Monday, April 4, 2011

March Updates

March was a busy month.. but everything is slowly getting back into place... but any ways here is update on everyone

Tristan... he is 9 1/2 mths old now.. getting big.. he is crawling climbing everywheres.. and has started to pull himself up to stand.. so Walking I bet isnt to far off.. but he is doing really well.. I cant believe he will be 1yrs old soon..

Alyssa.. she is doing well.. still working on her terrible 2s in over drive. but slowly we will get there.. she will be 3yrs old in only 2mths now.. so crazy.. I cant believe it.. but all in all she is doing good and a very smart little girl

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she is growing up fast.. still my tomboy.. and also another smart girl.. she plays dumb at times and then.. she is shooting out info and doing stuff you thought she couldnt.. but she is doing well

Michelle.. she is doing good.. getting taller and skinny as a rail.. crazy to think this year she will be 6.. where has the years gone on by.. but she is doing well.. and getting a better hang of her school work.. hopefully this fall she wil be fully ready for her schooling..

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is a big helper most of the time.. she loves reading.. and always reading to her sisters and to Tristan.. it is so cute.. she reads to Tristan every night til he goes to sleep... she is a very smart good and almost finished up all her school books but we still have 2 1/2 mths to go.. guess it will be reviewing stuff soon..

Matthew.. he is doing well enough.. working hard...

Me.. i'm doing alright.. just always busy with the kiddos and the house and all.. but yep pretty much doing well

any ways thats about it... just counting down the months til we move... :)

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