Saturday, May 23, 2009

Long overdue Family update

Hello All my Family and Friends... Sry that I have not updated in here in a long time.. things have been busy/crazy here.. with the 4 girls house and just normal life... any who.. below i'll do an update on every one.. so enjoy

Alyssa: she is doing amazing she is 11mths old which is crazy to think she will be 1yrs old on the 16th of June.... she is crawling standing walking with help.. she is just growing up so fast.. she is still small. she is only 16lbs 3oz. and in 3-6mths to 6mth clothes... but she is really happy and eats tons..

Ayme: she is doing well.. she has been talking up a storm now.. she talks 100x more clear then Michelle.. she is just to cute.. listening to her talk in sentences.. she is just getting big... she is almost 2 1/2 and just getting more and more smart every day.. which is good to see

Michelle: she is doing good... she still has her troubles with getting dressed and undressed.. with talking and just gets upset very easy over things she cant do.. but she is doing well.. she is happy to be able to go off and play alone with her barbies she is just a good kid.. she is super thin and super tall.. she is in 4/5 girls clothes and only 3 1/2yrs old.. she is very quickly catching up to Samantha...

Samantha: she is doing alright.. she isnt liking the idea.. of maybe me homeschooling her... since she wants to go to school so badly.. but I just dont know if that is what God wants for me to do for her... the kids she plays with are just such awful kids.. and I'm scared to see what that could do to her if she is around them.. and learns all that they learn.. but its ok.. she will learn... but besides that.. she is well.. she can ride a 2 wheel bike now.. she got it on the 2nd try and now is doing awesome..

Matthew: he is doing alright.. he is finally done with the 24 days of work with no days off.. he has worked hard.. and he actaully is starting up a new job in his shop soon... he is now going to be Shop Cheif which is actaully a job for someone that is 2 ranks above what he is at.. but its cool.. to bad he cant get the pay that would go along with that job.. but its alright.... we are living and making well with his income for a family of 6....

Abby/ME: I'm doing well.. i'm tired.. been doing alot with the unpacking of the house.. and taking care of the 4 girls.. and just always on my toes... I just always seem to stay busy.. there is never a dual day around here... but its alright.. today i enjoyed a whole day from 12noon til 445pm outside playing with them.. we just had a ball... but all in all besides being very tired.. I'm doing well..

any who.. thats about it right now... when i have more new updates I will post them up.. love and miss you all

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