Saturday, February 11, 2012

January 2012 Update

Hello Everyone.. it is that Time again to post in updates on everyone... so sit back.. grab a drink and or Snack.. and enjoy reading our Family update.... :)

Tristan... Well Tristan is NOW 20mths.. can you believe it.. ONLY 4mths and My baby boy will be 2yrs old.. where has the time gone... he is such a smart boy.. and is talking more.. He was driving his powerwheel yesterday around the house.. he got the whole going forwards and backwards down found the bottons and all.. but he just couldnt steer the truck so he crashed alot.. and sry.. No I didnt take pictures my camera Battery was dead.. oh well.. I will get pictures when he plays in his truck again.. But he is just doing great and getting so big..

Alyssa.... She is doing okay.. she has croup right now so coughing a lot with the off and on Fever.. poor girl.. Hopefully she will be fully better soon.. But she is doing alright besides the sickness.. she is for sure our trouble maker and likes to blame everyone else but herself for stuff.. but she is learning that that all doesnt fly with mommy.. but she is getting big on me.. she is in size 4/5 Girls clothes now... so crazy..

Ayme.. she is doing okay as well.. she also has croup like Alyssa.. so yep.. coughing and the fevers.. poor girl.. all she wants to do is lay around watch cartoons or play on the computer. but sides the sickness.. she is doing great.. she is so excited for school in August.. she just cant wait

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is doing Great in school.. her teachers just love her to death her speech is slowly getting better.. of course its not an over night fix. But I can tell the difference some already... Michelle is going in for Surgery to get her tonsils removed in March.. the surgery date got changed to March 22nd and then she will be out of school for a whole week and NO PE for 2 weeks.. Michelle doesnt want to miss school.. But Lord willing all will go smoothly and she will do fine.. but all in all Michelle is doing great

Samantha... She just turned 8yrs old.. Dont know where the years have gone on by.. but she is doing great in school.. she is learning a lot and a head still in some of her classes.. but she is a smart kid.. acts a lot older then she is.. and the teachers/people always comment to me about it.. saying.. she doesnt act like she is 8.. she acts like a 13/14yr old.. which yea.. I can see that also for her drama queen she can throw at times.. Oh the joys of your kids growing up. but we love her and she is a keeper she just keeps us on our toes haha

Matthew... he is doing alright.. he been going to the back doctors basically every other week it has been helping a lot and It will take some time for it to get fully better (if it ever does) but he is doing good... He has decided that he is getting out of the Air Force.. so he is looking at jobs around PA and we will be moving there end of this Year... The kids are super excited and cant wait to finally be by family. Matt has been in going on 10yrs in April but with all the changes.. He has had enough and ready to be back home and start new.. so Many prayers please for him and us all that he can find a good job but he is very happy about his choice he has made to be getting out.. so prayers please

Me... I'm doing alright.. I'm always busy with the kids and just life stuff... I am very lucky to have 2 wonderful friends that live right by me now.. so I am able to go over to their houses to relax in the evenings... they will for sure help make this year go by better but of course.. will miss them when we move.. But that is apart of the military life.. make friends then move.. BUT the true GOOD TRUE friends you make are the ones that will stick around for ever :) any ways.. all in all i'm doing aright..

Any ways.. that is about it.... who every made it to the end reading.. thanks for reading... and if you read this... yes.. I know.. all you back home family and Friends.. will want to see us all when we are back.. so in 2013 we will have to Rent a hall or something for everyone to meet up with us.. since way to many loved ones that would want us to visit hehe... Any ways.. I'll keep you all update on us here in Germany.. But T Minus count down begins til we are back home in PA.. hopefully it will be in November some time :)

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