Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exciting News!!!!

I Know it isnt that time yet to post updates on us all for May.. BUT I thought I would post up the news.. since Some of you all arent on Facebook or Just dont see all the post that go up.. BUT... As you all have been reading from my updates.. Matt is getting out of the Air Force and we were suppose to be leaving in December 2012.. well.... He got the news a week ago that his last day in the Military got rolled back 3mths so Now his last day in the Military is September 29th 2012 now instead of December 30th 2012.. so now we will be moving/leaving Germany hopefully the last week in August so now let the fun craziness in life happen.. I got to get a whole house of a family of 7 and dog ready for flying in 3mths basically I know I can do it.. God is on our Side and will give me the strength that I need to get it all done.. I basically have to start going through the house getting rid of things we no longer need and trash as much junk as possible since the movers will be packing up my house come August before we leave any ways prayers please that everything goes smoothly.. and as Always I will keep you all posted on things going on here and will Post in June our May family Update :)

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