Friday, January 8, 2010

my 16wk ob appt update

Well... my appt was suppose to been at 830am.. but like always the doctors were behind.. so I didnt get in til 1030am.. yep 2 hours behind so insane... any ways.. I get in.. sit down the doctor walks in says "how you doing today ms beckman" and i just go and say.. in a lot of pain.. since I was having those sharp stabbing pains since i've been sitting for for the past 2 1/2 hours.. and normally my feet are up when i'm home.. to try and keep those pains away.. and then he goes. where are they.. so i pointed them out.. I said 2 spots on the top and 2 spots on the bottom of my uterus and then he goes.. ok.. get up on the table lets do an u/s to see whats going on.. so he gets the u/s up and as soon as he finally finds the baby (which the baby is growing great in the 16th wk.. dont know what we are having since didnt look) he goes.. I got bad news for you... but.. your baby is growing the way way.. your baby is growing from side to side.. head on the left and feet to the right. so the baby has been making my uterus growing in the wront way instead of up and down its side to side.. which is cause the really bad pains.. and the baby was laying this wk 2 1/2 wks ago as well.. which also explains why my belly has gotten smaller and i've gotten wider in my belly.. so now I need to be seen every wk... but to double check on the pains to make sure nothing else is going on.. he sent me down stairs to get my gallbladder liver and kindeys checked.. which gallbladder looked great.. kindey looked great. and liver looked good.. but he did tell me i have to go now every yr to get my liver check on. since there is 4 blood masses in there that shouldnt be.. so we have to keep an eye on it.. but he said every year is fine.. unless i get troubles that would go along with that all... but all in all baby is perfect.. right on track.. my weight is up like 2lbs in the past 3wks.. but its ok. and my bp was 110/70 so that was good.. but any ways.. i'm still on bed rest.. but not as strict as b4.. as long as i watch what I am doing.. but if my pains get worse.. they want me back in ASAP to be checked out.. so yea.. with how its going. they keep telling me.. it looks to be a c-section specialy with how the baby is growing.. but hopefully you can have the baby regular.. but really dont be surprised if you cant.. thankfully this really is our last child.. since i can not go through this all again. its not been fun.. and being only in my 16th wk.. i stil have a long ways to go with these pains and stuff going on

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