Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update time (i'm sure long)

Hello Family and Friends.. It has been about a wk or so since I have updated on here... Things have been going alright here.. we still only have the van that fits 4... and have no idea about what we will be doing about getting something else.. hopefully one day we can get that all worked out.. but for not.. Its all in Gods hands.... but all in all we are doing well.. everyone is in good health.. so its been good.... I will do each person update next...

Alyssa: she is 10 1/2 mths old now.. she has 2 bottom teeth she is finally sitting up.. she can now crawl back wards.. not forwards yet.. she can army crawl forwards... she is just doing good.. she is growing like a weed.. i weighed her today.. and I was shocked.. she is 18lbs... which is 3lbs up in a month.. I guess its from all the baby food and big people food.. she is now drinking 6oz a milk a day.. i'm slowly weaning her off the boob... so by the time she is one.. she will almost be fully weaned.. but she is a happy little camper.. she is a huge stair climber.. and I cant find a place to even get a baby gate.. so for now.. i use a peice of a bunk bed i bought at the top of the stairs to keep her upstairs playing in all the rooms and moving around.. she is just in heaven... she is a good girl

Ayme: almost 2 1/2.. she is such a little smarty butt hehe.. she likes to try and be sneaky.. which is cute.. but she can never pull it off.. she is very well known for flooding things though.. so thats not fun.. we got the water turned off in the bathrooms.. so we always have to tell people that when they come over.. so they can wash tehre hands hehe.. but its all good... Ayme has a lil boy friend.. its soo cute... he likes to call Ayme his honey... its to cute... one day i'll hav eto get some pictures of the 2 of them together.. they have this hate love relationship... they go from playing oh so nice to punching pushing each other.. back to loving each other.. its soo funny.. since her friend isnt use to kids pushing punching back... so its fun.. hehe..

Michelle: she is 3 1/2 (4 in August not to far away) she is such a sweet happy child.. she is so claim she is just the type of child everyone would love to have.. she is happy to go and sit alone and play with her toys for hours.. then she loves to have play time with her sisters.. when she wants too.. which she is also like that for mommy and daddy time.. she is doing very well.. she is talking tons more.. but alot of her words still need work.. hopefully this fall when she starts speech that will help alot... but she is my little help... she is a good kid..

Samatha: 5yrs old.... wow.. i'm not sure where to start with her.. right now she is being taught she cant always get what she wants.. which is a slow work in progress.. hopefully one day b4 she is 30 she will get it.. she see's alot of her room lately.. with her bad tempers and not listening.. so its been a little stressful... but only thing I can do is pray that she will understand it all... I know yesterday she was asking me where people go when they die... so I gave her a basic information about it.. but she still doesnt really understand it... so We shall see... Lord will she will strighten up before school starts.. which Im still debating if i should home school her or let her go into the school here on base... I guess we shall see

Matthew: He is back to work.. been a long wk for him... I know he cant wait for the wknd... he threw out his back last wk.. so he has been in alot of pain.. he should go to the doctor.. but of course he wont... but hopefully it will either start feeling better or he will head to the doctors where they could help him out.. but he is doing good...

Me: I'm doing awesome.. my 25th birthday is on the 12th... so i'm slowly getting old hehe... any who.. I;ve started out a new work out thing for me.. which I basically walk 4 to 6 miles a day.. and do a ton of other work out things.. which there is just way to many to name out.. it would make this email really long.. I only just started doing this all this past Tuesday night.. so we shall see how it all works out for me... but i am doing good.. the girls keep me on my toes.. life is always busy with them.. but its all good... all in all.. i'm good.. things are just going well here.. Last wk.. I got to go out with no kids with my friend shoping.. which was a nice 4 hours out with no kids... I got some new clothes.. which i'm happy to see my size has droped.. i'm now a Jr's 11.. which makes me happy since the last time i got clothes.. i was a 14/16 so yay me.. hehe.. but things are well.. i'm glad to have my friend here.. and I love that we all get together every wknd for BBq and hang out time with the kids and all.... so yup.. things are good here.. i cant be compliaing...

well i should get going... love you all and miss you alll

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