Sunday, August 9, 2009

updates :)

update on our lovely family here in Germany....

Alyssa.. she is doing good.. she has started to try and walk.. she has gotten up to 2 steps.. and then goes back to crawling since so much faster then trying to balance and walk.. but she is doing good.. still small as ever all of 16.4lbs.. and still in her 9mth clothes.. I got some 12mth clothes for her the other day to try out.. and yep.. she swims in them... but its ok.. she is a happy little girl

Ayme.. She is doing good.. she is finally over the green boogies and not been getting in as much trouble... she has gotten really tall.. she is 2 1/2 yrs old. .and wears 3T stuff.. which i'm sure some 4T stuff could fit.. she is growing up...

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is a good child.. always so quiet.. and then when she gets upset.. you know something is wrong.. since it takes alot to get to be mad and hit or something.. but she is doing well.. she is doing more things. and I plan on starting those school books with her today.. so we shall be seeing how she does with the preschool books

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is a smart kid.. and I should start trying to work more with her with some school stuff.. I do have a K school book for her.. but she is lazy.. but we will be having fun with school with her.. but she has been doing good.. and her hand is doing better.. she should be able to go back and doing the monkey bars maybe next wk

Matt.. he is doing alright.. he is over in California right now for schooling.. he wont be back til August 31st... it took about 22 1/2 hours to get to California from here.. including the drive times from to and from Air ports.. so he is beat.. and his poor ears are killing him.. he does bad with flying.. he wishes he could just take the boat everywheres.. but its ok..

Me.. i'm doing good.. staying busy with my girls. and also with working watching the other 2 girls.. i just have 2 wks left of doing them b4 they head back to the states... but i'm doing well... but it does look like i'll be needing to go in for surgery after Matt gets back.. since I have a growth on the inside of my right eye lid so that needs to be taken care of... I also have found out.. that I can not drive here in Germany til I go back to the states. and get a valid drivers licsence since my state side one just expired... so i'm not allowed to drive.. yay me... but besides those 2 stressful things... life isnt going to badly... the normal stress of life.. but who doesnt have that.. hehe...

well i think thats about it.. take it easy all

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