Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family update :) 2/21/10

Hello everyone.. i'm sry.. I havent updated this in a while... I will try my best to fill everyone in on how things are going over here in Germany..... 1st is updates on each family member :)

Alyssa.. she is now 20mths old.. and growing like a weed..she is in 18/24mth clothes now.. and has almost all her teeth in.. she is working on her eye teeth now.. she already has her 1 yr molars.. So crazy to think she will be 2 in only 4mths... my baby is growing up.. she is my little trouble maker and bully to her sisters. its cute/funny.. but she gets her self in trouble alot.. but we are working on it.. but besides that all she is doing well

Ayme... Miss Ayme is doing well.. she is 3.. and growing fast.. she is in all 4t clothes.. and has been talking alot more and pretty clearly as well. she is a smart cookie.. but does not want to potty training yet.. hopefully It will just click in soon.... but she is doing well

Michelle.. she is doing good... she has her days of wanting to play with her sisters.. and then days where she wants to just be left alone... but she is talking more.. but lazy on how to say the words the right way.. so we just keep on telling her.. no.. you say it this way.. and then she repeats it all fine.. but she is growing tall and very skinny... she is 4 1/2 now.. I cant believe she starts school this fall.. they grow up way to fast

Samantha... she is doing good.. she is now 6yrs old.. and has also lost both of her 2 bottom teeth so crazy.. she is a very bright child.. loving schooling.. and trys to be mommy to much.. but she is learning... and a big helper for me..

Matthew.. he is doing as well as he can be right now... today 2/21/10 has started his long hours at work.. he will be working til Friday the 5th yes even the wknds.. so not fun.. shall be interesting to see how it all works out for him.. I know he is dreading the long long hours and days ahead...

Me.. I'm doing better.. I am now in my 22nd wk of pregnancy.. baby is growing well.. and yes.. we found out what we are having.. and it is finally our baby boy.. Tristan Alexander.. we are so excited to meet him when the time is right... but i'm doing as well as I can be.... I get in pains here and there but i'm doing better then b4 which is a blessing.. i'm still not able to do as much as I normally can.. but I am making due.. its weird to think I only have 3 1/2 mths til he is due.. but yes all in all i'm doing pretty well..

well besides that all.. nothing else really really going on right now... just the normal life stuff going on.. well love and miss you all

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