Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Undate on Matt and over there

Matthew is doing well.. He has been working Hard and getting things together and done... He now has the House for us.. a very Nice 4bedroom 2 1/2 Bathroom house.. He got the loaner Furniture put in Yesterday Tuesday March 10th.... He loves the house.. is keeps saying how much I'll love it.. specially the Kitchen.. since its nice and open and Big.. (compared to this kitchen)... He also Bought us a Van... a 97 Dodge Caravan it is a Maroon color he said... he put $300. down on it.. and he pays the rest this wknd and will take it home then.. since they were looking for a Back seat for the Van.. since it didnt have one.. it only had the front and the middle row.. and of course we need to fit 6.. for now..... the Only down fall to the Van is.. he said it smells like dog... which hopefully we can take care of that.... But all in all.. The house is basically ready for the girls and I get there... he now has a Van for us so he can pick us up at the Air Port on Saturday the 28th..... He is bouncing off the Walls that we are finally almost there.. He has been missing us all... even though the girls like to get Daddy mad at times... But hey.. what kid doesnt do that... All kids Sin.. they all like to test the water... Any who.. all there is going well.. and we just got basically 2 wks now til the girls and I leave to finally be a famiy again after a little over 3 mths of being away from each other... Any who..

God Bless

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