Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years update

Hello Family and Friends who read this... its that time again to do updates on everyone and things going on here... things have been pretty crazy lately.. with things that all happen right before Christmas.. 1st... We had the cops show up at our door telling us we have been written up for Child in Dangerment do to someone calling us in.. since they saw Ayme (was 2 at the time) have her window open and sitting in it eating snow (rooms are on 2nd floor) so they called the cops and wrote us in.. instead of telling me that my 2yr old was there.. so now we are still waiting to see what the outcome of that will be.. its just been crazy.. the people here on base.. are horrible.. and we are actually thinking of moving off base maybe.. depending on how things keep on going with things.. any ways... the 2nd thing.. i'll go and throw in my update on me below.. which they both happened on the same day.. any ways.. updates now on everyone

Alyssa: she is doing good.. she has gotten big.. she is now 23lbs.. and in all 18mth clothes.. so she is in the clothes size for her age.. she is a smart little girl.. who loves to get into trouble.. her terrible 2s are shining bright.. she is talking more.. and says funny lines like... "Oh No!" "Oh Wow!" and some other things. its cute...

Ayme: she is doing good.. she my trouble maker.. she just turned 3yrs old on the 29th of Dec.. all she wants is Cars/trucks and other boy like toys.. she is for sure my tomboy.. so its been fun.. Matt has an easy time shopping for her... but she is doing good.. she is getting tall.. she is 33lbs and in size 4T/5T clothes..

Michelle.. she is doing good.. he speech is getting better.. but still alot of work to go.. she is getting big as well.. she is the same weight as Ayme and she is 4yrs old.. she is 33lbs.. but she wears 4/5girls. so Ayme is catching up to her.. but she is doing well.. she can finally count to 10 all on her own.. and she knows her colors... now we are working on the ABCs she has alot of work ahead of her to be ready for Kindergraten come August.. but we are making due.. and with home schooling.. she can take her time in learning this all..

Samantha: she is doing good.. she has gotten so tall.. she is wearing girls 6/7 clothes.. and she is only 5 1/2 yrs old.. she is taller then all the 5yr old girls we have met here so far.. seems like she is taking after me.. since I got tall fast.. but then just stoped growing at the age of 13/14yrs.. so we shall see.. but she is doing well.. she misses school.. since she has been off for 1 1/2 wks now.. she cant wait to start up school again on Monday night.. since we do night school.. so she doesnt have her sisters all running around.. and so she can enjoy going outside if it is a nice day.. so it has been working out well for us...

Matthew... he is doing alright... He has been working 1/2 days for the past 2 wks with the holidays.. so come Monday it is back to normal hours... he is still waiting on finding outif he has gotten out of a TDY that is for in March for 1 1/2 mths... and also waiting to hear on his May TDY so only time will tell on that all..

now to me... well.. i'm in my 15th wk of pregnancy now.. and things havent been going so hot at all with this pregnancy.. I have been put on full bed rest 2wks to having Placenta parveia and also something else is going on.. just not knowing really what it is.. I have been getting really really bad pains in my belly.. and even at times.. I will get Random contractions.. which all that isnt good.. i'm not suppose to be doing anything at all.. but with having 4 kids.. I still have the 2 younger ones.. that need me.. so its been hard.. I still do stuff.. and I have been trying not to over do what i do.. so its not been fun at all.. Lord willing when I see the doctor again on the 8th.. I can get some more answers and maybe some good news.. but only time will tell..... everything is in Gods hands in what all will be happening next in my life here..

any ways.. thats about it right now.. i'll update again on here after my doctors appt on the 8h... take care all and God Bless

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