Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October Family Update

Hello Everyone, It is that time again to Post up a full Family update on us all here still in Germany... I cant remember if I have posted it up or not.. But our orders have changed.. and we no longer will be moving this December we will now be leaving NEXT December 2012.. it stinks it changed since our good/close friends here will be leaving next month.. but that is the life of the Military friends come and go out of our lives.. and only God knows if our paths will ever cross again in person again... makes me very thankful for the internet and phone so we can still stay in touch with everyone... any ways..... onto Other stuff... Grab your coffee sit back and get ready to read

Tristan: He is doing good.. he is 16mths old.. and a very smart boy.. he is walking like a pro now.. he is my climber and loves to get in trouble.. he loves to pick on his sisters and he thinks it is funny... seems like his terrible 2s have started up already.. just 2mths earlier then his sisters started.. haha oh what fun he has been... he is also teething right now.. poor boy is cutting in 4 teeth at one time.. so he has been extra cranky speically at night... but he is doing pretty good beside the teeth....

Alyssa: She is doing good.. she is getting big.. she maybe only 3yrs old. But she is wearing size 4/5 Girls clothes. the toddler clothes dont fit her well.. but she is a smart little girl.. she is always trying to count and she loves teling you colors and shapes.. her and Ayme has started up some preschool stuff which they are enjoying.. but Alyssa is doing very well lately

Ayme: she is doing good... she is my computer geek kid haha.. she is taking after her daddy and want to play games on the computer all the time.. and she even knows how to find her games online as well.. I have had the links saved online for the older girls.. But Miss Ayme figured it all out and loves to play the games on PBSKids.org it is cute and she knows what she is doing too.. she is just to smart.. she will be 5yrs old in only just a little over 2mths.. cant believe she will be 5 already it is crazy.. she is to funny though.. she is asking for a Monster Truck birthday party.. can you tell what she likes haha.. but she is a good kid.. cant complain at all hehe

Michelle: She is doing good.. she is LOVING School.. she loves her teachers and is really enjoying going every day.. the teachers have FINALLY put in the rest of the paper work for Michelle to go and get tested and to get her Speech started.. the teachers love how Fast I am about filling out paper work and giving it back either the same day or the next day depending on when they give me the paper work to fill out.. But michelle is doing very well with school.. she has some issues with stuff But that is do to her disablities.. which we are work on to get her some special assitance for while in class and all.. but yep.. she is doing good

Samantha: She is doing alright.. she is sick right now. but with no fever she is still been going to school.. with the weather change and the flu shot. is what got her not to feel well.. but she is doing well in school and also enjoying it most days... she gets in trouble here and there in school..so she doesnt like that she gets grounded for it.. and she always ask me.. "How did you know I got in trouble today" Guess she isnt smart enough to know her teacher writes it up on her calender every time to gets in trouble or the days she gets hurt... got to love it.. she thinks she is able to hide stuff. but nope.. Mommy ALWAYS knows.. she may only be 7 1/2 but she sure acts like she is 17 most days.. oh how the teen years shall see.. any ways.. Samantha is doing good though..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he still dealing with his back pains here and there.. But he still be going to the gym 4x a week like they have him doing.. some days he comes home and barely can move with the pains.. and other days.. its just minor pains.. I just hope the doctors can get an open appt for him to get his back looked at and for them to do some testing to see what REALLY is going on.. he goes in Nov to take his next PT test.. since he failed his last one do to his back.. please be praying that he can pass this time.. or if he fails they will flag him for his back.. poor guy... any ways.. besides that all. he is doing alright... he wil be moving shops at work next month.. so his shop he is in now. are all really sad to be loosing him.. since he is such a good worker and they all just enjoy him being there... any ways.. keep him in your prayers...

Me: I am doing alright.. just been very busy with the kids and life stuff going on... Nothing really going on with me... Just the normal house work stuff and tending to kids stuff.. I know I really want to start working out again.. I did so well for 1 week and then this past week I just stop.. On Monday I hope to really try to restart everything back up.. it just gives me the rest of this week to clean up the house.. and get things in order any ways.. all in all i'm doing alright....

well I believe that is it... I hope that you all are doing well.. and thank you for reading our family updates

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