Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Coming Week Ahead

I will be heading to Base to Set up the Dates for moving.. Hopefully I can do it on Monday or Tuesday depending on the girls... I will be trying to Fly out of Here.. San Antonio TX on the 31st Of March.. If they are able to get me the Air Line tickets for then.... The Whole Month of March will be very busy for us all... Here.. I'll be cleaning/fixing/packing up the house.. and getting things ready to leave.... Matt will be over there in Germany.. Trying to make sure we have a house to be in by the Time the Girls and I get there.. Its all in Gods hands.. he knows what is next.. and how everything will fall into Place.. we Still have a lot a head of us.. with the move and setting up Appts and schools and all that fun Stuff.. Its hard to Believe it is March already... well tomorrow.. This Year is going by quickly.... Any ways.. I will update you all again on the Moving when I get the Dates Made... Thank you all for the prayers

Beckman Family

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good news

Well.. Matt got his new orders today.. for over there in Germany.. we all Are able to go.... Now the fun part to make Dates for TMO to come and pack up the house.. and See about the Air line Tickets.. which shall me interesting to get.. being 5 of us Flying Over.. No i'm not looking foward to the stress ahead to get over there.. But I know With Gods help.. I can get it all done.. I'm not sure yet when I'll be going to get the Dates made.. so we shall see.. I would like to be flying out at the end of March.. But it depends on the military and getting us the Air Line tickets.. which We may need to get them 1st and plan the TMO pick up for b4 that date.. So keep us in your prayers and that all goes smoothly for the move over sea's by Matt....

In other News.. Ayme was Sick.. had like 104.3 to 105 fevers.. but doing better.. BUT now Samantha has gotten the fevers... so its been fun.. I just hope when we have to Fly.. they are all in good health.. Michelle is doing fine.. she is starting to become a lil miss smarty pants.. and Alyssa.. well Alyssa is tiny she is all of 13lbs 4oz and fits into her 3 to 6mth clothes very nicely.. she is like a small lil doll.. i'll have to get some new pictures of the girls... any who....

have a blessed day

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Stuff

Well First of All... At 815am this morning I got the Call.. and we are FINALLY cleared for Germany.... So now to get my butt in Gear and get this house done and Ready to Move.. I want to see about leaving at the end of March.. so that gives me enough time to really get this house done... WOW.. alot to do.. and alot for 1 person.. with 4 kids :P but oh well.. I'll get it all done... any who...Just wanted to update you all on that part...

well as for the girls update.. they are doing alright.. Ayme has a cold right now.. but hopefully it will pass soon.. Alyssa is 8mths old.. and all of 13lbs 12oz.. still small but she is healthy and happy.. Michelle was going to start up her speech.. but I'm going to wait til we get to Germany now... Samantha.. she is doing well.. been helping me out alot.. and hopefully she will help out more now with knowing we will be moving soon.... but all in all they are doing alright.. and now they are excited to be seeing there Daddy soon

As for me.. God I need a vacation.. On this Thursday I will be having a few hours out with a friend and No kids... so that will be nice... I need that break.. and to be out with a friend lol.. any who.. I'm doing alright.. I'm nervous scared about this move.. and all.. But I know I got to leave it all in Gods Hands.. He will get me through this all.. But I'm doing alright...

well thats about it... take it easy

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in 8 days or less

We should be finding out if we will be allowed to go to Germany.. The paper work has been there since the 4th... so we shall see.. if they give us Clearance.. So we shall See what God has planed for us Next.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Its been crazy here

Well Samantha's 5th birthday was the 4th... which she did have a great day.. got alot of new barbies... so she is happy.... But I did forget to take pictures... since of the crazyness... any who

