Sunday, July 24, 2011

June/July family update

Well It has been very busy here these past 2 mths now... in June.. we had 2 birthdays 1st it was Tristan's 1st birthday.. I know i cant believe it either.. he is 1 years old... and then it was Alyssa's 3rd birthday.. which yea.. I cant believe that either.. My kids are just growing up way to fast.. we had a birthday party here at our house for the 2 of them.. we had a lot of people come and a ton of kids.. it was just so loud that I told Matt.. we will never do a huge birthday party at our house again unless it is an outdoor party or when have a bigger house to be able to host better lol.. but the kids all had a great time at their party... any ways...then at the end of the month My grandfather passed away so I went to the states for 10 days to be there for my whole family.. the kids stayed here with matt the whole time so it was just me.. But Matt did an amazing job with the 5 kids for those days. I'm very proud of him for all he did so I was able to go to the states for those days...

now July.. which it still is July... but any ways.. after I left for the states.. the evil stomach bug and sickness hit my house hold.. Poor Matt and all the kids went through it.. I felt so bad for him since I was so far away and couldnt help out at all.. But as I have said.. he had done an amazing joy with the kids.. and took very good care of them... they got to watch the fire works from our back yard they told me on the phone that the fire works were awesome.. and matt said that they were even better then last year.. i'm glad they were able to watch them... but while I was state side.. yes I was there for my grandfather funeral.. I surprised my other grandmother that she was in shock when I walked in her room when I got up to NY that she had to do this double look.. and then the hug and not wanting to let go went on.. it was almost 3yrs since she had seen me last.. so the look on her face was priceless.. I love to surprise her like that but she was very happy to see me for a few days.. and then the day b4 I flew out.. I went over to a dear friends house to spend the night.. and I was able to have my best friend from growing up meet up with me to spend the night with me there.. it was a fun filled night.. talked almost all nght just like when we were teens and then the next morning had a great Breakfast that Mrs T made for us.. and then we left to meet up with another childhood friend at dunkin donuts for coffee and chit chat.. was a great morning to afternoon when I was drop off at my Aunts house to say my good byes to family and My other grams.. b4 I got on a plane back to germany.. the plane was an hour late so I was at the air port for 3 hours.. Oh yea.. I totally forgot.. while I was state side.. I broke my foot walking my dog that I have there at my Moms house.. so I got to throw in there my ER run for me and all that fun jazz lol.. but any ways... Flight went very smoothly for coming back home.. I was lunch enough to be on a flight that wasnt over booked.. so open seat between me and some German guy which he didnt mind me to put my foot up like I needed too.. but it was a good flight.. watched 1 movie and took a 2 hour nap.. but got in.. the people helped me from the plane.. which parks out on the terminal since no open gates.. but I had 2 very nice german guys help me down the evil stairs toget off the plane. then got taken personal by an air port taxi (no charge for me) to the wheel chair office to where they had a wheel chair ready for me.. good thing I called the air line ahead of time to have it all set up but then they help me through all the check points and then just drop me off outside by the front door.. where I just waited there til Matt and alllllll the kids arrived to pick me up.. I was very happy to see them all of course Frankfurt Air Port is huge.. so being on Crunches now was rough since my meds had worn off.. but oh well I made the painful move to the truck.. I was just so happy to be back home and with my family so it was worth the pain through the air port.. but yep.. was home after 10 days away from my kids.. the longest ever for me but being back home has been nice.. I'm still dealing with my poor broken foot.. I will be seeing a german doctor on the 27th.. hopefully they can get me a better foot thing for my foot.. well if they think I need it.. My foot still hurts a good deal.. and the foot thing I got from the ER is starting to fall apart.. so only a few more days til I see what step is next for my poor foot... any ways... that is the basic update on everything... I'll try to do the short update on each person now

Tristan... now 13mths.. and as of July 23rd 2011 he took 3 steps.. so I see walking not to far off.. My baby boy is growing up fast.. oh yes.. he is also cutting in 3 teeth at one time. so once those are all in he will have 6 teeth.. he is happy and healthy so thats all that matters

Alyssa.. she is doing good fully potty trained.. and growing fast.. still a little bogger though lol

Ayme.. she is doing good.. she is so my tomboy and wants use to buy her all IronMan toys and stuff.. it is just to cute.. I love it

Michelle.. she is doing good.. she is just getting taller and skinner she is doing a ton better with her speach and this fall she will be starting up Full Kindergaten she cant wait.. I hope she does well with the work

Samantha.. she is doing great.. she has a new best friend and they live just across the street so they get to play every day its been awesome.. her and her friend been doing book swaps for reading each week.. I just love it and how smart Samantha is becoming.

Matthew.. he is doing well.. working hard as always.. but been enjoying his time with us on the weekends and after work hours.. the kids are very attached to him now after those 10 days a lone with him.. which he did a great job with them all

Now me.. i'm doing good.. besides my foot.. and I have took the 1st step to start the process to get my tubes tied.. the doctor I saw here on base said that she will be talking to the doctors over at the Army hospital to see about letting me get it done.. since they have an age limit which is 30 and i'm only 27.. But I have told the doctor.. I am ready to be done having kids.. I have 5 wonderful kids I have been blessed with.. and the last pregnancy was just so hard on Me and then Tristans Nicu stay.. I said . my body is done.. so we shall see how that all works out... I told matt if i get in a baby kick for another.. we can get a puppy haha.. they are a lot of work as well.. so we shall see... but all in all i'm doing alright...

well that is about it I believe.... if you have made it through the whole post.. thank you for reading... love you all and will update again on stuff come August

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