Monday, April 6, 2009

suburban/life update

Well the guy was nice enough to drive the suburban over to our house yesterday ( Sunday) and it is very nice.. alot nicer then we would of thought.. he is only asking 9k for it.. so of couse.. Matt said... what is wrong with it.. and the guy said.. nothing at all.. we just dont need it anymore.. we only used it for vacation when our kids where younger.... the truck only has 67k miles on it.. and it has tv's in the head rest and it has a tv/gps in the front as well.. the truck is a top of the line LS suburban it is awesome.. Matt told him.. Yes we want it... So keep us in your prayers.. Matt is going to ask our bank today here if we can get a loan out for the truck.. if they wont allow us for the loan.. he will go to USSA for a loan.. which is a 100% they will give it.. but the payments back will just be a little more then our bank will be.. so hopefully if all works out.. we may have our truck by the end of the wk... But i know not to get my hopes up.. its all really in Gods hands if we can get it or not....

any who... thats the update on the truck.....

In other news.. with the spring weather arriving here.. we are all getting sick with nice colds/coughs and all... thankfully.. I have Samantha's inhalers.. which always saves us from needing to go to the ER.. the doctor was nice enough before we left San antion to give me refills and have more refills when needed on the boxes.. so we shouldnt have to see the Er for Samantha's breathing issues any time soon.... but the weather is getting nicer here... and just the basic colds.. we are all doing alright.. just making sure we have alot of tissues in the house for use... Any who..

hope you all have had a nice Palm Sunday.. and all have a good wk.. and good.. Resurrection sunday (Easter)

I will update you all later in the wk about the truck and loan...

love and miss you all..

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