Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Novemeber 17th update

Hello Family and Friends.. those who read this... its yet time for a whole Family update and what all is going on here over in Germany... things can get pretty crazy here.. hopefully I can start posting in more.. but we shall see.. any ways... update below on everyone

Alyssa... she is doing good.. her terrible 2s have kicked in full blown now.. but she is only 17mths.. she is now sleeping in her own toddler bed.. and loving it.. she doesnt fall out of it at all.. and she loves her bed...

Ayme... she is doing good... she is such a tom boy.. all she ask for is cars and trucks... its kinda cute..since I was like that... but she has been doing pretty good.. she is a smart little girl.. and hopefully she will be potty trained soon.. she will be 3yrs old on Dec 29th.. time has flown on by so fast..

Michelle... she is doing good.. she is doing alot better with her hands on work.. she is slow at understanding.. but if you repeat it all enough she gets it.. but she is doing very well.. and has gotten so tall.. I see her passing Samantha in Height later on down the road

Samantha... she is doing good.. She is now doing her school work at night when her sisters go to bed and are sleeping.. she does so much better like that.. and also at night.. it is easier for me as well.. but she is doing an awesome job in her school work.. she is just to smart... but at least she is enjoying her school work...

Matthew... he is doing good.. this week he is working 12 hour shifts so that is 7-7.. long days for him.. but the wk should go by quickly.. in some other news for him... he has been told he maybe heading over too Afghanistan from May 2010 til November 2010.. he is going to be trying to get out of it.. since the baby is due the end of June

Me.. i'm doing so so.. still dealing with morning sickness off and on.. and at times.. just way to tired to do things... I am 8wks pregnant today... and Look about 12wks or more... but all in all im doing good... If Matthew has to go over to Afghanistan the girls and I will be moving back to the states to have the baby so i'm not here alone in Germany with the girls.. speically since I had our last baby 3wks early.. so only time will tell.. its all in Gods Hands..

any ways.. thats about it for us all.. also.. I got rid of the dog.. I got him a nice new home that also had 2 female yorkies.. so he is very happy to be there

well take it easy all. love and miss you all

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