Monday, November 2, 2009


Hello Family and Friends

I thought it was about time to give an update on everyone here.. as you all know.. My Mommy was here for 3wks.. which we all had a good time here.. it was sad when she had to go back.. but hopefully we will get back to the states come Feb/Mar any ways.. updates on each person to come along now

Alyssa... she is doing well she is 16mths old now.. walking tons.. talking tons.. loves to be silly.. and she is into walking backwards alot right now.. its cute.. she is all of 19lbs even now.. but she can fit in some 18mth clothes.. so she is growing well.. she still only has 6 teeth.. but i'm sure more will show up soon.. she is a happy little camper.... execpt. we have found out.. she cant eat oranges or apples.. or she gets a rash.. so now its just milk/chocolate milk and water... but she is doing well

Ayme... She is doing good.. She is one tough solid kid.. she is the odd ball out of the 4 girls.. but she is so funny.. she is forsure our little tomboy.. all she wants is cars trucks dino's farm animals and just random boy toys.. she is our lil goof ball... but as cute as ever.. she has her terrible 2 times.. but its not to bad.. she is good though for the most part

Michelle... she is doing good.. she started up doing school with my mom and still is doing well.. she can only handle maybe 3 days a wk of schooling.. but she is getting there... she is very slow on it all.. but she is doing well... she can count to 5 on her own.. and to 10 with a little but of help.. she is liking school now.. so hopefully she will continue to do well..

Samantha.. she is doing good.. she is doing an awesome job in school.. she has almost got done her math book.. but finally the book has gotten a little harder for her.. so we are just doing 2 to 4 pages of math a day instead of the 8 we were doing.. she loves math.. and is doing well... samantha is also doing a great job with learning to read.. she has 3 books she can read.. not counting the 4 short stories she can read in the work book.. she loves school.. she just takes for ever with the practic writing for numbers or spelling words.. but she is doing awesome.. today we started by 8am and was done by 1130am but she is doing good

Sparky..(our doggy) he is doing alright.. we have been told.. he is about 5/6 yrs old.. he is going blind.. and he has a broken rib.. which cause him to cry in pain from time to time.. the poor doggy was abused pretty badly.. i'm glad we have taken him in.. but We dont know how long he will really live for.. we need to take him to the Vet to get him fully looked over.. hopefully it doesnt cost us to much.. but i'm glad we have saved him.. he is a happy little camper. and always at my side.. and he listens very well....

Matthew.. he is doing good.. he is sore from PT yesterday.. but he is doing good.. his sinus has been bothering him.. but I think it is due to the change of weather.. since its back in the low 60s here again.. crazy weather.. but oh well.. he hopes to try and get some days off of work again.. just to relax.. and take it easy..

Me.. i'm doing good.. i'm busy as ever.. taking care of the girls the house.. and now the doggy,, but its been fun... I'm always up to dealing with things... any ways.... HUGE INFO for you all... We have found out.. that we are Pregnant.. I am 6wks along.. and Due around June 30th, 2010... We have planed on having another one.. so we are all very excited.. of course.. this is a little surprise since a few months b4 planed.. but its all good.. God is Good and I have no worries about how this all will work out... but any ways.. this one will be 2 yrs younger then Alyssa.. so it shall be fun forsure.... any ways....

Love you all.. and miss you all.. and I'm sure i'll be updating/talking to you all more soon

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