Saturday, December 11, 2010

over due update again

Merry Christmas time Everyone... Hope you all have a wonder Christmas this year...

Yes We are still over here in Germany.. we have only 11 1/2 mths til we move to our next base. which Lord willing we will find out in April. or by June the latest.. I cant wait to see.. I am really hoping for something closer to our family back in the states. so they all can see the kids more then they do.. any ways.. updates below on everyone here....

Tristan... he is now 6mths old and growing like a weed.. he is 15.8lbs and in 6-9mth clothes.. he rolls over coos makes lots of different sounds.. always smiling and laughing.. he is just doing great

Alyssa... she is doing good she is 2 1/2 yrs old.. still in her terrible 2s but its all good.. she talks so much now it is crazy... can be annoying some times.. but hey.. she is growing.. and a girl so talking is there thing haha.. but she is doing good

Ayme... she will be 4yrs old on Dec 29th... she is excited about her birthday.. and of course about Christmas.. she has been teasing her sisters about he getting more gifts since her birthday is after Christmas.. it is funny at times... but she is doing good.. she is a smart cookie for sure..

Michelle.. she is doing 5 now.. she is doing basically preschool work for schooling since she has her disablities but she is doing great.. each child just has there own ways on learning new things.. and she is slowly getting there.. but she is doing good

Samantha.. she will be 7 in Febuary.. but of course she acts like she will be 17 haha.. the joys of kids growing up and all the teaching us parents have to do to help get them and keep them on track... but she is doing great in school.. and a very big helper at times.. she has lost so far a total of 5 teeth.. and have more to come out soon.. the cute toothless stage hehe any ways.. all in all she is doing good

Matthew... he is doing well.. his birthday is next month.. the girls want to do something special for his birthday but we shall see what all we can do for him... but all in all he is doing alright.. always busy with work... but thankfully he is here to come home at night....

Me.. I am doing alright.. been very busy with life with house.. kids.. schooling.. and life things... but its all good... I know things will be less stressful when we get back to the states... but all in all i'm doing alright.....

any ways.. that is about it for us all... hope you all have a nice Christmas

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