Monday, March 30, 2009

Family Update

Hello Friends, here is a family update on us all.. since we are all now in Germany :)

Alyssa, she is doing well.. she is still.. still fits in her 3 to 6 mth clothes and is 9 1/2 mths old.. she is tiny.. but she is a happy girl... and doing well with the time change...

Ayme, she is doing well too.. she is jet lagged.. so we are trying to work on that.. she is talking more.. and loves helping and playing with Alyssa.. which is really cute.. she is always taking stuff away from Alyssa that she shouldnt be having.. or moving stuff.. so she doesnt get hurt.. she is turning into a big girl.. and she is only 2yrs old...

Michelle, she is doing well also.. she is also jet lagged... which again.. trying to work on.. she is getting super tall.. she is only 4 inches shorter then Samantha now.. and she is only 3 1/2 yrs old.. she has been talking more.. but she still of course needs to work on speech.. which over time.. she will start doing... but she is happy.. and excited to be in a new house...

Samantha, she is doing well as well.... she also has the jet lagg but yea.. we shall see.... she only maybe 5.. but she talks/acts like she is 13... she is trouble. and talks very rudely and throws fits.. which are only really bad.. when daddy isnt around.. but Lord willing.. we can get that all worked out b4 she starts school in August... she can be a very good kid.. and she is very bright.. she has been doing some spelling and math... so its been fun... I hope she will do ok in School.. but if God has other planes.. (like homeschooling) I will try and do my best to do it.. everything is in Gods hands with these Kids...

Matthew, he is doing well.. he has a nice sinus infection.. but hopefully that will pass soon.. he is on cloud 9 with us all here... he has missed us all alot.. and been spending alot of time together with us all... he is back to work of course today.. Monday the 30th of March.. but he will be taking leave from the 9th til the 20 something.. I cant remeber.. but he is well and happy to be a family again

and for Me, I'm doing well.. i'm tired.. but not do to the jet lagg.. but do to the kids staying up til 330am.. I was able to adapt pretty easily since I only got 1 1/2 hour sleep in 24 hours from leaving TX on the 27th and arriving in Germany the 28th.. so its all good hopefully I will be able to get a lil more rest soon.. but for now.. its fine... Everything is in Gods hands

as for the new house... WOW.. it is so high tech its crazy.. it has heated floors.. power windows.. flat top stove with all the top of the line child locks and speical things.. the toliets are even top of the line.. which is funny.. it has 2 flushes.. one for pee.. and one for poo... so funny.. but yes.. this place is top of the line high tech.. I would say it would be in the $500,000.00 in the states if not more.... there is also outside blinds/sheilds.. which can make every room pitch black during the day... so yea.. insane... It will take some time to get use to this all.. but its pretty neat...

well thats about it right now.. take care

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Family Man's Creed

With God's Help, I will do my best to:

Praise And Honor God Daily
In my thoughts, My words and my Deeds, thus establishing the foundation for my success as a true family Man.
Honor And Respect My Wife,
loving her as Christ loves His church and faithfully demonstrating my lifelong commitment to providing for her needs.
Spiritually Protect My Family
by constantly interceding in prayer for their needs, establishing the word of God as our home's final authority, and boldly declaring that "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord."
Emotionally Protect My family
by speaking words blessings and encouragement, spending lots of quality time together, and remembering to be slow to anger and quick to extend mercy.
Physically Protect My Family
through hard word, preparedness, and diligence, understanding that my call as a family man requires daily sacrifices.
Be Faithful To My Family
by ensuring regular weekly church attendance and faithful giving of my time and resources, in addition to maintaining relationships with other Christian men for edification and accountability.
Ask The Lord Daily For Wisdom
and His empowerment that I may walk in the Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control
Allow No other Activities To Distract Me
from my number one priority, which is to be assured that my family proclaims Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pictures of my girls

