Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Samantha :)

I still Can't Believe it.. she is 5 years old now.. where has the time Gone.. she is such a bright child.... I Just Can't believe she is 5 now... and she gets to start school come end of August... how crazy is that.. My Little Girl is really Growing up... She is a Good Kid though.. She helps me out so much.. I'm very thankful for her... I think if I didn't have her help this being in the states with them all would of been a lot harder.. she is my big help.... any who.... Today shall be fun... We will be heading out to Base to drop off paper work for the PCSing.. and then we will be heading over to the BX to cash a check.. and also let Samantha Pick out her birthday Gifts then we will be going to Walmart for her to pick out her cupcakes... and THEN coming home.. for her surprise call from Daddy.. which I know she will be sooo happy to hear from him... Since he doesnt get to call to often... anywho. we are off to do our crazy day... I'll try and post up pictures of today later this evening of tomorrow...

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  1. Hey, Cute blog!
    (This is Chelly BTW from the Spangdahlem_ab_spouses)

    Happy Birthday to your little girl!!