Monday, April 2, 2012

March Family update 2012

Hello everyone.. it is that time again to update you all on us all here in Germany.. so Sit down grab a coffee and a snack and get ready to read... :)

Tristan: He is doing good.. growing big... he is only 22.6lbs and 33inches... not to bad for 23mths and his starting weight being only 4.8lbs any ways.. he is doing good.. and getting smarter every day he loves his cars and trucks its all he plays with he LOVES to play at the 1 park here by the house he can go in and climb the whole thing by himself it has been nice.. I'm enjoying this stage :)

Alyssa: She is doing good.. getting smarter every day.. its just to bad she couldnt start school this Fall too she knows her shapes, colors some letters and numbers too I think when Ayme starts in August I may just start some school books with Alyssa so she will be more then ready NEXT school year in 2013.. she is doing good though

Ayme... She is doing good she is growing learning a lot lately.. she is super excited about school in August I keep telling her.. you still have 4mths til you start school... but she is super excited and she is just doing really well

Michelle: Well Michelle is doing better.. she did have her surgery on the 22nd of March.. all went super smoothly the doctors said it couldnt of gone any better then it did she healed up really well and goes back for her check up on the 20th of April but all in all she did great.. she still gets her sore throat here and there but its not been 2 weeks post yet... but she was back at school today so she gets 4 days in b4 their spring break she is a very happy girl now.. her voice is totally diffenent sounding with her tonsils out.. shall be interesting to hear what her speech teacher says tomorrow since 1st time back to her since b4 the surgery but all in all Michelle is doing great

Samantha: She is doing good.. the back talking has kicked in some again.. so we shall be working on that yet again... I know it will happen off and on her WHOLE growing up life but meh maybe get lucky and really kick it now and it wont be as bad when older.. so we shall see.. but Sam is doing good and doing really well in school.... We are looking to get her into the doctors next to take a peak at her tonsils since she has 1 that is HUGE like bigger then Michelle's huge and then the other one is tiny... so she maybe next to get the surgery done.. which we will get all done b4 out of the military at the end of this year.... but all in all she is doing good

Matthew: He is doing good.. he goes to the back doctor only 1x a month now which is nice on gas as well since gas is like 4.14 here and the 1 1/2 hr (autobaun which is 85-100mph) takes a lot of gas... but besides his back he is doing good.. he has started the paper work of departing from the military so the next 6mths he gets to do all that fun stuff and now though we look to be leaving 1st week in December instead of b4 Thanks giving like I wanted too :( But it is okay.. all happens for a reason and we will just get to spend 1 last Holiday with some amazing friends that are still here with us... but all in all he is doing good.

Me: I am doing alright... I have been having some issues with depresstion, and other mood issues.. I was just not myself and I was walking any wheres from 12 to 20miles a day since I just wanted to get away from stuff... I have done a change in my diet so I havent been as bad as I was.. but I still have some off days just not like how they were.. I went to get some blood work done to test some of my levels to see if anything is going on.. so hopefully by the end of this week or the begining of next week I will hear some news.. but we shall see.. but any ways.. i'm doing alright.. just staying busy with the kids and house and my friends.. but all in all i'm alright

Well I think that is about it for everything here right now.. so Thanks for reading and Enjoy your day.. will update again In May :)

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