Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy Days Ahead

Well It is starting to get a little more crazy here.. since we are counting down Days til Leaving... We leave in 18 days on the 27th.. But I just Got 15days Til the House gets packed up to Leave.. I Got a lot of cleaning and sorting to get done... since they are the ones packing.. the stuff up.. But I just got to make sure we dont take stuff we dont need.. since I know we have a lot of that kinda of stuff... with trying to take care of the 4 girls and now trying to get the house in order has been stressful.. since it has been when ever I get one room cleaned up.. it is all messed up again later do to the girls.. if I had more buckets.. I would just put stuff in those and put the stuff all in another room... which I may start using the one room for the stuff for moving.. since for some reason all 3 girls have been sleeping in Aymes room so the other room. I'm going to make into the storage room to get things together.. since I have to also sort out for the 2 different days for stuff being packed up to leave.... but I know.. I shouldnt be stressing about this all.. I know With Gods Help.. I can get it all done... I just got to take one day at a time..

I think I may need to start trying to make Daily plans.. or make a time schedule for each day to try and get things done... But I guess we shall see

as for the girls.. They are doing alright... Samantha came down with a fever last night.. and was having her croup cough last night off and on.. which Didnt surprise me since we went to church yesterday.. She always gets sick when we go to church.. which I think is do to the Mold in the building.... Hopefully no one else will get sick.. since this Coming Sunday most likey will be our Last Time at church Before moving... which I'll miss the church Alot.. we have been going there for the past 2 1/2 yrs.. and I have been blessed by the people and by Pastor Joe.. I'll be sad when We leave... and I have NO idea what I will do for a church when we Get to Germany... I hope to be able to find something.. But only God Knows.... I may just see about finding something online for church.. and make up Bible story plans and crafts for my girls.. I want to keep them doing what they have been doing.. so we shall see....

Well I'll be updating when I can.The computer leaves on the 24th so I'll make sure I post a final update on the 23rd for you all to know how we are doing

Have a Blessed Day/week

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  1. Praying for all of you! It's a lot of work but all things are possible with Jesus. Praying He gives you the strength, desire, motivation and victory to do all you need to do! Love you!