Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stuff going On

Well 1st Off.. All the paper work is FINALLY Done.. so I will be handing that all in Tomorrow morning... Hopefully they will be able to have it shipped out to Germany by the end of the wk.. Which Maybe up in the air.. due to Stuff going on... Any who... unto that stuff

Alyssa.. as you all know.. is very small for her age.. so she has a follow up appt on the 27th to check on her weight and all.. She is all of 13lbs even and 7mths old... so small.... so we shall see how that goes

Now Samantha.. she is sick.. she looks to have a very BAD UTI... She is on Medication for it.. in hopes it will help.. they will call me up in the next couple of days.. when the lab is done testing her urine sample.. but from the test they did in the office... she has.. protin.. Puss... Mucus... Blood.. and i forgot the other thing in her urine.. so she needs to go back in 10 days for a check up.. to see if the medication is working...hopefully this all between the 2 girls doesnt set back the paper work.. so Time will tell.. Whats instore

But other then that all.. Ayme has a nice cold.. but doing alright.. Michelle is doing alright... Me.. I'm finally feeling better.. and Alyssa is our happy go lucky baby at this time.... so we are doing pretty well...

well Hope you all are well.. take care

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