Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Ayme

Well Yesterday we spent a couple hours at the ER with her... she was playing in the crib with Alyssa.. and when she went to jump out of the crib to my bed.. her right foot/lil toe got nagged by something.. so she wound up cutting around the bottom crest of her pinky toe.. pretty deep too.. we went to the ER.. waited.. they basically never took us back.. the only thing they did was took vitals and weight.. and wraped her foot 2 times.. the 2nd time I had them wrap it.. we washed it up to really take a good look at her cutt.. which yes.. it was/is deep.. but with where it is at.. they wouldnt be able to stitch it up.. and they said that could maybe glue it.. BUT that doesnt always work.. speically where it is at.. so the lady said.. I should just go to walmart get some stuff to cream and wrap it up.. and try to keep it clean.. and if it gets infected then to go back in or go to her doctors.. so I packed up the 4 girls and headed to Walmart and got the stuff needed.....

Ayme doesnt like to keep it wraped.. it has bleed 2 times today.. and she wont get the wrap on.. I may need to tape a sock on over her wrapping.. so we shall see.. so yes.. its been pretty busy here...

well have a blessed day/night

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