Friday, January 6, 2012

December 2011 Family Update

Hello Everyone.. I know I'm late on posting in for last Month But as it is for eveyone else.. December is a pretty busy month with everything going on with the holidays and kids winter break so it was kinda crazy here... But our Christmas was nice.. we got blessed with an extra 30 gifts from Matts work.. Matt put in the kids names on the Tree thinking that they would get 1 gift each.. But it seems more then 1 person took us in for wanting to gift for Christmas so we got blessed with a lot more gifts then we could ever imagine in total with the gifts we got everyone and all the gifts from Family we had just over 100 gifts.. which is totally insane.. But Still thanks to who ever it was that gave us those things... This past year of 2011.. We had a lot of stuff happen.. Good and Bad... but God hasnt left our side. and he is still there with us and going to make this year even better for us all.. God has special plans instore for us all.. and In his time things will get/be interesting.. But I am very Thankful that we have a God we can turn too and lay all our burdens on He knows whats next in our lives we dont.. any ways.. lets get to the updates on everyone now...

Tristan... he is getting HUGE.. he is 24lbs 32inches has just cut in a town of teeth including his 1yr molars.. he is 19mths old and a very smart Boy.. he is a happy boy.. and just growing up very fast on me But I am enjoying him even with his terrible 2s :) but he is just doing great

Alyssa.. she is doing good.. I was looking back on pictures of her from 3yrs ago when we 1st got here and she was only 10mths old Not walking yet and still so tiny.. and now she is 3 1/2 and gotten huge.. they just grow up way to fast.. b4 I know it she will be heading to school too.. that shall be interesting that day... she of course is still a Mama's girls (not by my choice lol) but she is doing great as well

Ayme.. Well Miss Ayme Just turned 5 on Dec 29th.. she is super excited about starting school come August she wanted to start when the girls went back to school after Winter break But i had to break her little heart and told her she still has to wait a while.. but she is a smart girl and just supper excited for school

Michelle.. she is doing well.. she is doing great in school which I'm very glad about.. we look to finally be at the end of the paper work like for the school to FINALLY start speech with her to help her out.. it only took ummm 4 1/2 mths... we will be making her a doctors appt though soon since we have been pointed out that her tonsils are 3x the size they should be so that maybe a part of her speech issues. so I will keep you all posted on that.. and prayers please for her.. she is 6 1/2yrs old.. and from the online research we have been doing.. they may want to do surgery but i wont get ahead in that just yet we will see what the doctors say 1st.. any ways.. she is doing just great though

Samantha... She is doing just Awesome.. she will be 8 soon and she sure doesnt act like it she acts like she should be turning 16.. she is a good kid and doing great in school.. she is advanced in most her classes but the teachers just love her.. she has grown into a lovely young lady.

Matt.. he is doing alright.. his back isnt as bad as it was but he still bothering him.. he sees the doctor 1x a week which the doctors is 1 1/2 hours away but it has been helping... he has a lot going on with the military and come April we will update on that all.. so prayers please.. and thank you

Me... I'm doing alright.. I seem to get in a depressed funk here and there.. and I know the weather doesnt help.. But I'm making do.. hopefully soon enough I can get back to my old ways and all... for this Year.. I want to try and loose some weight.. I have a goal I want to loose at last 40lbs this year.. BUT we shall really see.. I know when I get into those down funks I just dont want to do anythings.. but prayers please that I can get strong again and get back on track... Thank you

Any ways.. that is about it I believe.. I'll update again end of January/1st week in February..

Good Bless...

The Beckman Family :)