Tuesday, December 1, 2009

family update time :) 12/1/09

Well since the month of November ended and December is here already.. Its time to update on us all... kinda crazy to think 2010 is just 30 days away.. any ways.. update time on us all

Alyssa... she is doing good.. her terrible 2s have been a killer.. (she is 17 1/2mths) she loves to pick on Ayme and Chelle since they cry/scream and react to her doing things.. so she thinks it funny.. so we have been working on that.. she likes to look at us like what?!? when ever we tell her no.. so she is sure being a tester to see what all she can and cant do.. but thats just the fun part of this stage.. just like.. the whole.. color on everything... if only she would just stick to the paper.. but in time.. it will get better

Ayme... she is doing good... she has her good days and her trouble days of not wanting to listen.. but she is doing good.. she is very hyper.. and always running/jumping around i wish i could take some of her hyperness.. but she is trying to learn her colors and numbers and abc's its been cute to watch.. I just hope the potty training will kick in soon.. her diapers are getting to be alot since she is almost 3yrs old now.. so we shall see

Michelle... she is doing good.. she has been loving to do crafts and all the hands on work for learning things... her speech has been slowly getting better.. she still has her troubles.. but we are working on it... but she has been a very good girl.. and she is excited for X-Mas since she wants barbies.. since loves to play with them

Samantha... she is doing good.. she has been doing an awesome job with her school and she is loving to read.. and she loves math so much.. I have a feelings he will be starting up her 1st grade math book soon.. since she only has about 25days left to her K-math book.. she is just loving school.. specially since we do it at night after her sisters go to bed.. and its just us and quiet in the house.. but she is doing good...

Matthew... he has been busy with work.. and getting things in order so I can start going to the OB doctors.. but he is doing ok.. he has found someone to replace him for going over to Iraq.. but we still have no idea if it will be allowed... since if it wont work out... he would be leaving in May for 6mths and would miss the baby's birth.. so we hope and pray for the best

Me. well i'm doing ok.. i'm 10wks pregnant now.. but look about 20wks... I been getting some pains off an on.. so I try to stay off my feet as much as possible.. Lord willing.. i'll be seeing a doctor soon to make sure all is going ok... this time around has been 100% different then any of the others.. so it has been a tricky.. but I will be keeping you all posted on me and how things are going.... alot of people keep telling me.. not to be surpised if i'm pregnant with twins.. which only time will tell....

any ways.. thats about it right now.. love and miss you all

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