Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Family Update

Hello Everyone... Its that Time again to update you all on Us all here in Lovely Germany.. as Some of you may remember/read.. Matt is getting out of the Air Force and we will be moving to PA come End of this year and then we will be starting Life all over again just will be our next Path in Life.. we are ALL excited about this Move and to be finally by Family and friends.. yes many worries goes along with this all But its all in Gods Hands and we will be trusting in him on what will really happen next for us.. but any ways... now to updates..

He is doing good growing big.. but yet still small.. he is smart little bugger and trys to get away with many things but doesnt.. he is growing to fast on Me hard to believe he will be 2 yrs old next month (June) but he is just doing good..

She is doing good growing big and such a talker.. some times I wonder if she even knows how NOT to talk for just a minute... haha.. she reminds me of Samantha at that age and the ALWAYS none stop talking about everything under the sun..  Alyssa is still upset she doesnt get to start school this year too.. she doesnt want Ayme to go with out her.. its kinda cute. hopefully she will do okay when August comes and all 3 girls will be in school.. but we shall see in time.... Alyssa will be 4 next month (June) which is crazy to think... my kids just grow up way to fast (as all kids do to us)  but Alyssa is doing good

She is doing good just like them all She is growing a ton.. she is actually taller then most her friends which all her friends are in Kindergarten already so Ayme I see to be the tallest in her class come school time She is such a goof ball Ayme and I see her to always be like that.. she is to smart for her own good  and her hand writing is pretty nice.. she knows a lot of school stuff already so it shall be interesting how she does in school in August she is super excited.. BUT we just got to work on the no sucking thumb that will take some work.. hopefully that will just click and she will stop.. but we shall see in time.. but all in all Ayme is doing good

She is doing good and has gotten super tall and skinny she needs some meat on her bones haha she is taking after her daddy with her size but she is doing good and doing just awesome in school and has recovered so well from her tonsils being out the doctors were shocked with how well she healed up and how fast... but all in all Michelle is doing great

She is doing good.. she is doing really well in school she is getting super tall as well.. she is 4'6 now only 1ft shorter then me.. NOOOO my baby cant be growing that fast on me.. hehe.. but she is doing really good

He is doing alright.. still dealing with the stresses of work at times and all the fun paper work of getting out of the air force has started as well and this week he is working 12s and on days.. they like to throw him from swing shift (2-11pm or later) to days ( 7-4pm or later) but its okay we are making do.. he is doing alright and still just so excited to be out of the Air Force and back home by family

I'm doing A LOT better then back in Feb/Mar I have started going to the gym 5 days a week with my good friend Anna and I have lost 8lbs so far since going to the gym... so I'm happy about that.. I still have a lot of weight to go.. but i'll get there in time.. I have really just been enjoying working out and feeling so good..  but any ways.. all in all i'm doing really well and hopefully I will continue to feel better...

all in all I believe that is about it for all of us for this past month.. as always thank you for reading and Will keep you posted on everything here in Germany and in our Final Months here.. T-minus 7mths til in PA

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