Thursday, August 9, 2012

July Family update 2012

Hello Everyone... Its that time again to update you all on whats been going on over here in Germany specially in our final so many weeks here... We wanted to be leaving on August 25th of this Month but sad to say with how paper work issues been going I dont see us to be leaving then.. Its really All in Gods hands when we will be leaving and how everything works out.. our House here in Germany is slowly getting cleaned up sorted though and things done for the move.. and our House in PA is also being worked on and getting ready for us for when we get there.. thanks to my Wonderful In-Laws over there... Things are slowly coming together.. and very great-ful for everything...  Any ways.. Update time for each of us.. sit back grab a coffee and enjoy the Beckman Family Update for this past Month of July :)

Tristan: He is doing well getting big and to smart.. Matt is calling him our Little Charmer since he loves to try to charm his way to getting what he wants and he is only 2yrs old .. the other Day there was music playing with a Movie we were watching and he was slow dancing rocking back and forth and then his cute little self stop dancing and walked over to me gave me his hand and then wanted me to dance with him it was so cute which that is when Matt started to call him our Little Charmer he is such a sweet/funny boy most the time.. he has his terrible 2s with picking on his sisters and throwing stuff.. but we are working on it as always like we have done with all our children.. but he is doing good and did great too with his 1st ever set of shots he had a small fever but nothing at all to worry about... but all in all he is doing great

Alyssa:  She is doing good.. she been a drama queen lately so she makes Mama a little cranky at time since I do like to deal with drama queens.. but we are slowly working on it... she is excited about the move to see family in so many weeks she keeps asking basically every day if we can leave yet its nice to see her excited about that all.. now to just keep working on her brat-ness and bad ways... she got her 2nd set of shots this past month too.. she got a fever from them but not to  bad this time around but she is now all update on her shots til she is 5yrs old..  but all in all she been doing alright...

Ayme: She is doing good.. she is excited about moving..and basically ask every day are we moving yet.. it can be annoying at a times.. But I'm just glad she is happy about the move up ahead... she is a smart kid and loves to learn new things.. she likes to press her sisters bottons at times to upset them but yea slowly working on it.. she is our tomboy who can be the sweetest kid at times..  but all in all she is doing good..

Michelle: She is doing good.. she is back and forth about the move but she is super excited for when she will be going to school again.. and she just LOVES the idea of School Uniforms  she tells me that that is a good thing to do then you dont have everyone wanting or complaining about someone elses clothes and how they want to wear that too she likes the idea of the uniforms and everyone looking the same so then no one can complain what who is wearing what.. . Michelle likes to think outside of the box about things which is great that she does that.. she is a very bright and Smart girl which we are working on her reading for when school starts  again for her... hopefully she will do well with the reading part.. she knows all her letters and sounds and can do blend sounds and even read some books she has learned a lot and her speech and regular teachers did very well with her this past School year..  she is our sweet heart child and everyone always wants to take her since she is such a good kid.... but all in all Michelle is doing great

Samantha:  She is doing good... She can be a pain in the butt at times with her new found horrible attitude that she has on sad to say most days lately.. I'm not sure what has gotten into her her.. I mean I have an idea.. but she is learning the hard way that Mommy and Daddy dont take the bad attitude that she been giving.. she can be a great kid at a times and then she has her days of being grounded to the house with no friends to play with and other things...  she doesnt like the idea that she has real chores now that she has to do daily but that is the part of growing up and she will get use to it.. she still a kid she still plays and does other things then cleaning and all but she will need to learn that is life.. it isnt fair and what she has to do it will be done.. Love Sam to death and she can be a pain at times.. but she is a smart and bright kid.. and likes to just learn things the hard way....  she is happy about the move but doesnt want to leave since of all her friends... which I know that is why the change in attitude since the move is getting closer.. Lord willing over time she will get her act back together since I'm sure she doesnt want to be grounded for the rest of her life (as Daddy will tell her)   Oh the joys of having kids....  but over all Samantha is doing good.....

Matthew:  He is doing alright... he is always busy with work and getting stuff together for the move.. not much to update about right now.. he is just himself

Me: I'm doing okay.. I have been having my ups and downs in emotions with all the stress of moving and life... I know I need to leave it all in Gods hands but it is just hard to do at times.. so much going on so little time its just rough right now....  and to top it all off.. I think I Totally re-injuried my bad knee that I had surgery on when I was a teenager I rain 1 1/2miles and pushes myself to do it and with doing that I think I may of repulled stuff in there.. eventually i'll try to get a doctors appt hopefully its just maybe sore.. but With my luck it will be worse then I hope.. I'll keep you all posted on that.... I have really been loving being able to run and do all my work outs daily.. but I think I pushed myself to hard to fast and did this to myself....  But God is Good and I just got to leave it all in his hands... There is always a reason for everything..  but over all i'm doing Okay...

Thank you to who ever read this all.. and thank you for reading and wanting to stay in touch with us.. we love and miss you all 

God Bless

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