Silly Chelly.. Goofy Samantha... Ayme and Alyssa... Alyssa

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

7/10 days to go

Well in 7 days is when our stuff gets all packed up for the move.. they will be taking just some basic on the 24th.. and then on the 25th they will be taking the rest.. the beds.. dressers piano... end tables.. and what ever else there is to go.... Yes I still have stuff to do b4 then.. and it seems like Alot to me.. But i'm sure its not.. if I can just lower my Stress level... I made up a check list last night.. so we shall see how well that works out for me... I need to start putting this all in Gods Hands.. with him all things are possible ... Any who.. fun days ahead.....

in 10 days is when we will be flying out.. which I'm going to see about Having the girls and I stay at a hotel on the 26th night and just take a Cab from the hotel to the air port.. which should be fun.... 4 kids 4 car seats and all our bags... I will be happy when we are finally on the plan and on our way there... We leave San Antonio at 1015am.. then we will get to Dallas a little after 11am.. then we got a little over 2 hour wait there in Dallas til we get on the plan for Germany.. which they still havent had there time change yet.. so it will be a 7 hour flight instead of a 8 hour flight.. since there time change happens on Sunday the 29th... so shall be fun... Any who...

Keep us all in your prayers.. that I am able to get everything done that I need to get done...

Thanks All

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures of our German House

It is Matt in the pictures

Undate on Matt and over there

Matthew is doing well.. He has been working Hard and getting things together and done... He now has the House for us.. a very Nice 4bedroom 2 1/2 Bathroom house.. He got the loaner Furniture put in Yesterday Tuesday March 10th.... He loves the house.. is keeps saying how much I'll love it.. specially the Kitchen.. since its nice and open and Big.. (compared to this kitchen)... He also Bought us a Van... a 97 Dodge Caravan it is a Maroon color he said... he put $300. down on it.. and he pays the rest this wknd and will take it home then.. since they were looking for a Back seat for the Van.. since it didnt have one.. it only had the front and the middle row.. and of course we need to fit 6.. for now..... the Only down fall to the Van is.. he said it smells like dog... which hopefully we can take care of that.... But all in all.. The house is basically ready for the girls and I get there... he now has a Van for us so he can pick us up at the Air Port on Saturday the 28th..... He is bouncing off the Walls that we are finally almost there.. He has been missing us all... even though the girls like to get Daddy mad at times... But hey.. what kid doesnt do that... All kids Sin.. they all like to test the water... Any who.. all there is going well.. and we just got basically 2 wks now til the girls and I leave to finally be a famiy again after a little over 3 mths of being away from each other... Any who..

God Bless

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Ayme

Well Yesterday we spent a couple hours at the ER with her... she was playing in the crib with Alyssa.. and when she went to jump out of the crib to my bed.. her right foot/lil toe got nagged by something.. so she wound up cutting around the bottom crest of her pinky toe.. pretty deep too.. we went to the ER.. waited.. they basically never took us back.. the only thing they did was took vitals and weight.. and wraped her foot 2 times.. the 2nd time I had them wrap it.. we washed it up to really take a good look at her cutt.. which yes.. it was/is deep.. but with where it is at.. they wouldnt be able to stitch it up.. and they said that could maybe glue it.. BUT that doesnt always work.. speically where it is at.. so the lady said.. I should just go to walmart get some stuff to cream and wrap it up.. and try to keep it clean.. and if it gets infected then to go back in or go to her doctors.. so I packed up the 4 girls and headed to Walmart and got the stuff needed.....