That night at a lil after 12am.. Ayme woke up crouping and having a hard time breathing.... so yea after the shower not helping.. at about 1am.. I woke up the girls and we all headed to the ER on base.. so at like 110am i'm throwing the girls all in truck... and off we went to the ER.... which even b4 I got off the road... a cop Pulled me over...... Asking me.. whats going on? why you out this late with your small kids.... since he must of saw me throw them all in the truck..... so I was like.. umm we are going to the ER.... since yea.. normally I wouldnt be out at this time with them... so he looked at my IDs.. and told me ok.. then you better just Book it.. since he heard Ayme coughing crying and breathing really badly... so yea.. 1st time ever to get pulled over in my life.. so that was interesting...... Any who.. we finally got to the ER at about 120am or so.... checked in.. and wow the ER was packed with people and kids.. it was insane.... so I check in.. and they had us wait like 30mins just to get the basic done.. so they checked her temp.. which was a low grade temp.. her plus was high.. and her lvls was a lil low.. so they sent us to xrays... which... i'm so thankfully for Samantha.. she is such a good big helper... she waited in the waiting room with Chelle and Alyssa while I ran in for the xrays with Ayme.... so we got that done 1 2 3.. then it was back to the ER waiting room.. which hour by hour goes by.. and they still havent called her in.... so yea.. we got there around 120am.. and finally at 520am.. I was like.. yea.. I'm going home.. I'll call in a hour to make a same day appt... since they said there still was like 4 to 6 people in front of her... so yea... at the ER all night.. get home.... and my clock doesnt go off.. and we all wake up at almost 10am... tryed to call and make a same day.. but they had none left.. thankfully I had a 1240pm appt for alyssa that day.. so we left at 1220pm...for that appt.. which yea.. that was all messed up.. they gave me the wrong time.. and also put that appt down for alyssa.. but for some odd reason they had an opening come up in a hour at 2pm... so they asked if i wanted to do Alyssa's appt then.. which I said.. Can I actaully make that for Ayme.. and told them about the ER and all... so I was able to Get Ayme seen.. and didnt have togo back down to the ER..... I'm so glad... she does have group and a nice head cold as well.... so she has her meds.. she is doing better.. still has some breathing troubles from time to time.. but its not as bad as that night or morning after.... so yea that was the crazy day.. I was up for 42hours stright do to her being sick... but hey its well worth it any who....

just wanted to post an update

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha :)

I still Can't Believe it.. she is 5 years old now.. where has the time Gone.. she is such a bright child.... I Just Can't believe she is 5 now... and she gets to start school come end of August... how crazy is that.. My Little Girl is really Growing up... She is a Good Kid though.. She helps me out so much.. I'm very thankful for her... I think if I didn't have her help this being in the states with them all would of been a lot harder.. she is my big help.... any who.... Today shall be fun... We will be heading out to Base to drop off paper work for the PCSing.. and then we will be heading over to the BX to cash a check.. and also let Samantha Pick out her birthday Gifts then we will be going to Walmart for her to pick out her cupcakes... and THEN coming home.. for her surprise call from Daddy.. which I know she will be sooo happy to hear from him... Since he doesnt get to call to often... anywho. we are off to do our crazy day... I'll try and post up pictures of today later this evening of tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stuff going On

Well 1st Off.. All the paper work is FINALLY Done.. so I will be handing that all in Tomorrow morning... Hopefully they will be able to have it shipped out to Germany by the end of the wk.. Which Maybe up in the air.. due to Stuff going on... Any who... unto that stuff

Alyssa.. as you all know.. is very small for her age.. so she has a follow up appt on the 27th to check on her weight and all.. She is all of 13lbs even and 7mths old... so small.... so we shall see how that goes

Now Samantha.. she is sick.. she looks to have a very BAD UTI... She is on Medication for it.. in hopes it will help.. they will call me up in the next couple of days.. when the lab is done testing her urine sample.. but from the test they did in the office... she has.. protin.. Puss... Mucus... Blood.. and i forgot the other thing in her urine.. so she needs to go back in 10 days for a check up.. to see if the medication is working...hopefully this all between the 2 girls doesnt set back the paper work.. so Time will tell.. Whats instore

But other then that all.. Ayme has a nice cold.. but doing alright.. Michelle is doing alright... Me.. I'm finally feeling better.. and Alyssa is our happy go lucky baby at this time.... so we are doing pretty well...

well Hope you all are well.. take care