Wednesday, January 14, 2009

update On the Family Fun

Well.. I was able to cancel the TMO for picking up our things for the 15/16th of January... and I also got a hold of The renters.. and was Able to go to a month to Month lease.. which It will cost us 100 dollars more a month.. But I hope to only be here until the end of Febuary... since of getting Appts done.. and paper work finished state side and Germany Side.. But Its all in Gods Hands.. and what he has Planned for us.. I cant be Stressing about it... Since i know everything happens for a Reason.. and Only God knows why and He is the one that really makes our Life plans... Any who... Michelle has her Speech Appt tomorrow morning.. at 845am.. and hopefully we will get the other 2 appts done soon as well.. But Its really all in Gods Hands.. if he wants us to go Or Not... So Time will Tell what is instore for us all here... I know Matthew is taking it pretty hard.. he just wants us all over there.. He is tired of waiting... So Hopefully .. he will be alright.. and In time.. he will really understand this all...

well that is my update for today.. Will write more tomorrow after the crazy morning....

God Bless

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