Ayme doesnt like to keep it wraped.. it has bleed 2 times today.. and she wont get the wrap on.. I may need to tape a sock on over her wrapping.. so we shall see.. so yes.. its been pretty busy here...

well have a blessed day/night

Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Days Ahead

Well It is starting to get a little more crazy here.. since we are counting down Days til Leaving... We leave in 18 days on the 27th.. But I just Got 15days Til the House gets packed up to Leave.. I Got a lot of cleaning and sorting to get done... since they are the ones packing.. the stuff up.. But I just got to make sure we dont take stuff we dont need.. since I know we have a lot of that kinda of stuff... with trying to take care of the 4 girls and now trying to get the house in order has been stressful.. since it has been when ever I get one room cleaned up.. it is all messed up again later do to the girls.. if I had more buckets.. I would just put stuff in those and put the stuff all in another room... which I may start using the one room for the stuff for moving.. since for some reason all 3 girls have been sleeping in Aymes room so the other room. I'm going to make into the storage room to get things together.. since I have to also sort out for the 2 different days for stuff being packed up to leave.... but I know.. I shouldnt be stressing about this all.. I know With Gods Help.. I can get it all done... I just got to take one day at a time..

I think I may need to start trying to make Daily plans.. or make a time schedule for each day to try and get things done... But I guess we shall see

as for the girls.. They are doing alright... Samantha came down with a fever last night.. and was having her croup cough last night off and on.. which Didnt surprise me since we went to church yesterday.. She always gets sick when we go to church.. which I think is do to the Mold in the building.... Hopefully no one else will get sick.. since this Coming Sunday most likey will be our Last Time at church Before moving... which I'll miss the church Alot.. we have been going there for the past 2 1/2 yrs.. and I have been blessed by the people and by Pastor Joe.. I'll be sad when We leave... and I have NO idea what I will do for a church when we Get to Germany... I hope to be able to find something.. But only God Knows.... I may just see about finding something online for church.. and make up Bible story plans and crafts for my girls.. I want to keep them doing what they have been doing.. so we shall see....

Well I'll be updating when I can.The computer leaves on the 24th so I'll make sure I post a final update on the 23rd for you all to know how we are doing

Have a Blessed Day/week

Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on Everything

Well Today Monday the 2nd Of March.. I went and Made the dates for Flying to Germany.. and also for the TMO pick up of the house..... TMO will be coming on the 24th and 25th.. then we will be flying out on the 27th at 11am for Dallas.. then have a 2 1/2 lay over there to let the kids run around.. and leave there on a Red Eye Flight to Germany.. so it will be a 8hour flight.. during the day.. so it shall be interesting.. flying.. Hopefully they will sleep some.. since the time it will be is 6:05am in Germany when Landing.. which it would be 11pm CT time... so it shall be interesting.. Lots of prayers for that all.. Lord Willing everything will Go Smoothly.. I have to call up the Air Line tomorrow to talk about the Air Line tickets.. and see if I maybe able to get some Help with the girls.. since it is 5 of us flying.. Lord willing they will work with me.. and dont charge me to much... Any who.. thats the update for that

Ayme Samantha and Michelle are doing better from being sick.. Hopefully they will stay well...

as for Alyssa.. I had to take her to the doctor this morning.. and they had to do a bunch of test on her.. but when they got the blood test done.. it came back not good.. her white blood count was way to high for a 8mth old.. it was 25000... VERY high... they had to give her 2 shots in the legs.... tomorrow morning we head back to get a recheck.. hopefully the shots worked and she will be ok... She is still so tiny for an 8mth old.. she is all of 13lbs 13oz.. but she seems ok besides the fevers and all.. So i'll update on her again when I get more information

In other Good News.. Matthew got us a House.. He picks up the Keys On Monday.. and will be moving in on Tuesday I believe thats what he said.. But the house is a 4bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom it has a yard and a 1 car garage.. this house is Brand new.. it is Base housing and we will be the 1st people living in it.. so It will be nice....

Matthew is Van/SUV shopping since the Van he was going ot buy.. the guy needed the van since one of his other Vans broke down. so Matt is looking for something else to fit us all.. so Lord Willing he will find something.....

He is opening up a bank account there in Germany and with opening up the account you are garentee a $2500. loan.. so he will be using that to get us something...

any who thats about it... thank you all for the prayers and continue praying for Us..

God Bless