with the kiddos and the house and all.. but yep pretty much doing well

any ways thats about it... just counting down the months til we move... :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello February Family Update

Hello everyone. its that time of Month to throw out our family update on us all.. so sit back grab your coffee and enjoy....

Tristan: Tristan he is now 8mths old 15.8lbs.. and 26 1/2 inches long.. he is wearing 9/12mth clothes and starting to crawl so its been fun.. he is now talking more.. saying Mama, Dada, Baba, and then other sounds. but those 3 are his main for when he wants us or his bottle.. it is cute.

Alyssa: she is still my terrible 2yr old in over drive.. her favorite thing lately is to flood the upstairs bathroom and empty out their shampoo to make a big mess.. if the door is unlocked.. so much fun she can be.. but she is a smart kid.. she is starting to try and count and learn her colors.. and hopefully soon we will be starting to really potty train.. i'm tired of her 2 1/2 yr old diaper changes haha... but she is doing good over all

Ayme: she is doing good.. she is growing like a weed.. her and Michelle are almost the same size.. Michelle is skinnier.. but Ayme is catching up in the height.. so they almost share all the same clothes now.. Ayme is very smart.. she knows how to turn on and off the sink water when I have it turned off so she thinks she is sneaky.. but she is really smart... she likes to play it dumb about learning but then I will catch her singing the ABC's and counting.. she starts preschool this fall so I will be home schooling 3 kids.. shall be fun for sure.. but she is doing good..

Michelle... She is doing good.. she is getting super tall and oh to skinny haha... but she is doing great in school.. she still has her issues but she has gotten a lot better at doing her work.. i'm very proud of her and how far she has come in her school work.. she has finally been able to make the S sound and to blend it with vowels. which is great.. slowly but sure we are getting there... but she is doing just great

Samantha: She is doing just Awesome.. i'm very proud of her and what a great girl she is becoming.. she helps me out so much and is doing such an Awesome job in school.. she is surely growing into a wonder young lady.. she is now 7yrs old.. and so well behaved.. the back talking has gone away the lying has gone away.. she is all about yes mommy ok mommy and me not having to tell her more then 1x its been great.. she is just a great girl.. but yes.. Sam is doing just great.. and no longer my baby.. but i'm oh so proud of her...

Matthew... he is doing well.. he just took his test to try and make Tech Sargent he said he knows he did better then the last time he tested.. but not to sure if he past it.. so only time will tell.. but i'm very proud of him and all he has been doing... for us... he is doing good though and always working hard..

Me: I am doing good.. always busy with the house.. cleaning... kids... schooling.. and life.. but its all good.. I am enjoying my kids and life.. of course I am counting down the days til we leave this base.. I cant wait to know where we are going too next.. so I can start all the reserch on houses and what all is around the base and what not.. and of course i've been busy starting to clean out the house for the move in 9mths.. any ways... all in all i'm doing good.. and still working on my weight loose.. slowly but surely i'm getting there...

well that is about it for us all here.. hope you all are doing well and thanks for reading.. have a good day

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Well Its been awhile yet again since I have updated.. but just shows life has been busy.. but its all good.. any ways.. updates below on everyone and how they are all doing...

Tristan... he is doing great.. growing fast now... he is 7mths old.. I cant believe he will be 1yrs old in only 5mths.. where has the time gone.. he is just gotten so big.. but that is great with how small he started out at.. the prayers from everyone has made him grown so much.. thank you all

Alyssa... she is doing good.. she is still my terrible 2 child in over drive.. I hope it breaks soon.. since it so not been fun... she has seperation issues when I go away and when I am playing or with any of her sisters.. she gets all jelious it is time to send her off on play dates I think haha.. but we shall see.. I hope she knocks it off soon... oh yes.. she also has a fear of Air not cool since we live on an active air base with jets flying in and out all the time.. and when she hears them she goes all crying panic and runs to hide.. shall be interesting to see how she is when we move in 10mths.. I hope she can handle the 9hr flight.. but all in all.. she is good health wise.. and getting big.. she is 2 1/2yrs old.. so crazy

Ayme. she is doing good.. she just had her 4th birthday.. she is getting smarter and smarter.. and such our tom boy.. it is cute... and funny.. at the same time.. she has all her monster trucks and air planes and of course her spiderman.. she just loves him.. she doesnt like barbies at all.. if she plays with them.. she turns them into zombie barbies haha.. its funny.. but she is doing good

Michelle.. she is doing good.. getting supper tall.. I look at her and just cant believe how grown up she has gotten over the 1 1/2 yrs we have been here.. she is no longer a little girl.. she is getting grown up on me.. and she is loving her DS she got for Christmas and loves to go online to play the learning games I have set up for her.. she is doing pretty good in schooling.. she has her speech isses but she is slowly getting better.. its just always one step at a time and work slowly at the things to make things better.. but she is doing well..

Samantha... she is doing good.. i cant believe she will be 7yrs old in a few weeks.. now that makes me feeling old.. my baby is growing up way to fast on me... she will be in 2nd grade this fall.. and just rocking in her 1st grade work.. she is having no issues at all with the work.. she is just loving it.. she is a very bright and smart girl... and she has been a big helper with her brother and sisters.. she is just growing up way to fast..

Matthews... well he is doing so so.. he is dealing with a very bad back issue.. he went to the doctors tis past week and he got some meds to take for the pain and to help try and relax him.. and he is to start up physical therapy on Monday. which I hope it helps.. for him to see the doctor means he is in a lot of pain.. I feel bad for him.. but hopefully this all will help and he wont be in pain anymore.. but any ways... his birthday is on Monday the 10th.. the girls want to do something special for him.. so we shall see what all we can throw together...

Abby.. aka Me... i'm doing pretty good.. i'm always busy with the kids, the house, schooling and just the normal life stuff.. but its all good.. my family is worth the crazyness I go through haha.. but all in all i'm good.. I have started to work out this past week.. today is day 6 of starting.. I am in need to loose a good deal of weight... so slowly and in time I know i Will get to where I need to be.. i'm just more of going for a healthly weight for my weight so that is about 45 to 50lbs to loose. but I cant let it get me down.. it can be depressing.. but I do have 5 kids.. and all close in age.. so yep... well that is about it for me...

any ways.. I will start posting in an update once a month.. unless something comes up and I post in sooner... We hope to be moving the 1st week of Dec.. but only time will tell... I cant wait to find out where we go too next... but any ways.. take it easy everyone and thanks for reading...