Thursday, September 24, 2009

update time (long)

Sry all for not been updating on here lately.. it just has been very crazy busy around here.. anyways.. here is updates on everyone...

Alyssa.. she is 15 1/2 mths old now.. and she is growing well.. she is in 12mth clothes and around 19lbs.. she is walking now.. and climbing everything.. even can climb out of her crib if the side is left down... which means.. almost toddler bed time.. crazy how fast the time has gone.. she is talking some now.. and she loves to try and copy what you say.. the other day.. I got her to say Apple.. which was cute hearing her say it.. she is a lil crazy nut.. but so cute and loving....

Ayme.. she is 2 1/2.. and talking up a storm.. its very hard to get her to stop talking.. she is such a girl with the none stopping talking.. its insane.. but she is doing great.. her head has healed up nicely from getting a nice hole in it from a edge of a table.. she had 6 stitches.. which I took out myself.. but it looks great.. and she is doing good..

Michelle.. 4yrs... she is doing good.. she has gotten very tall.. she is catching up to Samantha.. so we shall see if how the winter goes.. since Samantha hasnt gotten any taller since last fall.. so we shall see.. alot of people ask if they are twins.. so its been fun.. Michelle has been slowly working on her speech.. but she gives up very easy... and alot of kids have been pushing her away from playing since they dont understand what she is trying to say.. so its sad to watch.. but in time.. I know she will get better at her speech and will be doing better..

Samantha.. 5 1/2yrs.. she is doing awesome.. she just finished day 19 of homeschooling.. and she is reading already.. she is loving schooling. and gets so proud of herself when ever she sees she has learned more after each week... she loves Math.. its all she wants to do... and she loves to read... she is doing well.. her attidude has changed.. since I have had her stop playing with the kids around us.. so she has been doing alot better... her only girl friend she had.. which wasnt to bad.. moved away.. so she is friendless right now.. which is very sad.. but she has her sisters.. and when the right new friend comes along.. she will have that.. but she is doing well..

Matthew... he has been back home a month now.. he is on his 2nd wk off of work.. and he is dreading going back to work come Monday.. since they are short handed all around since 60% of all AMMO shops are TDY to Iraq or other places.. and some PCS to other bases so he is 1 of the higher ranking men in charge of things going on there.. til things get back to normal i 5 1/2 mths.. which hopefully that time goes by fast so things will be back to normal for him...

Me.. I'm doing alright.. i've been staying very busy with the 4 girls... homeschooling.. and the normal house life things .. but i'm doing well.. nothing else really new for me... only.. I still need to go to the doctors about my eye... and eventually I still need to get to the dentist to start all the work I need to get done.. since I have some broken teeth from the old fillings that have fell out.. but all in all.. i'm living and doing welll

I believe that is about it for us all... only other news is.. My mom will be coming on the 5th of October for a few wks.. which the girls dont know about.. it will be a huge surprise when we pick her up at the Air Port.. I'll have to try and remember to bring the camera...

well have a blessed day all.. love and miss you all

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  1. Thanks for the update! So glad g-ma is coming for a visit. That will help! Love and miss you.