Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Coming Week Ahead

I will be heading to Base to Set up the Dates for moving.. Hopefully I can do it on Monday or Tuesday depending on the girls... I will be trying to Fly out of Here.. San Antonio TX on the 31st Of March.. If they are able to get me the Air Line tickets for then.... The Whole Month of March will be very busy for us all... Here.. I'll be cleaning/fixing/packing up the house.. and getting things ready to leave.... Matt will be over there in Germany.. Trying to make sure we have a house to be in by the Time the Girls and I get there.. Its all in Gods hands.. he knows what is next.. and how everything will fall into Place.. we Still have a lot a head of us.. with the move and setting up Appts and schools and all that fun Stuff.. Its hard to Believe it is March already... well tomorrow.. This Year is going by quickly.... Any ways.. I will update you all again on the Moving when I get the Dates Made... Thank you all for the prayers

Beckman Family

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