Saturday, January 16, 2010

17week OB appt update/plus family update

Hello everyone.. Family and Friends.... I hope that your all doing well.. any ways.. I thought I would do a Family update and tell you all how my pregnancy is going.. any ways.. here we go...

Alyssa... she is now 19mths old.. and doing well.. she is very much in her terrible 2s.. but with help from Ayme... which is the one that opens the doors so she can get into trouble.. so its been fun at times.. but she is doing good.. she is in 18mth clothes.. and she seems she could fit into some 24mths.. kinda crazy to think she was 3wks early and only 5.4lbs and 18inches.. only 19mths ago.. she is just growing way to fast... but i'm happy to see how smart she is and how well she is doing..

Ayme... she is doing well.. she keeps me busy at times.. she just loves the double trouble team she how now with Alyssa.. those 2 are just so close.. they do everything together.. its really cute.. when they arent getting in trouble... but Ayme is doing good.. still cant believe she is 3yrs old.. she is in all 4T clothes now.. and i'm sure she could fit in some 5T its still just crazy.. her and Michelle weigh the same amount to the oz.. 33.4lbs.. but yep.. she is doing great..

Michelle.. she is doing well.. she is getting smarter and smarter every day.. I need to get her to start doing school at least 3days a wk.. to get her ready for school this fall... (which i'm homeschooling) she is finally able to count to 10.. and write the letter A. just the capital A though.. but she is showing more signs on being ready to learn more things... and her emotions are not as bad.. she is getting stronger.. which is good... i'm very proud of her..

Samantha... she is doing well.. she is 1 smart cookie... she is loving her new math book.. which is 1st grade.. she is just in heaven with a little bits of it being harder.. now to just get her to like reading more.. but she is noticing more and more words here and there... I need to see about buying some more books to work on for reading.. and hopefully in time she will be off reading on her own with out any help.. she will be 6yrs old in only 3 wks.. which is so crazy.. and she is is going to be loosing her 1st tooth any day.. I could pull it out if I wanted too.. but i'm just letting it be.. but she is all excited about her big girl teeth coming in... but she is doing awesome time in school.. and doing very well.. and can be a bigger helper for us when she is in the right mood

Matthew.. he is doing good.. he just turned 27 on the 10th of January... which it was funny.. since he didnt relize it was his birthday that day.. til I said.. Happy birthday that morning... it was funny.. I told him he is getting old... and he laughed and just said.. yea I know.. I can feel it... but he is doing good... and He has finally been told.. he is off the list for heading to Afgan this May.. which he would of left in March for 2mths then be back for a couple wks then off to there.. but thankfully now.. he will be here.. but when the next tour comes around.. he will HAVE to go.. so we shall see how this all goes

Now to Me.... I'm doing alright... i'm now in my 17th week of pregnancy... and the baby is growing great.. at my 16 week OB appt I found out I have a heart shaped Uterus.. so My uterus is growing differently and I get into pains daily.. its not as often.. but I still get the bad pains.. but basically the doctors told me at yesterdays appt which (1/15/10) that since the baby is still looking good and moving around and not just laying side ways.. and they cant do anything about my pains.. that I dont need to come back for another 4weeks unless something comes up... but we shall see.. hopefully at my next appt i'll be 21wks then.. I can find out what we are having.. since the baby had its legs closed yesterday so we shall see.. I cant wait to find out.. so I can start shopping and tell all my family and friends that what to get stuff to help out... but i'm doing alright.. and now not on full bed rest.. just part.. so still no walking alot and no long distance travel.. but i can do house work again.. just i need to take alot of breaks.. so Lord willing in times things will just get better...

any ways.. thats about it for us here right now... love and miss you all.. and i'll update again in a month after my next appt....

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