Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Well today we had a BBQ.. and had our friends over with there kids.. we we had 12 people over.. we had an Awesome time.. we all had a blast.. this was like the 1st holiday in a VERY long time.. that I actaully enjoyed and had a good time... the kids loved the fireworks.. which werent until 1030pm and didnt end til after 11pm.. so we had a long busy day of hanging out and having fun.. the kids enjoyed the pool we had set up for them.. they had fun running around in the sun.. I only got some pictures.. i'll have to try and steal some that my friend took of the kids today as well.. but yea.. we had an awesome time.... any who.. hope you all have/had a good 4th of July.. i'm off to bed since its almost 12am here.. take care all

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