Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good news

Well.. Matt got his new orders today.. for over there in Germany.. we all Are able to go.... Now the fun part to make Dates for TMO to come and pack up the house.. and See about the Air line Tickets.. which shall me interesting to get.. being 5 of us Flying Over.. No i'm not looking foward to the stress ahead to get over there.. But I know With Gods help.. I can get it all done.. I'm not sure yet when I'll be going to get the Dates made.. so we shall see.. I would like to be flying out at the end of March.. But it depends on the military and getting us the Air Line tickets.. which We may need to get them 1st and plan the TMO pick up for b4 that date.. So keep us in your prayers and that all goes smoothly for the move over sea's by Matt....

In other News.. Ayme was Sick.. had like 104.3 to 105 fevers.. but doing better.. BUT now Samantha has gotten the fevers... so its been fun.. I just hope when we have to Fly.. they are all in good health.. Michelle is doing fine.. she is starting to become a lil miss smarty pants.. and Alyssa.. well Alyssa is tiny she is all of 13lbs 4oz and fits into her 3 to 6mth clothes very nicely.. she is like a small lil doll.. i'll have to get some new pictures of the girls... any who....

have a blessed day

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