Friday, September 10, 2010

long over update time

Hello Everyone.. things here have been very busy this year.. with a very rough pregnancy and just busy with appts and my kids.. any ways.. here is an update on everyone and how everyone is doing so sit back grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the long Beckman Family updates

Tristan was born on June 8th, 2010 at 410am he was 3weeks early but he had stopped growing at 35wks so he was 4.9lbs and 19in long.. when he was born he was blue and for a little bit of time only 1 lung was open and working but after a little bit of tubes and air pushed into his little body both were working fine.. since he was so small and all he had to stay in the NICU and had many test done since he couldnt keep his temp.. and had some other things.. he had tubes in his nose for feedings since he couldnt latch on to a bottle to eat but after a couple days he was taking a bottle.. while there in his stay his weight kept going up and down.. and he was having many stools and spitting up some but not to much.. but finally after he was finally off all IVs and his nose tube was out they said we could take him home but of course keep an eye on him.. he came home on Alyssa's 2nd birthday on June 16th.. he was only 4.8lbs when he came home he was doing well but still having plenty of stools.. which on July 9 he was addmitted back to the hospital due to way to many stools and some blood in them.. and just throwing up very badly.. he also lost 1lb in 1 1/2 wks.. so we were back there.. of course I did my research online and figured out.. he is allergic to milk.. so I started him on Soy only the day b4 we got addmitted so by the time all the other stuff was finally out of his body was while we were in the hospital and all.. so after 48hrs there we were sent home since he was doing better and all his color came back since he was very pale from all his stools and throwing up so he had an IV in his head.. but we came home he was at 5.6lbs.. but he has been doing great since his 1st couple mths of hospital stays.. he is now 3mths old.. cooing away.. playing with toys.. and loves to play with his sisters... he is now at 12.4lbs and in 0-3mths and some 3-6mth clothes.. he is a very happy boy

Alyssa... she is now 2years old.. she has the terrible 2s in over drive.. so its been crazy at times with all she gets into.. but she is a good girl... she loves to try and help her self to food and do stuff like her older sisters.. which just makes messes but its all good.. at least she is doing well and growing great...

Ayme.. she is 3 1/2.. and finally fully potty trained.. i'm so glad of it.. it took all of 2 days for it to happen and 1 small pink car.. but she is doing good.. she is a very smart girl.. that likes to play dumb.. just the other day she was writing A's and trying to figure out the rest of her name.. it is cute and so crazy but she is good..

Michelle.. 5yrs old now she has started kindergarten and having some troubles with it so i'm doing mostly preschool stuff but adding a little bit of K5 work.. but its alright.. she will get there in time.. at least with home schooling I can go at her passe but she is doing great and willing to keep on trying.. she can now write out her 1st name of course she doesnt know what all the letters are but she can write out her name on her own.. so its a start

Samantha. 6 1/2.. she is in the 1st grade.. and so not liking the idea she has 11 subjects to do.. but she is doing great in all her books.. if she keeps it all up.. she may finish up some of the books b4 the 180 days are up.. but its all good.. she is a smart girl.. and is doing well...

Matthew... he is doing pretty good.. he is always busy with work.. but he is very happy to finally have his little boy.. and also happy that we finally got a surbrban so he doesnt got to drive a van anymore since he really doesnt like vans hehe.. but he is doing pretty good

Me.. well i'm doing pretty good.. i'm always busy with now schooling 2 kids.. being a mom of 5 keeps me very busy.. i'm on the go from morning til night and some times even all night if any child is sick.. but its all good.. i'm still kicking and doing my best to keep things from going to crazy.. me and my good friend here have been walking every night it has been really nice.. even with the rain it is still nice to get out and walk... but yep... i'm doing good.. and slowly starting to get more sleep With Tristan now sleeping from 930 10pm til 530 6 am..

well I believe that is everything.. oh yes.. not sure how many months ago now.. but we got a doggy.. his name is rocky and he is just awesome with all the kids.. he is a 5yr old Jack Russel but he is very much a part of our family and a great dog.. he will of course be coming back with us when we leave here Germany in Dec 2011.. we got 8mths til we find out our next base.. which we cant wait.. Germany is just awesome.. but this base really stinks it is poorly ran.. but its all good.. we are making due of it til we leave...

well hope your all doing well... thanks for reading

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