Saturday, April 4, 2009

Been busy here

Hello my Friends and Family,

Well it has been a crazy past wk.. since we have arrived here.. We are still pretty busy.. we are still looking around for stuff for the house.. since we need couches... and table and chairs and a bunk bed or just twin beds.. hoping for a bunk bed.. since in time.. Samantha and Michelle will be sharing a room when they start school.... but we shall see what we can find.. and hopefully it wont cost us to much.... We are also.. looking into buying a 2002 Surbruban Matt will be looking at it tomorrow Sunday.. the guy is asking 9k OBO... so we shall see.. it would be great if we can get that truck.. since the Van Matthew bought has been a big flop.. since it is missing its back seat.. so only fits 4.. and it is leaking oil.. and not sure from where.... typical Van for you though.... so we shall see.. Lord willing the truck will work out.. since that fits 7.. and gives us plenty of space.. for the carseats and kids.. so please pray that something will work out for us all

Germany is very nice.. I am enjoying it.. this is deffenaly a place I would recomend people to come and see... the base is in the middle of no wheres.. so its all feilds around us.. and quiet.. such a big change from San antonio TX.. but It is nice here.. the weather has been great since we have arrived... it hit 74 here yesterday.. we had a nice BBq with our friends... which i'm sure now that we have the grill.. we will be doing that every wknd with friends.. which is nice for us all..... the house is great... high tech.. but its been fun.... we cant wait for our bed to be here.. since Matt and I have a tiny tiny bed... which is is a German full size bed.. which is smaller then the americain full size bed.. so its not the best.. all our stuff wont be here til the end of May.. so that is a far ways off.. but we will be making due with all the loaner stuff..

God has blessed us with this great house.. with good weather.. and to have friends already here who has helped us out the past months.. since that was where Matt was living for 1 1/2 mths on there couch.... so things have been going well... I still have no idea about churches yet.. since i'm still new to the base to find out stuff.. hopefully over in time.. I can find out some information about the church services and all that jazz

any who.. besides that fun stuff.. we are doing well.. some kids have colds.. some are well.. Alyssa is almost crawling.. she is the army crawl... which she is fast at... but yep.. all is good...

hope your all doing well.. love you all and miss you all

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