Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update from Appt

Well Her appt was at 845am... and When I got there.. come to find out.. It wasnt for speech.. It was a Hearing test.. which is the 1st step Before getting to the speech doctor... Which Yes.. she did pass the hearing test... she is fine.... I was able to get a Speech appt for her evaluation for the 23rd at 830am... which it will take about 90mins to get that all done.. and see what all they think.... While I was waiting for the doctor.. after the appt.. and talking with him and some others .. and there really isnt at the Base we are going for to Help Out Michelle.. so there is a chance.. we will not be cleared for going over sea's by Matt... But Only time will tell on What God has Instore for us.. I know he is sure keeping me on my toes.... Any who.. thats about it for todays appt....

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