Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family update (maybe long)

hello all my family and friends... It has been yet again awhile since I have updated you all on us over here in Germany...

Things are going well here for us... we have gotten our 1st load of stuff from the states yesterday the 20th of april.. so Matthew now has his desktop computer and I have my laptop use again.. no more needing to share hehe.... in the 1st load.. was just the desk top.. Matthews left over Military clothing and our bedding pillows.. (not all bedding) and a few kitchen things... the rest of our stuff wont be here til the end of May sometime.. as of right now.. we have bought a bunk bed for the one girls room.. which it is a German bunk bed made out of soild dark wood.. twin on top full on bottom.. we are picking that up today after 5pm.. only paid $125. for it which includes the mattress.. so its nice.. and works out well... While Matthew was out yesterday he found a store with used couches tables chairs and what not for cheap in a German town.. so hopefully sometime this wk.. we can get over there to see if we can find anything we can use.. since we have the borrowed stuff but we have no couches or table/chairs coming.. since ours all got trashed back in Texas b4 the move... so hopefully we can get a good deal on some stuff.... no we still do not have a family truck.. but the guy still does have it up forsale.. hopefully sometime soon we can get stuff worked out for that all.. since we really need something to use as a family.... but besides thats all.. things are going well here.... below this will be an update on each family member so enjoy.....

Alyssa... she is now 10mths old.. and has just gotten in her 2 bottom teeth.. she is a lil mover.. she loves to army crawl and can sit up now finally.. she is 15 1/2 lbs now.. so finally out of her 3-6mth clothes... but she is a happy little girl and doing great....

Ayme... she is doing good.. she is the normaly terrible 2yr old at times.. but she is such an angel when it comes to Alyssa.. which is still her baby.. she is starting to show signs of wanting to potty train so we shall see.. she is almost 2 1/2.. so we shall see... but she is doing good

Michelle... she is doing good.. she is now fully potty trained during the day.. she is 3 1/2 yrs old.. will be 4 in August... she is slowly starting to talk more.. but her words sometime just doesnt make sense.. but hopefully with the speech that will help her to get better.. but she is my little helper.. she love sto help cook clean and take care of Ayme and Alyssa.. so she is just a doll..

Samantha... she is doing good.. she likes to drive us crazy from time to time.. but she is doing good.. she is soooo excited about starting school this fall.. she is now helping me out more in the house.. she makes beds, folds put away clothes, picks up toys, vaccums, and helps with little other things in hers and her sisters rooms... its been nice for that little bit of help...

Matthew... he is doing good.. he is dreading going back to work on Monday.. but he has at least had 2 wks off for family times and all... he has been enjoying us all here

Me.. I'm doing well.... been staying busy with the kids and the house and just life things... I'm happy to be here.. and things just been going so well... the house is awesome.. I cant complain about it.. I was able to get off of base for the 1st time and we did some shoping at the bigger BX which was still another sad store here.. i'll have to make orders online for things needed.. but it was nice to get out... we even went to a Mcdonalds out in a village they only spoke German so Matt had fun making our order hehe. but yea.. it taste alot betterthen the states.. and there large is the medium size in the states... but it was sooo good.. having a Big Mac hehe... but yep.. i'm doing well.. i've lost 11lbs since being here.. since i do tons of walking..... any who.. thats about it for me...

well hope that you all are doing well... we miss and love you all


  1. congrats on the weight loss! It is amazing what walking can do...I got back to my pre-prego weight and the jeans are loose! ;-) Enjoy Germany. I have a lot of nice memories from our time there (as a child and various vacations as an adult). Love and miss ya!

  2. I followed your link here from the yahoogroup post. I had a baby about the same time as you had Alyssa :)

    Congratulations on your weight loss and your move!! Busy Busy Times!!