Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello February Family Update

Hello everyone. its that time of Month to throw out our family update on us all.. so sit back grab your coffee and enjoy....

Tristan: Tristan he is now 8mths old 15.8lbs.. and 26 1/2 inches long.. he is wearing 9/12mth clothes and starting to crawl so its been fun.. he is now talking more.. saying Mama, Dada, Baba, and then other sounds. but those 3 are his main for when he wants us or his bottle.. it is cute.

Alyssa: she is still my terrible 2yr old in over drive.. her favorite thing lately is to flood the upstairs bathroom and empty out their shampoo to make a big mess.. if the door is unlocked.. so much fun she can be.. but she is a smart kid.. she is starting to try and count and learn her colors.. and hopefully soon we will be starting to really potty train.. i'm tired of her 2 1/2 yr old diaper changes haha... but she is doing good over all

Ayme: she is doing good.. she is growing like a weed.. her and Michelle are almost the same size.. Michelle is skinnier.. but Ayme is catching up in the height.. so they almost share all the same clothes now.. Ayme is very smart.. she knows how to turn on and off the sink water when I have it turned off so she thinks she is sneaky.. but she is really smart... she likes to play it dumb about learning but then I will catch her singing the ABC's and counting.. she starts preschool this fall so I will be home schooling 3 kids.. shall be fun for sure.. but she is doing good..

Michelle... She is doing good.. she is getting super tall and oh to skinny haha... but she is doing great in school.. she still has her issues but she has gotten a lot better at doing her work.. i'm very proud of her and how far she has come in her school work.. she has finally been able to make the S sound and to blend it with vowels. which is great.. slowly but sure we are getting there... but she is doing just great

Samantha: She is doing just Awesome.. i'm very proud of her and what a great girl she is becoming.. she helps me out so much and is doing such an Awesome job in school.. she is surely growing into a wonder young lady.. she is now 7yrs old.. and so well behaved.. the back talking has gone away the lying has gone away.. she is all about yes mommy ok mommy and me not having to tell her more then 1x its been great.. she is just a great girl.. but yes.. Sam is doing just great.. and no longer my baby.. but i'm oh so proud of her...

Matthew... he is doing well.. he just took his test to try and make Tech Sargent he said he knows he did better then the last time he tested.. but not to sure if he past it.. so only time will tell.. but i'm very proud of him and all he has been doing... for us... he is doing good though and always working hard..

Me: I am doing good.. always busy with the house.. cleaning... kids... schooling.. and life.. but its all good.. I am enjoying my kids and life.. of course I am counting down the days til we leave this base.. I cant wait to know where we are going too next.. so I can start all the reserch on houses and what all is around the base and what not.. and of course i've been busy starting to clean out the house for the move in 9mths.. any ways... all in all i'm doing good.. and still working on my weight loose.. slowly but surely i'm getting there...

well that is about it for us all here.. hope you all are doing well and thanks for reading.. have a good day

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