Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 2012 Family Update time

Hello Everyone, It is that time again to update you all on what has been going on.. This has been pretty crazy here right now.. We finally got our orders.. so we have been super busy with appts and setting up dates to move... we will be flying out on September 22nd from Frankfurt Germany and then flying into JFK.. we got a few idea's for Air Port rides to get home. so Not stressing about that it will all work out fine.. God is In Control and he will make things all work out... Any ways... besides crazy busy with getting things ready for this Move in 2 1/2 wks from writing this Post.... things are going pretty well... here are updates on each one of us... Sit back grab a coffee and enjoy

Tristan: He is doing really good.. he is talking a ton more.. climbs basically everything.. and he is to smart for his own doing... the other day I heard nosie in the kitchen and went in there to see.. and There Tristan was standing on a chair with a box of cereal the milk a bowl spoon and a straw.. make his own cereal..  that little stinker.. went and got a chair to climb up onto the counter to get himself cereal and he was making his own bowl.. only thing he didnt do yet by the time I got there was pour in the milk... he is trouble.. but he is good at cleaning up after himself.. when ever he is done eating at the table he gets up takes his plate and then walks it to the kitchen throws it into the sink and says All done and then walks away.. he is such a good boy most the time.. he just still loves to pick on Alyssa  But she kinda ask for it to happen since she picks on him too..  but he is a good kid growing up fast on me.. but all in all he is doing really good

Alyssa:  She is doing good. she my trouble maker and loves to tick off her sisters and Brother.. oh she will be fun in school.. hopefully over time she will knock it off though.. she is very thick headed and just likes to try and get her own way all the time.. but she doesnt always act like that she can be a really good kid at times.. but other times she is a pain.. Love her to death she just likes to test her waters to see what all she can and cant get away with..  oh the fun testing stage.. but that is a 4yr old for you... but all in all she is doing good

Ayme: she is doing good.. she was so sad today (9/4/12) since school started up for Kindergarten and she wanted so badly to start with the school here... my poor girl..  Hopefully when we finally get back home things will all work out for her with school and things.. she is a smart kid but also a stubborn child as well..but all in all she is doing good..

Michelle: she is doing good.. growing super tall but super skinny I think she could fit 2t waist of pants with how skinny she is.. she is so taking after her daddy with the height and the skinny... she is all excited for starting school when we get back home.. she loves the idea of a school uniform she is my girly girl and just loves the same routine and everyone dressing alike so she doesnt feel different.. she is a sweet girl.. all my friends are always trying to keep her since she is just to sweet.. out of all our kids.. everyone wants Michelle.. lol.. and to think she use to be a really troubled child back in Texas.. so glad she went the sweet/quiet way instead of still being her biting/hitting/kicking/screaming way.. oh those years were stressful for me.. but she is just doing great

Samantha: she is doing good.. but where oh where to start with her... she is growing up on  me way to fast she is 8 1/2 yrs old now.. and thinks she knows it all... if her at this age is rough man oh man do we have it in for when she turns into a teen.. she is a good kid. but her attuide has been rough lately.. and of course the stress of moving and her leaving all her friends behind and all is rough too... I think I will see if maybe Samantha can get her friends address.. and they can be pen pals.. I know i know.. so Old school.. but it would be neat for the girls to be able to write back and forth and then they can draw pictures and write their own then with out the computer help.. I love kids spelling and seeing their hand writing.. but I think she would like that.. but all in all Samantha is doing good.. she has her list of chores she does every day to help out in the house.. and then she goes out to play with her friends as soon as they are home from school.. she cant wait to go to school.. but she HATES the idea of the uniform.. oh yea. this part will be fun.... but any ways.... she is  good

Matthew: He is doing good.. just super busy with running around like crazy doing all the check list for moving and for getting out of the military.. he is so excited to be done with the military and to start all over new.. Lord willing everything will work out for his plans and ideas for going to school and finding part time work and of course working on our house.. lots of crazy time ahead for us... but he is doing alright...

Me: well I'm doing alright so far.. I  mean I get times I want to freak out and scream about everything.. so Much stuff going on.. and between. sorting through the house.. packing us things, trying to keep the house clean (which never seems to stay clean), tending to 5 kids 24/7 (since they didnt go back to school here) running appts, food shopping, and just trying to keep life going some what smooth..  I just stay super busy.. as for my whole weight loss that I have been want/needing to do that all is basically on hold.. I just dont got the time to be able to do what all I want to do.. I hope to still get to the gym here and there in the evenings.. but we shall see.. life is just crazy right now... so not fully sure how i'm really doing... for now.. I'll say i'm doing okay.. 

Rocky: our puppy..(7yrs old) he is doing good and super excited since he finally see's that he is flying out with us.. his dog box is all ready.. his doggy ticket is bought (150Euros) and he is just ready to fly.. he always wants to go with us when ever we leave the house since he knows eventually it will be that time.. he is such a great dog.. so glad I found him he fits our family perfect...

okay okay.. I think that is about it...  thank you to those who read this all.. and Keep us still in your thoughts and prayers specially for the 22nd for our long flight and traveling.... God is In Control.. that is what I keep telling myself.. thank you all again

God Bless
The Beckman's :)