Wednesday, September 14, 2011

August/September update

Hello everyone.. I forgot to post in last month on updates and all... so sit back grab some coffee and get ready to read our Family Update on how Everyone is doing here in Germany....

Tristan: He is doing very well.. he is growing super fast on me now.. he just Turned 15mths old and is walking, Climbing, and trying to talk more.. he has now 8 teeth and cutting in more. he is a happy boy and is growing/learning well.. and of course the trouble in him has already started.. so Baby gates and Frig locks have been coming in handy. except he knows how to open our kitchen gate.. but he will learn what Mommy and Daddy means with the NO KITCHEN.. but he is doing just awesome.. he is now 21.2lbs and growing awesomely

Alyssa: She is doing good.. she is still My little trouble maker.. but she is smart about how she does the trouble now.. But she still doesnt get away with it.. but she is doing well.. Next week I am going to be starting up some preschool stuff with her and Ayme so that will be fun for them.. I just got to make up the charts and all since the 2 of them are wanting to start really to learn stuff.. But alyssa is doing good.. growing big.

Ayme: she is doing good.. she is still my TomBoy and loving all her cars/trucks/monsters/animals and more.. so her and Tristan play nicely together. it is cute watching her play Monster Trucks with tristan she loves to play with him and to teach him stuff.. she is excited about starting to learn some things.. soon.. but she is just doing good

Michelle: Well Michelle is in Kindergarten this year.. her and Samantha are going to the base school.. Michelle is just loving her teachers and the school.. the teachers have notice her speech and are going to be having the Speech teacher come in and listen to her and see if she wants to start the speech classes with her or do any other testing with her.. But Michelle is doing awesome in school and just loves her teachers.. it is so cute.. I'm glad she is doing so well oh yes.. Michelle turned 6 on Aug 18th.. so crazy to think she is that old already.. they just grow up way to fast..

Samantha: She is doing good. she is in 2nd grade in the base school.. it is mid of the 3rd week of school here for her.. and she is just doing an awesome job in school.. she gets her work done pretty fast so I have had the teacher up her work so that she wont get in trouble with getting bored since we were using the A Beka home schooling books which is a grade ahead of the base school.. but she is getting a good review and learning some other new things but not much new yet.. I told her give it some time and the work will get harder since the school year just started.. but she is just loving school and the teacher just loves her.. Samantha told me today how she wishes school was 7 days a week.. so i guess that just means she is really enjoying the school and the teacher..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he threw his back out again at his last PT test so he failed it.. so he has been dealing with that pain.. he will be going to see the doctors soon and maybe be able to get some testing and what not going.. He is still doing his PT work outs/running 3x a week which really beats him up.. but he is still trying to do his best... but besides his back.. he is doing alright.. and working hard as he always does..

Me: I am doing pretty good.. I am always busy with the kids even with 2 in school I stay busy with the 3 still at home and the house work and all. but I am doing alright.. nothing really exciting going on with me..

well I believe that is about it.. hope you all are doing well and thank you for reading up on us all here in Germany.. we have 16mths left here in Germany

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