Friday, December 19, 2014

Big Family Update time

Wow its been almost a year since I have posted in here.. I will try my best to get back to posting up Monthly Family Updates again... any who.. This will be a lot of reading.. so sit back grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the family Updates :)

Tristan... Well Tristan is now 4 1/2 yrs old and super excited about going to school come August 2015 he has grown so much and is just doing wonderfully he is super bright and loves to learn stuff.. he is still crazy about cars and he loves Old cars the most.. we live in the perfect area for him to see tons of awesome old cars he Loves Muscle cars the most it is cute..  he is doing really well though and has grown a lot.. :)

Alyssa.. she is 6 1/2 yrs now.. and in 1st grade and doing awesome.. she is very smart and bright.. she gets her self in trouble here and there but she is a good kid.. she still has her "butterfly" moments and its just to funny to see.. the things that she just randomly says its just to funny.. here are a couple of things... 1st.. a while back we were driving home from church and I hear her say in the back of the van.. "I see a deer or maybe it is a flamingo" or the one I was told about while she was out driving with her Mom-Mom.. they all smell a skunk and they all are like eww gross.. and then Alyssa goes "I smell Popcorn" lol.. yea.. she is such a goofball and says such random things But its great I love it..   but all in all she is doing really well :)

Ayme.. She will be 8yrs old on the 29th of Dec.. she has grown up a lot.. she is also in 1st grade but is doing great.. she is still my little tomboy and a good bigger sister to Tristan and Alyssa.. she has such a personality and is such a sweet heart she maybe all tough and rough but she is a sweet heart.. I wouldnt trade her for any other kiddo :)

Michelle.. she is now 9 1/2 yrs old... so crazy she will be double digits in August 2015 they just grow up way to fast... she is doing really good though.. she is loving school and in the 3rd grade now she has come a long way with her speech and her reading.. she is like a pro reading and just doing an amazing job... she is still Mommy's big helper and helps out a lot.. She has gotten so tall she will be taller then Samantha soon enough I'm sure and of course Sam doesnt like that idea but hey thats how it works out some times... but all in all Michelle is doing great :)

Samantha... she is 10 1/2 will be 11yrs in Feb 2015 she has grown up so much over this past year.. she is in the 5th grade and doing very well.. so far this year she hasnt gotten in to much trouble at school.. so that is a blessing.. she is at that fun stage in life that hates helping out with chores and all and only wants to do it if she gets paid for it.. yea. hello pre teen drama lol.. oh life is fun at times with her.. she is a good kid though.. and can be very helpful at times with things... but all in all she is doing good.. :)

Matthew... Well its been a rough year for him... he lost his job back in March and been out of work since then... so its been pretty rough for him.. please keep him in your prayers as he has been going through a lot of things with being out of work for so long...

Now for Me... Well I'm doing good.. over all... I work about 40hours a week now.. I am a night Manager at an Anntie Annes Pretzel shop so I work 6 nights a week.. I love my job and people just love me.. I have turned around the place for the better since I have started working there.. and My boss just loves me. and is very thankful that I work for them... thankfully with Matt not working.. he is home to watch the kids.. I hate that I only see the kids for a little while a day But I'm doing what is best for our family with him not working someone has to be.. so I may only get paid so much but it is helpful to pay the bills and all.. i'm thankful for what I got.. but all in all I'm doing alright just always busy...

well I think that is about it for now for us.. its been a busy year.. and Lord willing this next year will be better for us all.. I hope that you all have a Wonderful Christmas and New Years I'll try to post up again at the end of January 2015...  thank you for reading...