Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on Alyssa and Chelle

Well Today was Michelle's Speech Appt... she did pretty well.. she knows alot of words.. but just not clear.. so she will need Speech... which we already knew.. BUT.. she does have a Disorder's that we will be working On.. which that is "Artealathion disorder , Phonological process disorder"... which she is any wheres from Moderate to Serve in Area's.. but its all workable.. so Time will tell on that all But all in all.. she did well with the doctor.. and the 90min appt

Alyssa.. she is doing better... She slept 7 hours last night.. which was weird for me.. since I'm use to waking up at 1230am... and then 430am.. But yea.. she didnt it was nice.. of course I still woke up to check on her.. But it was all good.. She still has a small cough.. but not as bad as yesterday.. her ears.. are clearing up already... She is down 2oz.. which she has been spitting up alot.. which has to be from the head cold she has... but all in all.. she is doing better.. she is a happy little girl again....

well thats about it.. I'll update again.. when I have more to write...

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